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Microsoft Teams Services

Making Your Team Collaboration Experience – Awesome!

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams Services

Microsoft Teams is a chat-centered collaboration platform that allows people to connect, share, and discuss with colleagues remotely. The remote working platform encourages communication and collaboration needs between business teams. The platform works for teams spread across multiple locations and works on most desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

According to a recent report from Statista- “The number of daily active users of Microsoft Teams have more than doubled in recent months, increasing from 32 million users on March 12. 2019 to 75 million as of April 30. 2020.” The continued increase of Teams usage is because it is a no-cost add-on to the Microsoft 365 suite. Today more organizations are adopting because it is user-friendly, integrates well with the rest of Microsoft 365 suite, and a lot of 3rd party apps, and is highly customizable.

Beyond Intranet (A Beyond Key Company) is a Microsoft Gold partner company excelling in various services related to Microsoft 365 suite. We help organizations use Microsoft Teams to fit their unique business model, ensure successful user adoption, offer rapid deployment, and achieve maximum benefits.

Teams Consulting Services

Beyond Key has been providing various Microsoft technology consulting services for over a decade. We offer a wealth of proven, time-tested professional services for your business.

  • Strategy & Road-mapping
  • Implementation
  • Customization
  • Migration
  • User adoption
  • Backup and recovery options
  • Governance & security
  • Support

Teams Custom Development and Integration

The best part about Microsoft Teams is that it is a highly customizable and robust development platform that enables developers to both create interesting applications and integrate Teams to other applications.

Our team of consultants is well-versed with Teams’ technical framework and capable of performing custom development work according to your business needs. We have also completed several Teams integrations that help users to make multiple systems talk seamlessly with Teams.

App development
Office 365 suite integration
BOT development
Third-Party Apps integration

Teams Adoption & Training

Your organization invested in Microsoft Teams, but your users are not getting the most out of the application.

Adoption and training are two important components in empowering your organization to use Teams. Trainers should share popular platform features because it encourages adoption and creates enthusiasm around this revolutionary collaboration hub.

The Beyond Intranet team of Microsoft experts have extensive experience in driving value for organizations who want to get the most from their Microsoft Teams investment.

From end-users to Admins & IT Pros, our MS Teams adoption and training sessions will help you build a culture of collaboration that will boost your staff, so they can leverage all that Microsoft Teams has to offer.

As your trusted training solutions provider, we deliver guidance and insights you can use to drive user adoption, make the best use of Microsoft Teams, and set your organization up for long-term success.

Teams Adoption & Training
Teams Governance

Teams Governance

One of the major challenges which organizations face when leveraging Microsoft Teams is a lack of governance.

While Teams can be very beneficial for a company’s communication and productivity, it can work against your organization if it’s not governed properly.

Implementing strategic governance for Teams is necessary for any organization that wants to take advantage of the benefits the platform can offer. Poor governance can not only lead to unstructured data and files but also land your team with poor user experience and adoption of the tool.

At Beyond Key, we help your team adopt a Governance plan that clearly defines user communication rules and best practices. We can help you with the following governance tasks:

  • Creating your Governance planning guide
  • Guidelines for creating and managing teams
  • Organizational structure for teams and channels
  • Team-level settings
  • Custom document sharing settings

Teams Voice Phone System- PBX integration

Microsoft Teams is emerging as one of the biggest players in the collaborative workspace. The ability to integrate Microsoft Teams with your phone system is amazing and unique. Whether your office phone system is a standalone desk phone, a group calling, or customer support calling purposes, all kinds of devices can be seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft Teams phone system allows organizations to change their current PBX system with a suite of unified phone system that integrates with Microsoft 365 and throughout the Microsoft cloud. Furthermore, because this is a Microsoft system, it contains the enterprise-level security you would expect from a Microsoft product.

At Beyond Intranet, we help you with unique PBX integration consulting needs like selecting plans as per your business requirement, planning, and guiding your service provider to set up your PBX system, setting up the governance around your PBX system and much more.

Teams Adoption & Training

Values Delivered

Improved Collaboration

Improved Collaboration

Share the latest information, ideas, questions, documents on the fly as well as easily collaborate with external connections

Customizable platform

Turn your ideal workspace into your real digital office because of trusted partners like us.

Customizable platform


Get the most out of your Microsoft 365 license by embracing Teams completely in your office.

Work from Anywhere

Actively collaborate with your remote workers and vendors using any device and location

Work from Anywhere
Improve Your Security

Improve Your Security

Get end-to-end security, administrative control, and compliance—all powered by Microsoft 365.

Why Choose Us?

Microsoft Gold Partner company
15+ years of experience in Microsoft
services and consulting
Top leaders in SharePoint add-ins and custom solutions
An expert team of 50+ Microsoft
Offer global delivery model
Expert in tailoring the platform to your
personal needs


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