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Microsoft for Non-Profits

Make your NPO more productive & easier to manage with our M365 Solutions.

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Microsoft for Non-Profits
What is Microsoft 365 for Non-Profit?

What is Microsoft 365 for

Non-Profit and Charitable organizations rely on passionate people to ensure their success. They are at the forefront of social change and provide crucial services to those most in need. The Non-profit organization improves the lives of others and the public good. But they often lack adequate resources to cover operational and IT costs.

Beyond Intranet (A division of Beyond Key) offers a comprehensive suite of products and workflows. You can improve team collaboration, document management, and project management while taking care of the cost. Our Microsoft 365 for non-profit can further enhance fundraising, event, and resource management programs and collect deeper insight from various sources like past donors, fundraisers, events, stakeholders, marketers, and supporters.

Bid Management System

Beyond Intranet can support your NPO in various ways

Rapid Application Development Rapid Application Development
Workflow Automation Workflow Automation
Intranet and Extranet Development Intranet and Extranet Development
Data Analytics and Reporting Data Analytics and Reporting
Content Management System Content Management System
Document Management System Document Management System

Who can benefit from our Beyond Intranet Services?

Beyond Intranet is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with 16+ years of experience in assisting many leading non-profit organizations. Be it a church, charity, educational institution, NGO, scientific society, or any religious group, you can leverage our Microsoft 365 for non-profits services. We will help your NPO be affluent, efficient, and streamlined through our advanced data storage, document management, and security services. Besides, Beyond Intranet offers several other benefits:

Why should NPOs use M365 and O365 ecosystem?

As a massive technology, Microsoft supports the cause of non-profits with cost-effective subscriptions. For non-profit organizations with less than 300 users, Microsoft 365 Business Basic offers cloud integration and Microsoft Office collaboration tools.

Among its features are hosting email with unlimited archiving, advanced security features, 50GB of email storage, 1TB of OneDrive storage per user, and access to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications on the mobile web device. You can also access Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and chat apps, as well as advanced search and discovery tools to make storing, sharing, and managing files easy.

On the other hand, some plans are designed to support NPOs with more than 300 users who need integrated emailing and cloud security and tools for collaboration, productivity, and compliance. With this plan, you get the basic features of Microsoft 365 Business Basic, plus hosted email with unlimited archiving and advanced security and 50GB of business-class email storage per user.

HR Dashboards - maximize your workforce
Beyondintranet - HR Dashboards

Use Cases

Donor Management solution- on PowerApps

Donor Management solution-
on PowerApps

Data from past donors, current donors, and even prospective donors can all be centralized, which gives your organization the ability to think strategically. This centralized data allows you to segment and sort potential and existing donors. It is possible with our donor management solution to track donations by geography, medium, and year. We also provide you with information about donors who have stopped giving. You can track data through Excel spreadsheets and emails with our technology solution. With Microsoft Power Platform, Azure, and SharePoint bundled into one solution; we can help you manage and analyze your donation process.

Intranet for

Fundraising and gaining support for non-profit organizations require communication with multiple stakeholders. We provide SharePoint intranet solutions that keeps employees and stakeholders informed. With our intranet solution, you can target teams and individuals with content tailored to their roles to ensure only relevant information gets to them. Our modern intranet solutions for non-profits allow you to organize collaborative projects, schedule events and assign duties to your volunteers.

Intranet for Collaboration
Data analytics and reporting on Power BI

Data analytics and reporting
on Power BI

Data analytics can help nonprofits make the most of their data. Most nonprofits collect data, but about half do not use it fully. Many nonprofits lack a dedicated data analysis team for this reason. To realize the full potential of their data, nonprofits must leverage it effectively. Our Data Analytics for Nonprofits can benefit from analyzing the data in several ways, including:

Supporter recruitment and retention

Research and fundraising

Keeping track of goals & maintaining accountability

Forecasting and budgeting future campaigns

Teams for
Communication and Sharing

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that comes with an Office 365 subscription. Nonprofit organizations coordinate campaigns and projects with multiple parties. Thus, they need a platform that enables them to collaborate constantly with people inside and outside their organization. Keeping all parties coordinated requires integrating them into their collaboration workspace. In addition to being well-versed in Teams' technical framework, our consultants can provide custom development services tailored to your business. Furthermore, we've completed several Teams integrations that let users connect to multiple systems seamlessly.

Teams for Communication and Sharing
Document Management System & Enormous Storage

Document Management System &
Enormous Storage

With limited resources, time, and talent, nonprofit organizations make the world a better place. Our Document Management System is a great way for nonprofits to maximize their resources - it saves time, prevents bottlenecks. A nonprofit's daily work is filled with paperwork: sponsorship agreements, tax forms, receipts from donors, volunteer registration forms, etc. Many organizations struggle to store all that paper and manage their nonprofits safely because of the sheer amount of paperwork.

Power Pages & WordPress for
rapid website development

Power Pages is a new member of the Microsoft Power Platform family. This standalone web development tool can build interactive websites using the same shared business data. You can use Power Pages for apps, workflows, intelligent virtual agents, reports, and analytics with other Microsoft Power Platform components. In addition to Power pages, we also work on webpages in microsite development with our WordPress services.

Power Pages & WordPress for  rapid website development
Centralized KMS and Content Management System

Centralized KMS and
Content Management System

Every nonprofit has a wealth of knowledge; it is scattered across print, digital, and people's memories. Knowledge management helps logically organize tacit knowledge, thereby eliminating information chaos. Our Knowledge Management System in nonprofit organizations allows people and technology to interact. We developed and implemented the Knowledge Management SharePoint add-in to collaborate and share knowledge.

Looking for ways to utilize M365 technology
for your Non- Profit?

Insurance company embraces Power BI dashboards to boost their sales team's productivity.

License for NPOs

Microsoft 365 user licenses can be granted at a discount or free to non-profit employees, unpaid executives and leadership staff, and eligible non-executive staff. It is a subscription-based cloud service that gives organizations access to popular Microsoft Office tools and applications. For up to ten users, Microsoft 365 Business Premium non-profit is free. It is ideal for small charities with fewer than 10 paid staff members with identical functionality to the paid-for version.

HR Dashboards - maximize your workforce
Beyondintranet - HR Dashboards


Millions of organizations use Microsoft 365 for Non-Profit suite around the world. Cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, along with cloud-based communication platforms like Teams, as well as hosted Exchange Server and SharePoint products, are all available.

The Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials plan is fully donated, and four deeply discounted plans are also available.

The discounted plans are: 

  • Office 365 Nonprofit Business Premium ($3 per user per month) 
  • Office 365 Nonprofit E1 ($2.5 per user per month) 
  • Office 365 Nonprofit E3 ($5.75 per user per month) 
  • Office 365 Nonprofit E5 ($15.20 per user per month) 
Office 365 is designed to be easy to manage. Nonprofits without IT staff can configure settings and customize user licenses, permissions, and services through the Office 365 admin portal. 
As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our Microsoft 365 team is constantly evolving and improving its expertise so you can get the latest, tested strategies for improving your workflow using Microsoft 365. We can assist you in meeting your requirements. The Beyond Intranet team has been helping its clients with Microsoft 365 services and products throughout their digital transformation journey of discovery, implementation, and adoption phases.

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