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SharePoint Employee Directory Software & Search App

SPFx Version Built on Modern SharePoint Available on Microsoft Teams Quick Page Loads & Employee Search Fresh, Clean, and User-Friendly UI

Our SharePoint employee directory software makes your workday smoother.

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Boost Team Interaction with Our Easy-To-Use SharePoint Employee Directory App

The SharePoint employee directory is easily accessible, helping your team connect faster. Employee profiles are right at your fingertips,
boosting employee engagement. This company directory software is simple, efficient, and built to make teamwork effortless.

Bid Management System
Bid Management System

Your Dashboard View

Dashboard View

With employee search app, find and chat with coworkers fast. With this employee directory app, quick search gets work done fast!

Experience the Speed of SPFx with Our Employee Search App

SharePoint SPFx powers our SharePoint Employee Directory Software. Enjoy lightning-fast load times, regardless of your employee database size.

  • Experience quicker page loads with our SharePoint directory.
  • Enjoy our employee search app's fresh, clean, and user-friendly UI.
  • Save big on development and upkeep costs with our SharePoint staff directory.
  • Choose from a variety of layouts in our SharePoint employee directory. Single, double, or triple column.
  • Our employee directory software helps you stay connected on all devices.
Beyond Intrante - SPFx Webpart
Beyond Intrante - SPFx Webpart

Understand Your Team with Our Org Chart in SharePoint Directory

This SharePoint SPFx Webpart helps view the organization's structure with roles, responsibilities, departments, and reporting from top management to bottom employees in a flowchart. You will get a clear idea of the hierarchy within the organization.

  • Easy to connect employees' information from SharePoint user profile.
  • One-click data export option in SVG or PDF format with our employee profile app.
  • Better viewing experience with 4 views and zoom in zoom out options.
  • The SharePoint people directory is compatible with O365 as well.
  • Option to show/hide org chart in the employee directory app configuration page.
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Celebrate Every Birthday and Anniversary with Our SharePoint Employee Directory Software

Keep the work atmosphere fun with our SharePoint Employee Directory Software. Stay in the know with the current and upcoming birthdays or anniversaries of your teammates with the employee search app.

  • Set up automated reminders/notifications prior to anniversary or birthday dates in the SharePoint staff directory.
  • SharePoint directory assists in finding birthdays by month or coworkers' names.
  • Post congratulatory messages on employee profiles on their anniversary with our company directory software.
  • Get notifications for birthdays and anniversaries right on your screen of employee directory software.
Beyond Intrante - SPFx Webpart

The Key Features You Need

Find Anyone Instantly

Find Anyone Instantly (Search & Filters)

Advanced search and filters let you find colleagues by name, skill, or location in seconds.

Online Presence

Know Who's In (Online Presence)

See real-time presence information to facilitate efficient communication and collaboration.

Personalized Profiles

Personalized Profiles (Enriched Profiles)

Enriched profiles let colleagues showcase their skills and expertise, fostering better connections.

Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support (Multilingual Directory)

Connect with a global workforce with a directory that supports multiple languages.

Celebrate Milestones

Celebrate Milestones (Anniversary & Updates)

Never miss a birthday, work anniversary, or new joiner announcement again.

Mobile-Friendly Access

Mobile-Friendly Access (All-in-one Platform)

Access the directory and key features from any device for on-the-go convenience.

Car/Parking Management

Customizable & Secure (Advanced Options)

Control directory access with advanced exclude options and ensure data security.

Integration with Azure AD

Powerful Insights (Employee Data Analytics)

Gain valuable insights into your workforce with employee data analytics.

Additional Beyond Intranet's Features:
Built-in Support for a Seamless Experience

Enhanced Security & Compliance

Enhanced Security & Compliance

Benefit from robust security features and ensure compliance with data regulations.

Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications (Real-time Updates)

Stay informed with automatic notifications about birthdays, anniversaries, and new joiners.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration (Integration with MS Teams)

The directory seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams for effortless communication.

Dedicated Help & Support

Dedicated Help & Support

Access comprehensive help resources and dedicated support whenever you need it.

Embrace the Future of Work with Our SharePoint Directory Tools

Give your team the best digital experience. Experience the SharePoint Employee Directory in action. Explore tailored options by scheduling a free employee directory software demo today.

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The SharePoint Employee Directory is a centralized platform. It revolutionizes the way you manage employee data. By automating the Microsoft employee directory, it does a lot. For example, reduces manual work, streamlines identification. Seamlessly integrates with other apps as well. This, in turn, boosts productivity, enhances collaboration, and provides a single source of truth for all employee information. In essence, it's a vital tool for any organization to optimize its operations and make informed decisions. So, if you want to take your workplace to the next level, the SharePoint Employee Directory is an invaluable resource.
Use the People web part, Delve, Organization Chart web part, People Search tab, or import a list or Excel sheet to display employee profiles. Integrate with Active Directory to automatically pull user details. The People Search offers the most customizable and user-friendly directory display.
An Employee directory software keeps all employee info together in one place. It's like a digital phone book with names, jobs, and how to reach people at work. This helps find and talk to friends at the company quickly.

An employee directory lets you find and talk to coworkers quickly!

SharePoint employee directory software does this online. It updates itself and works with Office 365 apps. You can pick languages too. It's easy to contact friends for teamwork.

Making a Teams employee directory in SharePoint is simple.

First, gather information on your team. This should say how to contact each friend. Then find and sort profiles with Advanced Search.

Add this to Teams pages with web parts. Now you can easily find the custom list to boost conversing at work.

To make an employee list in SharePoint Directory:

  • Collect contact details from staff profiles.
  • Use Advanced Search to arrange the info.
  • Make sure you can easily find the page.

This helps team spirit by making talking easy.

Making a Teams employee directory is simple.

First, gather information on your team. This should say how to contact each friend. Then find and sort profiles with Advanced Search.

Add this to Teams pages with web parts. Now you can easily find the custom list to boost conversing at work in the SharePoint employee directory.

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