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SharePoint Employee
Onboarding and Offboarding Software

#1 Employee Onboarding Software on AppSource

Super intuitive HR onboarding software that provides a fantastic first impression for new hires or smooth offboarding experiences for departing employees.

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SharePoint Microsoft 365

An online onboarding software add-in for SharePoint that efficiently manages onboarding and offboarding related tasks in a secure Microsoft environment.

Give your new hires a fantastic
SharePoint Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Dashboard View

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding Dashboard View
Employee Onboarding & Offboarding Dashboard View

Companies of all sizes and industries can benefit from this employee onboarding app. With this new hire onboarding software, small or growing companies can improve employee retention, which is crucial for company growth and directly impacts the bottom line.

Let us understand Employee Onboarding Software

Transform Your Onboarding with Beyond Intranet's Employee Onboarding Software: Simplify Document Management, Collect Forms, and Collaborate Seamlessly for a Smooth First Day. Say Hello to an Engaging and Memorable Onboarding Experience that Sets the Stage for a Successful Employee Journey, In-Person or Remote. Experience the Power of SharePoint Employee Onboarding Today!

  • Onboarding checklists

    Onboarding checklists:

    With the Employee Onboarding Software, stakeholders are informed and oriented about new hires efficiently.

  •  Emails, Reminders, and Notifications

    Emails, Reminders, and Notifications:

    Onboarding software sends timely reminders, collects information, and assigns task assignments via welcome emails.

  •  Integrations


    HR Onboarding Software is essential for remote work, helping with remote onboarding seamlessly.

  • Azure Active Directory

    Azure Active Directory:

    The Power Automate package with onboarding software enables automated user creation in Azure AD.

Onboarding checklists

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HR onboarding software
Engage new hires

Engage new hires:

The HR Onboarding Software facilitates engaging new hires a day prior, connecting them with teams and sharing company values, culture, and goals.

Reduce time to productivity

Reduce time to productivity:

Streamlined paperwork, clear insight into job commitments, and improved productivity with Employee Onboarding Software.

Streamline the process

Streamline the process:

Focus on people and communication, choose onboarding tasks, and monitor progress with SharePoint Employee Onboarding Software.

Make onboard tasks easy

Make onboard tasks easy:

Efficiently create new employee accounts, manage onboarding, generate reports, and assign induction with Employee Onboarding Software.

Configure onboarding process

Configure onboarding process:

Customize multiple onboarding processes and assign based on location and designation with Employee Onboarding Software.

Streamline Offboarding

Streamline Offboarding:

Efficiently allocate offboarding tasks and ensure a trouble-free exit for employees.

Employee Onboarding Tool

Employee Onboarding Software

Benefits at all Levels

For Managers:

Point Reward System: Admins can set up points to reward task owners for timely completion with the Employee Onboarding Software.

  • View total points earned
  • Redeem points
Employees Report:

Users can view/download all employees' information in an Excel file with all properties. Users can export onboarded/offboarded employee information with tasks in a PDF file.


For Organization

Staff Movement
Staff Movement
Staff Movement:

The Employee Onboarding Software offers additional features to change position, department, or location of existing onboarded employees.

  • Assign tasks for movement
  • View history of all movements for any employee
Franchisee Onboarding/Offboarding:

Users can onboard/offboard franchisees along with employee onboarding/offboarding with additional features.

  • Franchisee onboarding form
  • Franchisee offboarding form
  • Configuration options to change field label text as per organization's needs
  • Configuration options to add master data
Franchisee Onboarding Offboarding
Franchisee Onboarding Offboarding

For New Hires

The Employee Onboarding Software connects new employees to a targeted network of employees for a memorable and trouble-free onboarding experience.

  • Provides task response and status via email and mobile reply
  • Provides a central location for new employees to find resources, ask questions, and engage with other new employees
  • Tracks both internal and candidate completion of onboarding activities
  • Enables employees to identify a primary performance supervisor
  • Supports mentor or buddy assignment
For New Hires

When it comes to managing your people, look no further.

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Security & Privacy

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding add-in complies with the General -Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) ensuring security and privacy.

  • Self Service & Ownership: Employees can securely access and update their personal data, freeing up HR admins to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Dashboards: Combine workforce data to uncover trends, evaluate benchmarks, and create meaningful presentations using Employee Onboarding Software dashboards.
  • Manage Data & Documents: A single platform to hold all employee records and documents centrally, providing easy access, eliminating complicated integrations, increasing accuracy, and enhancing compliance.
  • View complete picture: Get a complete overview of selected employee details from joining date till today, covering personal details, subscriptions & memberships, employment history, skills, capabilities, hobbies/interests, etc.

Employee Onboarding:

Digitize and streamline onboarding process smoothly with M365 powered new Employee Onboarding Software. Customize journeys based on location, department, work level, role & skills, etc., automate every step, and deliver a personalized onboarding experience. Create workflows by compiling all necessary onboarding tasks. Each task is recognized as an independent phase, and the best part is that whenever one phase gets completed, the next one begins automatically. This way, you can bypass doing checks manually and ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding process.

Employee Offboarding
Employee Onboarding

Employee Offboarding:

With the Employee Offboarding Software, you can smoothly offboard employees, manage tasks, and ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page. Even if you miss any task, the Employee Offboarding Tool will automatically remove the employee after the termination date. You can also set and track tasks that HR, admin, IT, or anyone else has to complete as a part of the new hire's offboarding process. For example, you can create and assign tasks to ensure that new hires have a buddy on Day 1 to help with the transition.

New Product Updates

  • Customized domain for onboarding/offboarding email
  • Automate the user creation in Active Directory for new hire
New Product Updates

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Available Integrations

Microsoft Outlook
  • Quick installation and configuration.
  • Get a task overview, update progress status task overview and close a task with one click all in a dedicated Outlook pane.
  • Can be easily connected with Employee Onboarding site under the logged-in domain.
  • You can use it with Outlook Web and Outlook for desktop both.
  • Easily search tasks and apply filters and get the same access-based view as the Employee Onboarding.
  • You can also add comments for each task.
  • The Global (Super) admin gets a birdseye view of the onboarding/onboarding tasks using Microsoft Outlook.
Microsoft Teams
  • Easy to install and configure with Microsoft Teams.
  • Employee Onboarding tasks overview and update capabilities.
  • Ability to connect with any Employee Onboarding site under logged in domain.
  • Support both Microsoft Teams Web and Microsoft Teams desktop client.
  • Microsoft Teams specific branding and user experience.

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Employee onboarding software automates and streamlines the process of welcoming new employees into an organization. It saves time, ensures consistency, and simplifies tasks for a seamless onboarding experience.
Using onboarding software eliminates manual tasks, ensures compliance, and enhances the employee experience. It saves time and effort, increases efficiency, and helps organizations make a great first impression on new hires.
HR teams, managers, and new hires all benefit from onboarding software. It automates tasks, improves efficiency, and creates a positive impression, leading to increased productivity and retention. It simplifies the onboarding process for HR teams, provides managers with tools for effective onboarding, and ensures a smooth and engaging experience for new hires.

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