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  • Employee Directory- A simple way to add value to your corporate intranet page

    An Employee Directory is a powerful tool for everyone in your organization. For example, you can quickly find co-workers with the expertise to help you with your upcoming project. At the same time, accurate Employee Directory can help teams collaborate more effectively. That is why we created the SharePoint Employee Directory add-in. This cloud-based directory […]

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  • 5 Powerful Use-cases of Microsoft PowerApps

    5 important use-cases of powerapps

    Modern-day businesses are nowadays proceeding towards process automation of their repetitive, day-to-day tasks. These may be routine tasks that are time-consuming or involve humungous paperwork. Some of these tasks involve various levels of people giving their approval, rejection or comments at various stages. All this information is manually fed into excel sheets to keep proper […]

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  • The Ideal Employee Onboarding Checklist for Increased Efficiency, Visibility and Accuracy.

    Employee onboarding checklist

    Emails get lost in the inbox, physical documents get misplaced, and that’s when management starts to notice the communication issues in the workplace. This is perhaps the primary reason organizations are drawn to SharePoint, as it provides much-needed workflow functionality. Examining the employee onboarding process as a whole, there is a multitude of incumbent tasks […]

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  • Automate Your Bid or Tender Management with Our SharePoint Solution

    tender management or bid management solution

    With ever changing business models, business operating practices are also evolving. Large organizations utilize complex bid management or tender management processes to search for potentially good companies who can take charge of providing them the best services or products at the most competitive costs.  Usually, bidding or tendering is a manual, process-driven activity which involves […]

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  • Why Can SharePoint Be Important for Non-Profits?

    Digitization and technology have their impact on everything today. Whether it’s a business, work culture, or even charity, technology has its crucial presence in all. Non-profit organizations have evolved a long way from the traditional donation-dependent framework to a tech-savvy entity that helps them meet the pace of growth required to survive in the current […]