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Best SharePoint HR Apps to
Enhance Employee Experience

Take control of human resource functions from streamlining and automating the process to creating a better workplace with Beyond Intranet’s SharePoint HR Apps. Our software for HR will help you to create a great employee experience.

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SharePoint HR Apps - Enhance Employee Experience









HR onboarding software

Smart SharePoint HR Apps for Evolving World of Work

Through cutting-edge technology software for HR management, the world of HR has changed rapidly in recent years. Our SharePoint HR management tools will help you improve HR operations by streamlining and automating tasks, saving HR people time, and increasing employee engagement to boost efficiency and productivity. We provide the best HR software to handle several of the significant human resources tasks in your business.

HR Directory 365

HR Directory 365

Centralize your people's information in one place, making it easy to find, manage, and access. Filter the information quickly and personalize the platform to suit your growing needs with our best HR software.

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Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Best HR software to streamline and automate onboarding and offboarding, hold stakeholders accountable, and create a personalized experience for new hires or departing employees.

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HR Task Management 365

HR Task Management 365

Boost productivity and efficiency by easily organizing, managing, and tracking individual and team tasks and projects. Communicate, collaborate, and coordinate to better understand them.

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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Securely store, manage, and share your company's knowledge database in one central location. Fast and reliable search makes it accessible to both internal and external individuals.

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Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Bring organizational transparency by displaying your company structure along with names and other information about each employee, such as their job title, department, and profile picture.

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SharePoint HR Apps Offers an Array of Benefits

SharePoint For Productivity
Customizable and Scalable HR Software Solutions

Customizable and Scalable HR Software Solutions

SharePoint For Human Resource
Microsoft Approved HR Apps

Microsoft Approved HR Apps

SharePoint For Collaboration
Next-generation plug-n-play Solutions

Next-Generation Plug-N-Play Solutions

SharePoint For Visualization
Top Rated SharePoint HR Apps on MS AppSource

Top Rated SharePoint HR Apps on MS AppSource

SharePoint Project Management
HR Tools with Secure Microsoft SharePoint's restricted User Access

HR Tools With Secure Microsoft SharePoint's Restricted User Access

It’s time to improve and personalize organization human resource experience with secured SharePoint HR apps!

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