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Office Floor Plan from Beyond Intranet

Interactive office map for seamless navigation
Customizable office floor plans make it easy to visualize and navigate office spaces, improving the employee experience.

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Office Floor Plan from Beyond Intranet

Office Floor Plan Layout to Streamline Your Workspace

Seamlessly navigate your office floor plan layout with our interactive floor plan. Bring clarity and efficiency to your workplace with our user-friendly, customizable office seating chart software. Locate spaces and teammates in seconds.

Office Floor Plan Layout to Streamline Your Workspace

Beyond Intranet Let's You Visualize Your Office Blueprint

Our interactive floor plans provide an accurate, real-time overview of your office layout and available spaces. Custom designed to reflect your unique floor plan.

Custom Designed

Custom Designed

Our office map accurately mirrors your floor plan, giving users a clear view of your available spaces. Effortless space location.

Real-Time Availability

Real-Time Availability

The range slider shows availability across times of day for each space. No need to leave the map to check openings.

Fully Interactive

Fully Interactive

Not just a layout snapshot. Fully interactive floor plan to view details and navigate/check to coworkers seating in office floor from the map interface directly from the map interface.

Quick Implementation

Quick Implementation

We translate your space blueprint into an identical interactive map fast. Our skilled team handles implementation smoothly.

Empower Employees- From Office to Parking Management

  • Interactive Floor Plans
    Engaging, customized booking with interactive office map of your workspaces.
  • Rich Analytics
    Optimize space use with data-driven insights on when and how employees use work areas.
  • Parking Management
    Reserve a parking spot for your office visit. No more parking challenges. Just simplified organization.
Empower Employees- From Office to Parking Management

Effortless Office Floor Plan

Create and manage your office floor plan layouts effortlessly. With our interactive tool, you can visualize your office space. Designed for organizations with multiple sites, our tool provides intuitive visibility into resources. Easily manage floor plans, ensuring your layouts are always up-to-date.

Effortless Office Floor Plan
Find Nearby Colleagues

Find Nearby Colleagues

  • Make it easy to locate and collaborate with coworkers even in dispersed workspaces.
  • Search colleagues
  • View their booking details
  • Privacy settings protect sensitive data
  • Streamlined coordination
  • Increased efficiency
  • Supports flexible workspaces

Easily reserve openings shown live on the interactive floor plan.

Intuitive SharePoint Floor Plans

Visualize your office floor plans with ease within SharePoint Online. Our interactive floor plans provide efficient usage insights across all sites. Benefit from a streamlined interface designed for easy navigation. Enhance your workspace management with intuitive tools tailored for your organization's needs. Interactive floor plans empower efficient usage across all sites. Unlike cloud-dependent competitors, our web part enables convenient self-service floor plan handling.

Design Studio

Do-it-yourself flexible floor plan management.

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An interactive floor plan is a digital map of your office layout. It visually displays workspaces like desks and meeting rooms. Users can click around the office map to view real-time availability and even book spaces directly on the office floor plan.
The main purpose is simplifying navigation and reservations. Instead of wandering around seeking vacant spaces, employees can instantly spot openings right on the customizable office floor plan layout. This interactivity empowers users.
In a hybrid workplace, the interactive office seating chart software is invaluable for flexibility. As remote and onsite staffing varies, the office map visualizations help managers easily redistribute resources via intuitive drag-and-drop office maps. This supports efficient hot-desking and workspace allocation.

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