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Microsoft Teams to improve collaboration

Case Study
SharePoint based bid management

European consultancy firm adopted Microsoft Teams to improve team collaborations across multiple touchpoints

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Client Business Description

Our client is a leading management consultancy firm located in Germany. With a huge workforce of around 2500 employees, the client’s advisory services develop go-to-market strategies, solve operational and resource issues, and enhance digital transformation and migration-related requirements.


The client was using multiple methods for internal and external collaboration and file sharing. For large files, they used tools like Dropbox. For chatting, they used separate chat platforms like Skype or Slack. The system was inefficient because employees needed to switch platforms depending on what they were sharing with their team.

The lack of a common collaboration hub leads to the following challenges:

  • Employee wasting productive hours searching for the right information
  • Issues related to data sprawling and unstructured data
  • Unable to track tasks’ progress in a common thread
  • Possible unsecured data due to lack of uniform governance policies
  • Investing in several platform licenses costs more

Our Solution

We reviewed the clients’ collaboration needs. They were already using the Microsoft 365 services, so it was easy for us to help them leverage Microsoft Teams. Teams is a Microsoft’s communication and collaboration hub.
The Teams’ implementation helped the client’s employees complete tasks quickly and efficiently. We helped them add the following features and services with their MS Team deployment.

Custom app development - Employee Directory for Teams

Custom app development - Employee Directory for Teams

The client was already using our Employee Directory on their SharePoint site but wanted to use it with Teams. We custom developed the add-in for Teams and deployed them into their Teams’ environment. This was convenient for the staff because they could quickly look at other members’ profiles and contact details without leaving the Teams platform.

Setting up Teams Governance

Setting up Teams Governance

We helped the client set up their governance policy that included rules for creating and sharing content within various Teams and Channels. This also included setting up permissions for third-party users who need to access or share documents in specific channels.

User adoption

User adoption

With our phased MS Teams' adoption approach, we helped the client develop a change management plan for their cultural transformation. We developed awareness campaigns for their teams to drive enthusiasm for adopting the platform. The campaign was shared with the clients’ IT team, stakeholders, and key influencers to help the rest of the team gain confidence with the new collaboration hub.

Training to admins and sub-users

Training to admins and sub-users

We developed a streamlined and simple MS Teams training schedule for the client which is specifically for administrator and for generic Teams’ users. Apart from “training the trainer” sessions, we also held out group sessions on how to set up Teams and join existing teams. Sessions also covered basic knowledge on how to organize your team’s interface and engage in conversations.

Project task tracking

Project task tracking

We also helped the client set up the Task planner within Teams so different project groups could find an easy way of collaborating on ongoing tasks. The task planner was helpful for this type of project and helped everyone update their dependencies and completed tasks in the planner.

Direct Routing using Team

Direct Routing using Teams

With the Direct Routing feature of MS Teams, we helped the client migrate from the legacy desk phone system. Teams made their conferencing easier and more efficient. We also provided them a full mobile integration so their team could no longer wait to get into the office to start working. This helped the client solve collaboration issues for remote working teams.


After the client’s MS Teams deployment, they showed some notable improvement in Team collaboration and communication like:

  • Employees got a unified collaboration and communication platform.
  • The mobile application of Teams helped their staff to access Teams on any device and from anywhere.
  • They have a secure platform where external vendors can connect with their teams when required.
  • Co-working on a single document was extremely handy. This helped them speed up the work and other deliverables which helped them close more deals.
  • The MS Teams' deployment also helped them resolve any negative situations that were a result of remote working conditions. File sharing, chatting and conference calls worked seamlessly together for all the employees who worked from home.
  • They saved money that they were paying to keep multiple licenses for chat, conference, file sharing, and individual calling.
bid management platform
bid management platform
bid management platform

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