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Developed efficient SharePoint Intranet and workflows for an American Electronic giant to simplify its business processes, improve internal communication and customer experience

Case Study
American Electronic giant

Developed efficient SharePoint Intranet and workflows for an American Electronic giant to simplify its business processes, improve internal communication and customer experience.

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Industry: Manufacturing

Client Business description

Founded nearly five decades ago, QSC, LLC, is a globally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio/video system solutions. It manufactures audio products like power amplifiers, loudspeakers, digital mixers and digital signal processors including the Q-Sys networked audio, video and control platform. QSC products are used by professional installed, portable, production, corporate and cinema customers worldwide. The company has approximately 500 + employees located globally in different office locations like US, Mexico, Costa Mesa, and California.


The client was using SharePoint 2010 already, but they were following manual processes for many of their business processes. There was need of:

  • SharePoint migration to SharePoint 2013
  • New Intranet Design & Development with department sites of HR and other departments
  • Custom Workflow development to automate manual processes like new hiring request, project management, product registration, warranty claims registration module, and Marketing request handling


Beyond Intranet team of SharePoint experts helped QSC by providing various SharePoint related solutions like a fully developed company intranet, custom workflows, and modules. During the development process, both out-of-the-box features and customized web parts were used. The customized solution incorporates global Intranet site and numerous sub-sites with predefined functionality.

  • We helped QSC by migrating seamlessly from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 without major downtime and data loss.
  • We provided them with the custom development of fully automated new hiring workflow within their SharePoint environment.
  • We also developed their custom project management module which provides an interface to create and track the Projects/Tasks status, attach documents, chat on discussion board and send notifications among users.
  • We created a custom product registration module for them which was available for QSC product customers. They could access the page to register their newly purchased product to facilitate easy warranty claims or return management of the product.
  • Two more modules were developed for QSC to handle warranty claims registration process and return authentication form. Both modules were accessible to external customers. We integrated the module with custom SSO functionality so customers could sign in using unique QSC ID.
  • A fully functional Intranet portal was built for the QSC team of 500+ employees in various locations. The Intranet had the following implementation:
  1. Company News
  2. Employee Directory
  3. QSC Happenings (Company announcements)
  4. QSC Pathways (New employee spotlight)
  5. A public site to display products, registration of users and claims Management
  6. Various Department sites like HR, equipment, salesforce, etc.
  7. Internal Project sites
  8. Dynamic banner template
  9. Data sharing with a different system like MySQL, TYPO 3, SFDC, Oracle
  10. Marketing request system
  11. Issue tracker
  12. Resource management system
  13. User-level permissions
  14. Time zone, weather, and calendar
  15. Social media links
  16. Integration with a system like Outlook, SFDC

What our Customer says about us

“We have known Beyond Key for about 10 years now. One of the things that I probably value most about Beyond Key is their ability to team with us in providing solutions that are both economically rapid as well as robust and that gives us a lot of customer value. In fact, about 60% of our applications have been developed only by Beyond Key that is used both internally and externally by our customers. Beyond Key is a sort of bridge. They have a very diverse group of people, very easy to communicate, are available at any time that we need them which again is a huge benefit from a support perspective. We have a team with us to problem-solve and give us a delivery mechanism that is both as I indicated robust and has shown to be extremely reliable throughout our applications.”

Claudé E. Zamboni


With several features and modules embedded within one enterprise-level Intranet, QSC employees found it like an epicenter of work.

  • It becomes a commonplace where employees could search, share and update all crucial business information and that too with security and user access permissions.
  • Quick and ready information availability saved QSC enormously on time, efforts and money and thus boosting the overall growth and productivity of the organization.
  • QSC Support team was now empowered with advanced support module with standardized workflows on product registration, warranty and return system. While customers found this as an open and transparent system, QSC got this as a common platform to efficiently manage above customer support services
  • Custom hiring workflow and project management module helped QSC save enormously on time, efforts and resource. It also helped employees to understand and follow an optimized flow to these processes thus improving the overall productivity and success rates for the company thus boosting overall growth.
  • Regardless of the varied demographics locations of employees, they were able to collaborate seamlessly.

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