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Grant Management Solutions

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  • Decreasing admin costs.
  • Enhancing access to grants.
  • Improve the level of trust in grants.
  • Enable grant recipients to support their target audience.
Grant Management Solutions

Why Do You Need a Grant Management System?

Grant management System is crucial for organizations to track the entire process. An ideal grant management solution must come up with utmost transparency and accountability. It helps in meeting necessary compliance standards. It will also help in gaining trust with stakeholders and donors.

A robust Grant Management Solution can help streamline proposal writing, budgeting, reporting, or any administrative tasks. A Grant Management System can help you address several issues. These issues may impede your grant processes:

Your Grant Management Solution

Built On SharePoint & Power Automate

Beyond Intranet is a leading Grants Management Solution provider. Our Grant Management solutions streamline global grant processes for struggling clients. Our Grant Management Solution is revolutionizing grants management operations.

SharePoint and Power Automate both support other Microsoft solutions. They both provide a scalable interface that offers endless opportunities for future development. It automates core functionalities of grant management systems. The foundation elements of our Grant Management Solution consist of:

  • SharePoint Custom Development

    Project Management Dashboard

    It is a web-based interface. It allows authorized staff to create and manage projects. It provides secure access to intuitive project creation forms. It has advanced filters for easy retrieval of project data.

  • SharePoint Integration

    Centralized Document Management

    It simplifies the storage and retrieval of grant-related documents. The system ensured secure storage, maintained version control, and streamlined workflows. It also allows efficient search and retrieval of documents.

  • SharePoint Migration

    Grantee Dashboard and Progress Report Entry

    This dashboard provides an interface for grantees to submit their quarterly progress reports. The dashboard provides robust security and a real-time project tracking feature. It also comes up with an easy-to-use progress report submission form.

  • SharePoint Support

    Custom Report Generation Module

    This module provides an easy-to-use interface to enable staff to create custom reports. It allows the sharing of reports with internal teams, stakeholders, and partners. It further enhances transparency and communication.

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Success Factors of Integrating SharePoint Online Solution Into Grants Management Process

The key outcomes of integrating SharePoint Online into grant management systems are endless. Based on our client’s feedback key outcomes we have experienced are:

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

SharePoint Online Solution will help things run in a smooth way. It also saves time in doing day-to-day tasks.

Improved Data Management

Improved Data Management

Efficient Data handling and data management are crucial features of SharePoint online. This makes it easier to find, use, and track required data.

Enhanced Collaboration

Enhanced Collaboration

SharePoint Online provides real-time workplace collaboration. This supports every team member to create and share their ideas in real time.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

SharePoint Online helps in reducing expenses. It can save expenses on many resources hiring as well.



SharePoint Online is a sustainable solution. It eliminates the hectic paperwork and physical document handling.



SharePoint Online is a future-ready solution. It helps Grantmakers to stay updated in the future.

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