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Revolutionary Desk Booking Software

Reimagine Your Workplace Experience

A complete solution to streamlining workspace management. Enables hybrid work for today's digital employees.

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The Secret to Unlocking Your Workplace's Full Potential

Beyond Intranet’s Desk booking software is your control center for your organization's evolution to hybrid work. This revolutionary system delivers a bird's eye view of your workspace. With the power to optimize every square foot.

Real-time visibility, automated smart assignments, flexible self-service booking, and data-driven space planning. All from an intuitive central dashboard.

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What if you could unlock your office's true capacity? Also, transform scattered desks into collaborative neighborhoods. All with just a few clicks? A workplace experience that employees love and efficiencies HR dreams about.

This is the transformative power of our desk booking software.

But did you know it is linked to our full-featured HR directory 365?

This intuitive staff directory allows:

Easy access to employee profiles Easy access to employee profiles
Quick filtering to find staff quickly Quick filtering to find staff quickly
Advanced search to locate the right people Advanced search to locate the right people
Unlimited customization of profiles Unlimited customization of profiles
Advanced exclusion options Advanced exclusion options
Organizational collaboration boost Organizational collaboration boost
And much more! See here

Incredible Features of Our Desk Booking Software

Desk Booking Software: Your silent ally, streamlining your office life. Let's explore its game-changing features:

Interactive Floor Plan

Interactive Floor Plan

Get a digital blueprint of your office. This office desk software helps you navigate your workspace and find desks and meeting rooms easily.

Desk Booking

Desk Booking

Book your workspace right from your device. This desk booking system eliminates the need to wander around the office.

Reserve Desk

Reserve Desk

Plan ahead with this desk reservation software. Book today for tomorrow, and ensure a desk is there when you need it.

Permanent Desk Assignments

Permanent Desk Assignments

Have a favorite spot? It can be yours. This software provides space allocation for permanent desk assignments, offering comfort in consistency.

Meeting Room Booking

Meeting Room Booking

Say goodbye to double bookings. This booking software lets you reserve meeting rooms with confidence.

Hot Desks

Hot Desks

Embrace the hybrid work culture with hot desk booking software. Reserve a hot desk and enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere.

Car/Parking Management

Parking Management

Parking management is made simple. No more parking woes, just easy organization.

Integration with Azure AD

Integration with Azure AD

Prioritizing security and easy access. Software that integrates with Azure AD, ensuring both are taken care of.

Locate Employee Desk

Locate Employee Desk

Find your team members without a scavenger hunt. This software simplifies it all.

How Beyond Intranet’s Desk Booking Software Works

Our Software is a blend of simplicity and efficiency. Let's take a step-by-step tour of its operation:

Access the desk booking app through your connected M365 account.

The interactive floor plan presents the office layout and available workspaces.
View Floor Plan

Choose an open desk, hot desk, or meeting room.
Select Desk

Book the selected workspace with a simple click.

Use the app to find team members' desks.
Locate Members

Reserve a parking spot for your office visit.

Reserve slots for upcoming events or workshops.
Event/Workshop Management

With Desk Reservation Software, space planning, and space utilization are no longer challenges. Every feature of this space management software works in unison. Get a smooth workplace experience today.

Streamline Your Space

Redefining Workspace Management:
The Advantages of Our Desk Booking Software

Beyond Intranet's Desk Booking Software is a comprehensive solution. We have designed to simplify your workplace management. Here are the top five features that set us apart:

Efficient Seating Arrangements

Our Desk Booking System provides a user-friendly floor plan. Result? Helps you visualize and manage seating arrangements with ease. Whether you're booking a hot desk or setting up a space allocation for a new team, our software makes it a breeze.

Efficient Seating Arrangements
Seamless Workspace Management

Seamless Workspace Management

Our desk booking app offers real-time workspace availability. Assists you with swift space planning and informed decisions on the go. No more scrambling for meeting rooms or desks.

Hybrid Work Adaptability

Working from the office, home, or switching between the two? Our desk reservation software ensures a seamless workplace experience. Adapting to dynamic work environments has never been easier.

Hybrid Work Adaptability
Optimized Space Utilization

Optimized Space Utilization

Want to maximize your office's capacity? Our perfect space management software lets you do that with ease. Optimize space utilization, reduce wastage, and create a more efficient workspace.

Experience the Beyond Intranet's Desk Booking Software difference today. Are you ready to transform your office into an efficient, adaptable, and optimized workspace?

Upgrade Your Workspace

The Benefits for HR, Admin, and Employees

Desk Booking Software isn't just a tool. A solution that addresses the unique needs of HR, Admin, and Employees. An indispensable asset for organizations. Here's how:

The Benefits for HR, Admin, and Employees


  • Automate routine processes, and free up time for your core strategic HR initiatives.
  • Gain valuable insights on office space utilization for efficient planning. Save costs.


  • Achieve real-time overview of office space usage for better management.
  • Facilitate seamless transitions between remote and onsite work with our desk reservation software.


  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface for hassle-free desk booking.
  • Experience a smarter, more connected workspace designed for collaboration efficiency.

Why Beyond Intranet's Desk Booking Software?

It's your key to a seamless workspace.
  • Swap chaos for control. Our software's interactive floor plan lets you book office desks or meeting rooms. Click and reserve – it's that simple.
  • Welcome to the future of work. Our system supports the hybrid work model. Reserve your desk and beat the rush. Make remote and office transitions effortless.
  • Unlock insights with our space utilization analytics. Optimize your office layout, save costs, and improve the workspace experience.
  • Simple. User-friendly. Accessible. That's our software for you. Book a desk and view the floor plan – no tech wizardry required.
  • Foster team collaboration. See where your team sits. Boost communication. Create a connected workspace.
  • Trust our commitment to data security. Your information remains safe and secure, always. All with our office desk software.
Why Beyond Intranet's Desk Booking Software?

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Desk booking software helps you book a workspace. Like how you reserve a hotel room, this software lets you reserve a desk at your office. It's easy to use, just like any app on your phone. It's especially useful for offices where people don't have fixed desks.
Choosing a desk booking system is just like shopping for a new phone. You need to pick one that's easy to use. Look for features like an interactive floor plan, which shows you the layout of the office. Make sure it works well on your phone, too. Finally, it should keep your data safe, just like any good app would.
The good thing about desk booking is that it makes office life simpler. You can choose where you sit, and it's easy to find your colleagues. It also helps your company use office space efficiently. But there can be downsides. Sometimes, you might not get the desk you want.
Imagine a busy restaurant without a reservation system. It would be chaos, right? That's why offices need desk booking software. It keeps things orderly and makes sure everyone has a space to work. It's even more useful if your office has a lot of people or if people often work from home. Plus, it's just simpler and faster to book a desk with an app!

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