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Communication expert Freuds leverages SharePoint to automate and simplify Contract Management System for their legal team Communication expert Freuds leverages SharePoint to automate and simplify Contract Management System for their legal team

Case Study
Communication expert
Communication expert

Communication expert Freuds leverages SharePoint to automate and simplify Contract Management System for their legal team

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Industry: Communications

Client Business Description

Freuds is a full services communications and public relations firm, founded in 1985 by Chairman Matthew Freud. The company builds campaigns that create tailored and meaningful impact to improve reputation and change the shape of their customers’ businesses. Freuds have been accustomed to using Microsoft SharePoint, but they still had some of their business processes done manually. One of such business processes was implementation of an automated workflow for Contract Management.

How We Helped

To overcome the shortcomings of manual contract management system, Freuds legal team thought of using the power of SharePoint list to automate this business process but they were not sure what the right solution for this was. They approached the Beyond Intranet team of SharePoint experts to help them with a fully automated Contract Management Life Cycle .

Beyond Intranet experts developed a customized workflow which had user access for members of their legal team, project team, and senior management people. Each one of them had their own action areas. An approval and rejection system was developed on the go within user level permissions. Digital signatures of the vendors were captured with the help of integration of DocuSign.

The legal team could add clients, create contracts, submit/assign contracts to the project team, approve/reject the contract, send contract documents to the client for digital signature, and after receiving the signed contracts, they also marked the contracts as finalized.

contract management system


Client came forward to partner with Beyond Intranet (Subsidiary of Beyond Key – to get a fully organized and automated process of generating and managing business contracts. Freuds had a legal team who is involved in creating, managing and maintaining contracts within the enterprise. Earlier, they had to manually create the contracts and take inputs with the project management team. This was a repetitive task which involved multiple follow-ups. Once the agreement was ready, the legal team had to take approval with senior management and also take digital signatures from the customer.

contract management system


After using the automated Contract Management software by Beyond Intranet, Freuds legal team and management admitted that they could easily streamline all aspects of the contract life cycle to increase visibility, compliance and contracting velocity, while reducing risk. From contract creation to tracking and compliance, they had an accurate, real-time picture of their organization’s contracting risks and opportunities. These insights saved precious time and resources, and made cash flow management less complicated.

Some more SharePoint projects with Freuds

After successful implementation of the Contract Management workflow, Freuds team looked forward to Beyond Intranet for many of their SharePoint needs. We also developed a complete Intranet portal with their corporate branding and integrations. Freuds Intranet had the following features:

  • Twitter & Slack integration
  • Metro Tiles Web-part
  • Department site template
  • Delve profile page integration
  • User level permissions
  • Loan equipment project
  • News web-part custom development
  • Online mail box access form (GDPR compliance)
  • Training site for Learning Management System (LMS) with dynamic banner template
contract management system
Leon Allard
Service Delivery Manager
Freuds, London

“We have worked with Beyond key on the development of our company intranet which is hosted in SharePoint online. The Beyond key team’s technical expertise and experience with SharePoint helped us mould and shape our new Intranet from concept to creation and it is now a functional and user friendly central hub for our company’s key internal information. We have since contacted Beyond Key to expand our relationship into further SharePoint projects with us.”


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