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Healthcare agency streamline hospital nurse staffing process with SharePoint onboarding solution

Case Study
Employee Onboarding
Nurse onboarding

Healthcare agency streamline
hospital nurse staffing process with SharePoint onboarding solution.

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Industry: Healthcare
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Client Background

Our client is a healthcare agency located in the US that assigns nursing staff to local hospitals. As part of a connected medical network located in a metropolitan area, it is the agency’s job to thoroughly vet nursing staff and appropriately assign them to hospitals on-demand per the hospital’s needs. The agency prides itself on its core mission of improving and streamlining hospital staffing processes to increase administrative efficiency while improving nursing staff retention and overall patient care.


The agency had an onboarding process for new nurses that was inefficient, time consuming, and lacked in communication between departments. This process required newly hired nursing staff to fill out several paper forms by hand, which HR would then have to manually enter into the HR system. The nurses were also responsible for making sure HR received all medical certifications, which then would need to be verified by HR staff. Hospital policies and training procedures were also shared with new hires in the form of paper documents. Communication between departments became difficult due to a lack of a central platform where all Administrative and Medical staff could easily share communications, download policy changes or memos, request staff changes, and more.

Because of the fast-paced nature of the hospital environment and the over-arching issue of low staffing found throughout the healthcare industry, the client required a solution that could streamline their onboarding process. This new solution would be utilized to improve nursing staff retention, gather vital information more quickly and accurately, ensure compliance standards are met, and make the process of assigning nursing staff to local hospitals more accurate and time efficient. It was also of vital importance that their new solution be properly secured to maintain privacy of staff and patient information.


The healthcare agency was already utilizing SharePoint and Office 365 licenses but had not been able to find a solution that met their needs and was compatible with the technology they were already using. Using Microsoft AppSource to search for suitable solutions, the agency decided on Beyond Intranet’s SharePoint-based Employee Onboarding and Offboarding add-in. With choosing the Enterprise version of the add-in, they were able to take advantage of the following key functionalities:

Nurse onboarding

Customizable nurse onboarding and offboarding form templates were created where form fields could be easily added or deleted.

Nurse onboarding

The agency’s HR department could onboard nurses and create specific tasks to be assigned to various hospital departments, specialists, and department heads.

Nurse onboarding

Documents related to nurse training and certifications, HIPPA policies, formal hospital procedure rules, and more were uploaded in the SharePoint list’s central repository for easy management of important documents.

Nurse onboarding

The agency’s HR, hospital admins, and department heads could all share an easy-to-use platform to track all pending and overdue tasks.

Nurse onboarding

Automated email notifications were sent to nurses who had overdue tasks or missing documents or certifications to remind them to complete and close them.


The healthcare agency asked all its employees, as well as the administrative and nursing staff within its network of hospitals, to use Beyond Intranet’s Employee Onboarding add-in. With its ease of use, intuitive user design, and ability to accommodate a large number of users, the client was very satisfied with the add-in.

  • Highly secured document management system for all new and existing nurses
  • Increased efficiency and reduction in time spent with custom workflow
  • Increased nursing staff retention by nearly 30%
  • Reduced onboarding costs by more than 26%
  • Reduced paperwork in managing nurses’ information, certifications, assignments, and more
  • Ensure all medical compliance requirements and certifications are met
  • Gain a better understanding of the overall nurse onboarding process and work toward improvements
  • Easy view of list of nurses onboarded and offboarded by month or specific date
  • Easily track pending and overdue tasks to determine which nurses are up-to-date on required paperwork and certifications and available for hospital assignment
Nurse onboarding
Nurse onboarding

Download our add-in Employee Onboarding & Offboarding that will help you boost onboarding efficiency and streamline support resources towards a common goal.

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