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Best SharePoint HR Directory 365 Available on AppSource

Make HR administration a breeze with our HR Directory Software. Unify employee information in one user-friendly employee database software platform.

Flexible Easy to Use Smart Filter Advanced Search

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Discover advanced search and smart filtering with our user-friendly Staff Directory App. Get effortless employee database access at your fingertips with our employee database software.

HR Directory
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Dashboard View

HR Directory Dashboard
HR Directory Dashboard
HR Directory Dashboard
HR Directory Dashboard
5.0 App

HR Directory App Source Raiting

HR Directory 365 is a central system that allows your company's staff to check out employee information anytime, anywhere, quickly, and from any device. Now create a more connected workplace.

  • Team Collaboration

    Team Collaboration

    Connect with team members over emails or messages using SharePoint HR employee directory.

  • Check Latest Updates

    Check Latest Updates

    Get real-time information about your staff. You can also check information about new hires.

  • Flexible Working

    Flexible Working

    Access & manage from anywhere using any device, desktop or laptop. Flexible customization for touchscreen kiosk.

  • More Data Privacy & Security

    More Data Privacy & Security

    Designed & developed on Microsoft SharePoint by considering General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) guidelines to give you a completely secure application.

  • Sync with Microsoft Teams

    Sync with Microsoft Teams

    Connect and access HR Directory 365 from MS Teams and create a better-connected workplace with faster communication for your employees.

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HR Directory
HR Directory

Employee Database Management & Advance Search

You can manage and search all employee data under one platform. Our HR Directory 365 brings quick and advanced people search that works flawlessly. You get an adaptable and better user experience with advanced search capability and search by alphabet & filter options like department and job title, which saves time compared to other apps.

Configure Unlimited Information to Employee Profile

Configure Unlimited Information to Employee Profile

Elevate your HR processes with HR database software. Easily configure and add employee information, including skills, hire date, interests, and custom fields. Streamline employee database management with one central system. Upgrade now and unlock powerful features for enhanced employee profile management!

Easy to Check Employee Current Status

You can set refresh presence interval to update & view your employee’s current status like presenting, busy, in conference, out of office, in a meeting, away, do not disturb and a lot more.

Easy to Check Employee Current Status
Advance Exclude Options

Advance Exclude Options

Get advanced exclude user options as per your organization needs or policies.

  • Exclude deactivated users
  • Ensure that only regular users are showing by excluding the guest users
  • Filter-out & exclude empty values
  • Option to exclude specifics like name, location, department, domain, job titles

Create & Personalize Corporate Identity

Custom option to add your company logo and application title as per requirement to create brand identity.

  • Auto-optimize logo image
  • Supports all image formats to upload logo
  • Easy to add app title
Create & Personalize Corporate Identity
Organization Chart Flowchart 1
Organization Chart Flowchart 2
Organization Chart Flowchart 3
Organization Chart Flowchart 4

Organization Chart Flowchart

This SharePoint SPFx Webpart helps view the organization's structure with roles, responsibilities, departments, and reporting from top management to bottom employees in a flowchart. You will get a clear idea of the hierarchy within the organization.

  • Easy to connect employee's information from SharePoint user profile.
  • One-click data export option in SVG or PDF format.
  • Better viewing experience with 4 views and zoom in zoom out options.
  • Compatible with O365.
  • Option to show/hide Org Chart in the HR Directory configuration page.

Separate webpart is available for Organization Chart.

Custom View for Dashboard

With M365 HR Directory application, you can customize view of dashboard to meet your business need. With it's easy to use interface, you can create custom view and control the profile information which you want to show on dashboard.

  • Customize the profile picture view – round, half-round, or square
  • Enable or disable the social icons for communication – Mail, Phone, Message, MS Teams
  • Add or remove the profile information
  • Change the display sequence of profile information
  • Set a custom icon for field
  • Select custom font color and size for displace information
Custom View for Dashboard
Quick Search Webpart

Quick Search Webpart

SharePoint powered M365 staff directory software comes with additional separate quick search webpart for HR directory 365. It allows user to search query quickly within the application.

  • Personalize webpart background color
  • Add HR Directory application URL for a search preferences page as per your business
  • Custom search font style, size & color

(Quick Search Webpart is a subscription-based feature. Addition purchase is required.)

Latest HR Directory Software Features

  • vCard QR Code:
    Scan the QR code to easily check and save employee information.
  • Work Anniversary & New Joinee:
    Stay up to date with your team's updates.
  • User Analytics:
    Analyze your team's data by department, location, presence, and job title.
  • User Property Link:
    Add a link on an employee card field that redirects to corresponding user information.
HR Directory Software Features

On-Demand Features:

  • Virtual Floor Map: Explore and learn your colleagues' office seating locations with HR Database Software.
  • Integrate Outlook Public Folder: Integrate and view Microsoft Outlook public folder contacts in HR Directory 365.
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SharePoint Azure AD Connect

You can easily synchronize Azure Active Directory user data to your SharePoint profile using SharePoint Azure AD Connect tool.

  • Assist in mapping all the fields between the Azure Active Directory and SharePoint Online
  • Suitable for any size of organization – Small, Medium, or Large
  • Improved Speed & Performance
  • Keep HR Directory 365 up to date
Employee Directory

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HR Directory, also known as staff directory software or HR software directory, is like a virtual filing cabinet that centralizes and manages all your employee information in one place. It seamlessly integrates with SharePoint HR Directory 365, making employee database management a breeze!
HR Directory stores a treasure trove of employee details, from basic personal information like names, contact details, job titles, and departments, to valuable employment details like hire dates, job history, and performance reviews. It also lets you store skills, qualifications, certifications, emergency contact info, benefits, compensation details, and custom fields unique to your organization. It's like having a comprehensive HR database that keeps all your employee information organized and easily accessible with HR software directory!
HR database software is nothing but employee database software which is designed to store employee databases in an organized way and make it easy to access it with one centralized and secure platform.

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