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Case Study
Lateetud Covid Forms

Leading US-based Hospital and healthcare center adopts Custom SharePoint application to manage inventory and Post Covid situation

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Industry: Healthcare
SharePoint Power Automate

Client business description

Our client is a US-based Hospital chain that had their 50+ healthcare centers excelling in treating patients with acute and chronic illnesses. They provide care and support in the most appropriate clinical setting for those recovering from illness or injury. They specialize in long-term acute care hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation, or behavioral health hospitals

  • During the covid and post covid periods, they required a unified platform to track their inventory status on a daily basis across their 50+ healthcare centers.
  • They intended to keep track of the number of available and occupied hospital beds, ICU status, Covid positive patients, recovered patients in each center, PPE kits, N95 masks, life-saving medications, IV injections, and much more.
  • This application was necessary to assist them in making quick decisions such as relocating available resources to a center with a shortage or to a Centre that accepted a larger number of covid patients each day during the pandemic

Beyond Intranet’s Solution

After understanding the whole requirement of the client, Beyond Intranet recommended creating a SharePoint-based custom utility application for managing their Covid-related information and inventory.

Since this application required by the client was mostly to be used within the multiple centers of the hospital organization, we suggested they use a custom application using SharePoint Framework and React JS. The application was capable of storing real-time information with several dynamic parameters or dynamic questions.

The application helped the client in three major processes:

Inventory management

Inventory management

Unified Dashboard

Giving them a unified dashboard where they could see the real-time status of their required parameters/ gadgets or machines

Tabular reports

Tabular reports could be generated by the admin to understand the status and take quick decisions.

The application consisted of multiple user web portals where there was an interface for submitters, approvers, and super admin.

The submitter is capable of creating dynamic questions from the admin panel if he/ she is authorized to do so. They can submit the required information on this form and submit.

After they submit the information, the approver gets the notification of approving the details so it starts showing on the dashboard.

There are several exciting features of the application like:

  • Tooltips can be added easily with every question by the admin from the admin panel itself to facilitate an easy explanation of each question.
  • The order or numbering of any question can be controlled while creating them.
  • Some of the fields were filled in manually, while some fields in the form were automatically filled up by the auto running scheduler from some excel sheets located outside the app environment.
  • Power Automate is used to run the scheduler and also send the notification to the submitter and approval for new data entry.
  • The questions were equipped with some relational algorithm/ compare logics amongst each other. This helped them to set up a condition like: Figure in answer A cannot exceed the figure on answer B.
  • The forms are built to restrict the entry of future date data before completing the old date data. That means, the submitter cannot add data on the current date without completing the entry on all the past dates.
  • Email notification is sent to the approver that information is not filled by the concerned responsible submitter.

Technology Used

SharePoint SPFx

SharePoint SPFx

React JS

React JS

Power Automate

Power Automate


With the implementation of the Covid information submission form, the client got the following benefits

  • They may keep track of the required stats and refer to them from anywhere on the network.
  • With this workflow, the manual process of data collecting and analysis was automated.
  • The performance of hospital employees was also monitored, as when they failed to enter the correct information, an email message was sent to the approver, who could then take appropriate action.
  • The manager can identify who has been consistent in filling out entries and double check the accuracy.
  • The customer was given a single dashboard to see when and where the situation at the time of Covid was dire so that prompt action could be taken.
  • The performance of critical gadgets was maximized, and action was taken at the central facility to monitor if they were out of commission for an extended period of time.

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