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Best SharePoint HR Software for Small Businesses and Startups

Redefine your HR process by elevating your workforce to achieve maximum efficiency with our Microsoft SharePoint-based smart HR solutions for small businesses.

Value for money  Simple and Intuitive

Easy to Integrate Comprehensive solution

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Best SharePoint HR Software
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Unmatched HR Solutions for Small Business

Employee Directory

Generating and maintaining employee data is simplified through a unified SharePoint human resources management system. Eliminate all the paperwork and automate all your mundane HR tasks.

  • Enrich Employee Profiles
  • Advance Search & Filter
  • Employee Data Analytics
  • vCard QR Code
  • Work Anniversary & New Joiner Notification
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Employee Directory

Org Chart

Visual representations of organization structure are made easy for you. Eliminate the manual efforts and access a comprehensive view of an individual's hierarchy.

  • Multiple View Options
  • Mini Org Chart
  • Expand & Collapse Org Chart
  • Realtime Synchronization
  • Export Org Charts to SVG and PDF
  • Easy switching between Hierarchy Org Chart and Divisional Org Chart
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Org Chart

Desk Booking

Say goodbye to office desk hassles. Improve resource utilization, enhance employee experience, and embrace a modern digital workplace for a hybrid work environment.

  • Book and Reserve Desk
  • Interactive Floorplans
  • Locate Employee Desk
  • Parking Reservations
  • Manage bookings for meeting rooms and collaborative office spaces
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Desk Booking


One-stop destination to manage and streamline all project timelines, track status, and enhance team productivity. Enable optimum use of time and resources.

  • Time Tracking
  • Multiple Project Views
  • Resource Allocation
  • Power BI Integration
  • Comprehensive Reports and Analytics
  • Budgeting and Cost Management
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Task Management

Centralization is the key to managing all HR tasks efficiently. Enhance workplace collaboration and ensure a unified experience for HR professionals.

  • Role Based Access
  • Project & Task Allocation
  • Easy Collaboration
  • Multiple Project Views
  • Kanban Board
  • Email Notifications
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Task Management

Why HR Management Software for Small Business Is Essential?

Managing HR processes may seem easy at the early stage of your small business. However, when the team begins to expand the traditional approach of maintaining employee data into spreadsheets DIY solutions fall short. You require a proper SharePoint HR system for small businesses to revolutionize the way you handle HR Responsibilities and free you up for other important activities.

  • Employee Data Management
  • Workspace Management
  • New Hire Management
  • HR Process Automation
  • Task & Time Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
Why Procurement Management System?
Why Procurement Management System?

Key Indicators That You Need HR Software for A Small Business

Your existing employee strength doesn't need to be 100 or even less. The core consideration lies in foreseeing and planning. Before expanding the workforce, it is essential to reinforce all your HR processes, organizational charts, and leadership structure to create a professional work culture for current as well as future employees. It is imperative to implement HR systems for small businesses to manage the following:

  • Employee Growth
  • Employee Experience
  • Compliance Related Issues
  • Less Office Capacity
  • Cluttered Task Management
  • Mishandled Timesheets

Choose the Right HRMS Software for Small Business Needs

Selecting the right HR solutions for small businesses is a crucial stage. You cannot compromise on features, cost-effectiveness, or flexibility. It should be designed to cater to all your HR needs and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Before jumping into the search for the Best HR Software for small businesses and startups you should assess your needs and requirements, your budget, the accessibility of the software, etc.

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Unified HR systems for small businesses are a tool that assists organizations in managing employee data efficiently by eliminating manual work in a centralized ecosystem.
HR systems for small businesses are not just software that can streamline the HR process, and enhance compliance, and workforce management, but they can strengthen your overall business value and boost employee experience. It also enhances your small business brand value by facilitating future-proof features.
Dare to dream big! Don’t just focus on features, budget, and company size. Before selecting the best HR software startup, picture a future where your HR management software is becoming a catalyst for your organization's success. Always choose the one that can assure you the highest brand value. Consult with our certified experts today!
It’s not just about ‘who needs HR software?’ but it should rather be a powerful declaration that everybody needs it. Whoever wants to streamline HR processes, boost employee experience, enhance workplace collaboration, and embrace automation should integrate into the SharePoint human resources management system.
Costs vary based on your organization’s requirements essentially on features. It can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars annually. 

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