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Dynamics Power Pages Consulting

Dynamics 365 Power Pages marks the evolution of Power Apps Portals, ushering in a new era where businesses can effortlessly craft, customize, and launch websites that resonate seamlessly across different web browsers and devices.

It leverages intuitive functionality of Power Apps Portals by embracing its low-code approach. This means that even those without extensive technical expertise can now easily create captivating websites. What sets Microsoft Pages apart is its expanded set of features, designed to elevate website design to new heights.

No code and secure website creation

Dynamics 365 Power Pages marks the evolution of Power Apps Portals, ushering in a new era where businesses can effortlessly craft, customize, and launch websites that resonate seamlessly across different web browsers and devices.

With out-of-the-box templates, creating high-quality websites for your business is quick and simple. Microsoft offers templates tailored to different industries and business needs, ensuring a perfect fit.

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Features of Power Pages

These websites built on Dynamics Power Pages are automatically responsive across browsers and devices, eliminating the need for manual coding. However, developers can still enhance the simplicity of Power Pages to create customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Design Studio

Design Studio

  • Effortlessly drag and drop elements
  • Seamlessly integrate business data forms and lists
  • Customize themes to match your brand's identity
  • Store data securely in Microsoft Dataverse
  • Consistent rendering across all platforms

Template Hub

  • Ready-made page structures, navigation, and commonly used pages.
  • Customize each section or image effortlessly
  • Find industry-specific templates
  • Extend Dynamics 365 applications to stakeholders and customers
  • Templates for customer self-service and community self-service
Template Hub
Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • Improve website performance by integrating CDN
  • Simple switch, requiring minimal configuration.
  • Serve static content from the nearest CDN server to the user's location
  • Optimized speed and performance for all users
Bid Management System

Integrate Power Pages with Key Microsoft
Power Platform Components

  • Dataverse (CDM):

    Securely store and manage data used by business applications and Power Pages sites.

  • Power Apps:

    Create custom mobile and web apps and websites for external audiences requiring secure access to business information.

  • Power Automate:

    Automate workflows across the business.

  • Power BI:

    Integrate with Power Pages to access components like reports, dashboards, and tiles.

  • Power Virtual Agents:

    Create customizable AI chatbots. Add chatbots to Power Pages websites to support various business needs.

Power Pages Use Cases

With Power Pages licensing, organizations gain the capability to develop a diverse range of websites and portals, including:

Customer Portals

Customer Portals

Empower customers with self-service portals to manage accounts, track orders, and access support.

Booking System

Booking System

Streamline operations with automated booking systems for services, events, or resources.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Efficiently manage stock levels, orders, and inventory statuses through a user-friendly interface, integrating data from Excel or ERP systems.

Content Management

Content Management

Simplify content publishing and editing with an intuitive platform, potentially integrated with SharePoint for seamless file storage and retrieval.

HR Portals

HR Portals

Enhance internal processes with a dedicated platform for employee onboarding, benefits administration, and leave requests, seamlessly integrated with existing HR systems.

Hot Desks

Internal Wikis

Foster knowledge sharing and collaboration among employees with a company-wide knowledge base.

Car/Parking Management

Event Management

Create compelling landing pages for business events, complete with registration forms and schedules to streamline event planning and execution.

E-commerce Storefront

E-commerce Storefront

Develop a user-friendly e-commerce platform tailored for small businesses to efficiently manage online sales.

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues

Showcase products or services with detailed descriptions, images, and customer reviews to drive engagement and conversions.

Pricing & Usage

The pricing and licensing framework for Microsoft Power Pages is structured into two options based on user access:

Authenticated User Pricing

  • Priced at $200 per month for up to 100 users per site.
  • Includes access for authenticated users to low-code business websites, authentication providers, content delivery network support, and Dataverse storage.
  • They can select either a monthly subscription license or a pay-as-you-go option based on the expected or actual number of unique authenticated users per website per month.

Anonymous User Pricing

  • Priced at $75 per month for up to 500 users per site.
  • Offers anonymous access to low-code business websites, content delivery network support, and Dataverse storage.
  • They get have the choice of a monthly subscription license or the pay-as-you-go meter based on the anticipated or actual number of anonymous users per website.

Usage Rights

  • Dynamics 365 enterprise apps: Unlimited Power Pages websites mapped to the same Dynamics 365 environment.
  • Power Apps per app plan: One Power Pages website.
  • Power Apps per user plan: Unlimited Power Pages websites.
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Why Beyond Key

Microsoft Power Pages offers numerous benefits to your business, particularly when combined with other Power Platform products.

To help you understand Dynamic Power Pages usage rights and potential benefits, we're offering a complimentary one-hour consultation with our expert team. During the Discovery Call, we can discuss Power Pages, or a suitable solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform, tailored to your needs.

Why Beyond Key

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