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HR Directory 365 - SharePoint-Based Employee Directory: Efficient, Intuitive, and Excellent Support

SharePoint-Based Employee Directory: Efficient, Intuitive, and Excellent Support

We are using HR Directory 365 to provide our staff with an employee directory and org chart to find and access our team member information. We really like that it is SharePoint-based as we use SharePoint extensively. The interface is intuitive, and the Admin tools give us flexible options in how we configure the information that is displayed for each team member. Your support team members have always provided excellent service for us, are quick to respond, and knowledgeable on each topic we have had questions on.

Scott Gravning
IT System Analyst
HR Directory 365 - Positive Experience with the HR Directory 365 Rollout

Positive Experience with the HR Directory 365 Rollout

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the recent implementation of the HR 365 Directory. The entire process, from the initial rollout to its current use, has been a very positive experience. I greatly appreciate Shubham’s assistance. Overall, the HR Directory 365 has been a valuable addition to our company's resources. I believe it will foster a more connected workplace and improve employee relationships.

Angela Kendrick
Director of HR & Compliance
HR Directory 365 - Great Service and User-Friendly Product

Great Service and User-Friendly Product

I recently had the pleasure of working with Beyond Intranet to set up HR Directory 365. Their team was incredibly responsive and promptly scheduled a session to get me up and running.

The product itself is impressively easy to configure. The feature of ingesting data from Azure not only simplifies management but also ensures security and up-to-date information.

Beyond Intranet has done well in delivering a seamless experience.

Tanesha Henry
System Administrator
Beyondintranet - Developed an effective Sharepoint solution

Developed an effective Sharepoint solution.

Beyond Key developed an effective Sharepoint solution to automate our participant recruitment and scheduling, replacing manual processes. This will significantly improve our efficiency.

Throughout the project, the team patiently explained technical aspects and responded quickly to our needs. They iterated solutions until we were satisfied, clearly communicating costs.

I highly recommend Beyond Key's skilled team for any custom Sharepoint, Flow or automation project. Their emphasis on understanding needs and collaborating to deliver results was invaluable. We are extremely pleased with our new efficient system.

Matt Wood
Senor Research Manager & Head of Method, Shift Insight, London, UK
Employee Directory is a super intuitive product

HR Directory 365 is an excellent SharePoint app!!!

The Org Chart and Employee Directory web parts are very easy form employees to navigate, filter, organize, arrange, etc. Lots of very useful and easy to use features! The Beyond Intranet Support Team and, specifically, Sonal and Vijay, have provided excellent customer service and technical support. Shubham – was a great help as well! Finally, it has become clear to me that Beyond Intranet’s product management and development team are constantly approving that app, fixing issues and adding great new features on a regular, frequent basis.

Frank Foreman
SharePoint Administrator
AAON, Inc.
Employee Directory is a super intuitive product

Employee Directory is a super intuitive product

The Beyond Intranet's Employee Directory (HR Directory 365 ) Is a super intuitive product to use. Sharing employee contact information, online availability, and reporting structures couldn't be any easier. The ability to flip between the directory and organization chart views with a single click is a powerful feature. Vendor support has been fantastic; they're quick to respond to support requests and have provided assistance in configuring the product that has eliminated hours of manual administration.

Greg Colegrove
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Kellogg Community College
Meets our expectations

Beyond Key did an amazing job.

They were quick, professional, and thorough. They meticulously attended to all the details. Our new Intranet site was built so easily. We have more plans to work with them around our SharePoint database. Looking forward to a long relationship with this exceptional company.

Marshall McKinney
Document Specialist
Sungas Renewables
Meets our expectations

Meets our expectations, and it will bring significant value to our company

As part of our project, we aimed to have a comprehensive "who is who" directory. We are delighted to have worked with BeyondKey, who have demonstrated great professionalism and flexibility throughout our partnership.

We would also like to highlight our contentment with the final product. It fully meets our expectations, and we are confident that it will bring significant value to our company.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the BeyondKey team for their excellent work and dedication throughout this project. Their expertise and commitment have been vital to its success.

Aurélien Dubois
Business Application and IT Infrastructure Manager
Nice interface and offers a good filtering system

Great and always very forthcoming support

HRD provides a needed tool for the entire organization that centralizes employee information. The support and development team was great when implementing or adjusting the software thanks to consistent and clear communication. Provided constant support throughout the set-up phase. The response time was incredibly quick although the issues and proposals were of no priority.

Salvatore Trupia
Project leader marketing datacenter
Nice interface and offers a good filtering system

Budget friendly, easy to use and engaging

Beyond Intranet fits so well for us because of it being budget friendly. Also, Employee Directory is easy to use and engaging. Along with the price, support we’ve received, and the functionality of the tool fits perfect as per our need. Pricing with another vendor/supplier was too high and it came with several things that we don’t need. So, Beyond Intranet is providing the required features with Birthday Reminder and Organization Chart at a much lower and affordable price. Integration of data to the O365, tracking Birthday and Organization chart was a big win for us specially for the HR team.

Mike Snyder
IT Administrator
HR Directory 365 - Easy search and nice display

Easy search and nice display

The product will make it easier to find the right person with a nice display. Good technical support and Beyond's advisors are attentive to the customer's needs, they give the necessary time to do so, they are flexible, and respond quickly to the need.

Abdelfatah Dahak
Responsible Office 365
Rory Coshan

Cost Effective Solution

We previously used a more expensive application which did not provide all our requirements. SharePoint with the Employee Onboarding application is proving to be a more cost-effective solution and we are looking at other Beyond Key applications for solutions in other areas of our business. Being able to customize the application is key for our business and of course, the integration with SharePoint.

Rory Coshan
Nice interface and offers a good filtering system

Fast and Responsive Support

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few members of the Beyond Key team and they are all knowledgeable, patient, and effective. The most recent assistance I received was for the Employee Directory which has been useful for us to maintain an organizational chart and maintain contact and hierarchical information for our growing staff. It is clear that the Beyond Key team is exactly that, an effective team that can work together to provide fast and responsive support efficiently.

Application Support Specialist
Nice interface and offers a good filtering system

Nice interface and offers a good filtering system

The Employee Directory has a nice interface and offers a good filtering system, allowing a simple and user-friendly search. We wanted to personalise some fields to make the terminology more recognisable for our company, the technicians were very helpful and communicative when asked for help with this.

Would recommend!

Dimitri Viceroy
Nisha Parmar

Perfect tool that served the main purpose

We were looking for a tool for our business SharePoint pages. After searching almost 100’s of tool, I found the perfect tool that served the main purpose. Beyond Key not just helped me to setting up the tool but also guided me throughout the process. The team setup meeting at my convenient and installed the app on the site and checked all necessary settings.

Nisha Parmar
IT System Administrator - Acura Group
Leon Allard Customer Review

True SharePoint Experts!

We have worked with Beyond key on the development of our company intranet which is hosted in SharePoint online. The Beyond key team’s technical expertise and experience with SharePoint helped us mould and shape our new Intranet from concept to creation and it is now a functional and user friendly central hub for our company’s key internal information. We have since contacted Beyond Key to expand our relationship into further SharePoint projects with us.

Leon Allard
Service Delivery Manager
Andy French Customer Review

Excellent Tool and Customer Support

This tool is excellent, it is simple to use and configure and meets our business need. The support provided is also excellent, the team are really responsive and happy to arrange a remote session to sort any queries. It is refreshing to experience a truly customer focused company, keep up the great work.

Andy French
Darren Evans Customer Review

Amazing APP & support. Don't change.

We are using this as a people finder for our college. We did look at a few options which were expensive but this did what we needed. The support from BeyondIntranet has been excellent. From initial fault to fix took only a few hours and the response was excellent. Whilst fixing the issue we were also asked if we would like any features. They are now implementing these for us also.

Darren Evans
IT Support
Matt Williams

Outstanding Support

App worked out of the box, I had a few questions on configuration so I email their support, within a day their support team had a screen share going helping me with my issue! Great App Great Support. A1+

Matt Williams
Brad Rush Customer Review

Employee directory update changes

Hi there, We have been using the Employee directory SharePoint app for some months now and just the other day I updated to the latest version and discovered the html editor changes at the bottom of the configuration page. I just wanted to thank you for enabling this feature which has allowed us to customise the layout, fields and text on the card view layout. It has let us reorder and tweak the display of the cards to better fit our needs and the process to make the changes is simple and clear - a huge improvement over what could be done before. Really appreciate you adding functionality that gives real control over the app, this has made a useful app even better. Keep up the good work.

Brad Rush
Customer Review

Very happy with the customer support

Our company needed an Employee Directory, as we were growing exponentially. We researched the best rated, user friendly and most reasonably priced. Our answer was Beyond Technologies. We have been using Beyond Technologies since 2019. We have been very happy with the customer support and App functionality. We could not have made a better choice.

Office Manager
Customer Review

Great app

It's an employee directory that fits great with our company intranet. I like the way it automatically pulled in all our company's departments. We had some issues with it at first, an employee's name had a special character in it that the program didn't like but BeyondIntranet's support brought it to my attention and fixed it quickly. The app could use some additional customization options but it works great out of the box.

Chase Ehler
Customer Review

Nice little Plugin

If you want to view the employees presence on SharePoint and looking for an app. You have reached the correct place. And support that BeyondIntranet provides is excellent. I had some issues in deploying and they fixed it in minutes. Excellent support team.

Irshad Nazly
Senior Technology Specialist - Pre Sales ECM)
Customer Review

Ability to TAB in multiple Feeds

The feature I enjoy most is the ability to have multi feeds as tabs. It saves on precious workspace. Effective RSS APP with effective support from BeyondIntranet. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Johann Rabe
Customer Review

I would recommend this company for all your SharePoint needs. Very professional.

Initially, this application did not work. We had roughly 350 employees and only 238 showed up in the app when I first installed it. In fact I tried every Directory Application in the SharePoint store and I had the same problem with every one. In one directory app I tested, I could get all my users to show up but their pictures would disappear. Another company was charging $795 to purchase their directory app and wouldn't offer a trial. Crazy! Anyway, I sent an email to BeyondIntranet concerning the problem and within 12 hours they made contact with me. They are based in India. At first I was skeptical they could get this figured out but their lead programmer asked me some questions and within 2 days, he wrote a new application for us and everything is working great now. In fact, I am asking for a quote to add functionality that would allow our users to export the directory to Excel.

Andrew Riehemann
Director of IT at Dawson
Customer Review

Awesome Product

Employee Directory is one of my favorite add-ins. I install it in every new site I build.

Jon Krupp
Customer Review

Great Experience with Employee Directory

This is a great app that worked well for my company. The support staff was very helpful and I had a great experience working with them.

Kelley Nelson
Customer Review

Extremely Responsive team

It has been a pleasure working with the team at Beyond Technologies.  Their top-notch solutions have changed that way that our company engages internally.  Their team was extremely responsive to our requests to customize an application to fit our unique needs.  Their ability deliver on time gives us the utmost confidence in their proficiency and is why we will continue to rely on Beyond moving forward.    Looking forward to see a Pro Version with more features

Michael Wilt
Digital Marketing Specialist at Transtar Industries
Customer Review

Good Decent Free app!

Did not work initially as the configuration was a bit tricky to start with. But the developers immediately responded back and made the configurations. It took a couple of days for the crawl to get completed. But this worked out ! Happy with the end result!

Nichole Wells
Customer Review

It works !

This looks good. Works and sends messages almost instantaneously. Wishing for some more customization options, but really worth the price I paid :-)

Sylvyna Mellows
Customer Review

This plugin is fairly simple

This plugin is fairly simple and works instantaneously. Zero effort setup. No complications!

Michael Tramp
SharePoint Administrator
Customer Review

Nice App!

We are using this for quite a while now, Hence thought of writing a review. The best part of the app is although the app works straight out of the box, it has huge number of configuration and customization options.

Ben Harris
SharePoint Admin
Customer Review

Must have People Finder !

I loved the video initially then tried out the app. When I showed it to people round the company, this became an instant hit. Its now on our landing page! Thanks for the awesome product.

Stam Mule
Senior SharePoint Developer
Customer Review

Great Support

Thank you for the quick resolution to a quirky problem I had in developing the site. Appreciate the speed and time to resolve an issue. The Directory app is exactly what we needed.

Debbie Welcher
AD Administrator
Customer Review

Directory in German

We loved the UI and the search interface of the app. Our organization everyone is mostly German, Hence we tried out reaching the support on this problem. The team within a couple of days, gave us an entire app in German and now the customized app provided by them meets almost all of our Needs, in GERMAN! Mannschaft! Vielen Dank

Tim Möchlichen
People Manager
Customer Review

Brilliantly Done!

The app is quick and wonderfully blends into our Sites theme. The print option is really good. The Skype for business integration is really done well. Straightway purchased. Had a few doubts on the app and the support was lightening quick in answering all my questions.

Stephen Bedes
Store Manager and SharePoint Admin
Customer Review

Good application

It's good application but it should be part of Office365, just another view of contact lists.

Umit TAS
Customer Review

Beautiful App

Hi , Kindly can I use this beautiful App for SharePoint 2013 on premises.

Belal Al Qublan
Customer Review

Nice looking app

Nice looking app. Encountered a problem setting it up. Support was helpful in fixing the issue. I wish there are different layouts to choose from. Also, it would be helpful if there are filters like, only show people from certain location, department, title.

Juan B
Customer Review

WOW ... how easy is that.

This was a super easy app to install and use. I wish it had a few more options variables ... showing more data under the icon (title, actual phone number), but it works great. Would be more than happy to donate towards the effort.

Samer Khouli
Customer Review


I love this app. easy to run and use. But I can't find all users. Please fix

alan v
Customer Review

Very sleek and well done

The employee directory is very sleek and well done. This is a nice way to see all people in one place and email, Skype or call them in one click. I like how the search narrows the results as you type each letter. The ability to remove unwanted users is useful. Excellent app.

Christine Mazur
IT Support
Customer Review

Great App!

Works as advertised! Superb features!

Frederick Comin
Customer Review

Great tool

The Employee Directory Enterprise App is a great tool for our college. And the tech support people have been wonderful with helping us to configure the settings to our exact specifications. Thank you.

Noelle Vaughn
Customer Review

Great application

This application is exactly what my municipal customer's needed. Keep improving it guys. A quick suggestion; Can we have the integration to AD for the photos added? I only see User Photo, Outlook and SharePoint.

Nkululeko Silimela
Customer Review

Nice looking app at an affordable price!

Our organization had been on a lookout for a user directory. Our search really ended when we saw this plugin! I think we would straight away get this rolling on our Intranet. Despite its limitations, it still is the best thing around!

Jeremy Tepts
Customer Review

Nice Job !

Nice Job ! I am really very happy to use this app. It's a perfect app for my organization. This is very simple and useful app. Support team doing nice job they respond quickly. Thanks Team!

Larry C. Hunter
IT Manager
Customer Review

Wow is all that I can say!

I really love the way app blends into our site's background and offers so many themes. Colors and background can be changed effortlessly. Huge customization and filtering options. Wow is all that I can say!

Edward Gilliam
SharePoint Admin
Customer Review

Works straight out of the box

A Great add-in. Support from the team has been lightening quick. Works straight out of the box. So many customization options. Thanks Beyond Intranet Team

Phil Simon
SharePoint Admin
Customer Review

Amazing Add-in for SharePoint Intranet

This superb add-in allows to do so many customizations, I used the 'Employee Directory Enterprise Plus' version. It has every feature that you could think of. Quick employee search, different views to choose from, customizing theme, making skype calls, sending emails, starting a chat, viewing the online status of employees and what not. So many things in just one Add-in.

Alex Anderson
Customer Review

Thanks Beyond Intranet Team!

The app has all the features that we needed in our SharePoint site. We have been using this as a people finder in our Organization. Must say that this has fulfilled all our Expectations. Zero configuration setup and effortless experience delivered smoothly. Thanks Beyond Intranet Team!

Flynn Pren
Senior Office 365 Administrator
Customer Review

A great one time purchase of Enterprise version

We looked at the pro version and were looking towards the enterprise version. Our company did not want to opt for a subscription and hence requested the development team for a 1 -time purchase price for the Employee Directory. And here we have. This is an awesome experience, not just with the App but with the development team as responsive as this, We are delighted with the customer service!

Hazel Christensen
Customer Review

Step ahead of the rest of the apps in the league!

Nice support from the team! I am in love with this app. Nice search! My entire People directory at my fingertips. What I love about this app is the integration with Skype for Business. A step ahead of the rest of the apps in the league!

Henry H. Gell
SharePoint IT Department
Customer Review

Nice Add-in with one time price for unlimited number of user

The Add-in is very useful and comes with $299.99 one time fee for unlimited number of users.

Samuel James
Customer Review

Fully featured trial!

The best part of the add-in is that we've tried this and it just works. As advertised, ZERO effort setup and our data is already populated. Magical experience . Has become an integral part of our SharePoint intranet straight away.

Simon Krom
Customer Review

Zero effort setup and easy to use

Brilliant plugin to have on our home page. Zero effort setup and easy to use. Our company is huge and we need to get in touch with employees on phone and email almost every next minute. Has helped save us a lot of time, since this has 1 click email and skype buttons. Thanks team for a wonderful piece of software.

David Huntington
IT Administrator
Customer Review

Nice options for configuration

A great people finder. Nice quick filtering. Effort setup. Nice options for configuration as well. Happy Refreshing Experience!

Ewin Moore
SharePoint User
Customer Review

Good People Directory.

Our client was on a lookout for a readymade people finder, instead of spending time building it. This app somehow fits well, but the theme and color options on it, has perfectly helped us blend the app with our site. Happy with its lightening quick performance !

Radim Dostál
Customer Review

Worth the money!

Works effortlessly ! Worth the money!

Mano Blems
SharePoint Admin
Customer Review

Works smoothly!

A great product. A must have for every SharePoint. Keep up the good work

Jimi Henriks
Customer Review

Recommend with all stars

Zero effort directory! A great people finder, with great theme options. Became instant hit in our Organization. I really like the print option Recommend with all stars

Bobby Mendal
Government IT Consultant
Customer Review

Great Work !

Great Work ! This is very nice app. I am very impressed by the features of this app like different views to see the Employee, fast Searching filter, Change the theme and Configuration part is easy and simple. Thanks Team!

Bobby S. Rivera
IT Admin
Customer Review

Worthy product!

The product is as advertised. Something worth having on our SharePoint site. The team is really responsive and has handled all our queries. A delightful experience Thanks Beyond Intranet Team!

Terry Parrish
Customer Review

A great utility tool

Our search definitely ended when we saw this product in the app store. The latest versions and upgrades have really been very impressive. Thanks for an awesome product with almost zero setup configurations.

Greg Quinn
Customer Review

Great customization options

Great set of features, different layouts like Cards, Icon and List view. Technical support from team is Excellent.

Nancy Smith
Customer Review

Highly Recommended!

A great set of features they have added in this version! Thanks team. Highly Recommended!

Wilfred Mels
SharePoint Admin
Customer Review

Quick support

Easy to install and great to use plugin. Liked the quick support I received for the product.

Kimberly S. Osborne
Senior Company Admin
Customer Review

Love the way the themes work

I really liked the apps mechanism to adapt to my master page and layout after changing the theme in the configurations. Thanks development of Beyond Key Team.

Cheryl G. King
Customer Review

Nice looking app with customization options

I really love the new cards layout on the app. Have been using this for a quite a long time now. Cant thank the team enough

Lewis Bird
Customer Review

Found a great product

Honestly a great product. Our company has a huge database of Employees, and this app has done above our Expectations. I really like the card view that has the integrated Skype for Business presence. Great support from the development team too.

Alston Adams
IT Manager
Customer Review

Definitely worth a trial!

Nice add-in with good options. Definitely worth a trial! The free version only onboards 5 though! Thinking of buying the paid one.

Andre Flexon
IT Admin
Customer Review

Fast to respond and quick to find the problem

I emailed an issue yesterday and heard back from support within a few hours, they actually arranged a webinar very early in the morning which was a huge help. Support logged onto my PC and found the problem within a few minutes. Very knowledgeable and courteous. I'm very happy with the software and now I'm happy with the support!

Alicia Summers
Customer Review

Works great

App Works exactly as advertised. With Great options to personalize and re-brand the app with our company logo and colors. This is definitely a winner in its category.

IT Administrator
Customer Review

1 fit for all announcements

We use this product as an app part for almost all our HR Announcements. Is really easy to use and configure. Best part is that we could try it out for free and then purchase it!

Adam Mils
Customer Review

Great Customizations

This tool looks amazing from the moment its installed. Huge customization and templating options. Thanks for the xperience!

Yogolov Mutzoki
Customer Review

Nice utility to have

The HTML editor with live preview enables me to use this app for almost every section on my page. All my announcements and events are showcased smoothly.

Henry Olgone
Customer Review

Nice app

Nice app with a lot of templates to choose from. We in our company use this app for all our Events, celebrations and at the End of the Month for our awards and recognitions.

Kim J. Bosh
SharePoint Engineer
Customer Review

Highly recommended!

After going through a lot of free options, our company finally decided to settle with this one. Has lot of templating features, was tricky to setup, but the support team was helpful and lightening quick in responding. Highly recommended!

Jonathan G. Dittmer
SharePoint IT Admin
Customer Review


Nice little app with a lot of Customization options. Makes the app widely usable. We've been using it for a while now. Regular updates to this app has made it feature rich and bug free. Wow !

Luca Y. Fitzgerald
SharePoint Product Owner
Customer Review

Nice app that is put together

Great App to bring life to our home page. We have been using it for all our events and recognitions. Thanks Development team for this app!

Madeleine K. Starr
Customer Review

Great app with lots of customization options.

The best part I've liked about this app is the number of options to customize. Thanks Team for a great experience.

Evelyn E. Johnson
Customer Review

Plugin works instantly!

App works seemlessly out of the box. I really like the configurations on it. Can integrate my existing calendar.

Henry Flok
Customer Review

Love the way it works!

A Lightening quick plugin. Really works as advertised. 5 stars for it !

Dave Jacks
Customer Review

Nice options!

The theme change option on the plugin is great. Purchased it straight away and that removed the ads!

Noah Addison
Customer Review

Awesome Events Timeline

Awesome looking with my site pages, Working smoothly and easy to connect with event. Wow.....

Donna Miller
Customer Review

App works like a charm!

Great option to connect to existing calendar. The colors are beautiful!

Dave Edwards
Customer Review

Nice App!

Great app and easy to use. Really love the live tiles editor. Thanks team for the support available !

Kieran Marshall
IT Support Specialist
Customer Review

Great Features !

Beyond Intranets Metro Tiles, is a prime version of a UI editor that can exist on SharePoint. Within minutes you can create, user specific tiles and then group them for different sections on different pages. Thanks!

Persis Ibrusi
SharePoint Content Specialist
Customer Review

Great Support

Nearly perfect! Love this app. Easy to use! Love the drag and drop feature.

Ivy Jones
IT Admin
Customer Review

Nice Looking Addin

A great tool to have it on our SharePoint. We were using the free version since its early release. But then needed a few features, the developers immediately published a plus version for app. I am really happy to see the paid versions features. Thanks Team

Steven o Keefe
Service Delivery Manager
Customer Review

Excellent App

Easy to use. Sorting and drag n drop features provide great ease while working with it.

Nancy Smith
SharePoint Architect
Customer Review

Nice free add-in

Despite its short comings, this is really a cool add-in. Understandably a free plugin can not have everything. Paid versions surely cover everything our Organization needs.

Stuart Abott
Customer Review

What a free give away!

I have a lot of suggestions for the pro version. But I still love the free app! Excellent utility to have it on all our sites.

Lucaso T. Biermann
Customer Review

Great free app

I really loved the way the app works. But I love the pro version more.

Louis Harris
Customer Review

Waiting for the Pro Version

Cant order the tiles in this version. Hoping that the pro version provides the feature.

Henry I. Hogg
Customer Review

Office 365 - Need ordering of tiles

Wow, such an easy to use product that works like a charm. I could create my home page in less than an hour using the tiles. Great product. But there is no ordering of the tiles. Looking forward to see a Pro Version with more features

Kristina D. Avila
Customer Review

Interesting to see the variety

Honestly a great plugin to have for free. Can their be a pro version to this, having the ordering functionality? Something like drag and drop? Would be happily ready to pay for it.

Elizabeth M. Hoyle
Customer Review


A great analytics tool

Elizabeth M. Hoyle
Customer Review

Definitely a league apart !

Wonderful utility app to add. Really easy to configure. I love the filtering option here.

Kimberlie Mabon
Customer Review

Brilliant Stuff - Amazed to see the variety of tiles

This app does more than what it has displayed. Wonderful support by Beyond Key. Hoping to see more. Appreciate the effort. Highly recommended.

John Bradshaw
Customer Review

Great App and Support

Hi Just purchased this app and our company staff love it, easy to use and the support second to none.

Gary Fielder
Customer Review

Fits in Nicely

The drag and drop feature allows me to quickly configure tiles. We have different tiles for Accounts, HR, communications, Operations with different colors and backgrounds. Instantly became a fit in our organization.

Bradley Mayert
Customer Review

Cool App

Love the collection of social icons available. Great ease to change tile images, tile size and other features. Excellent plugin.

Rose Adams
Customer Review

Great App

Maybe MS should of done what these guys have done and write a version of their "Get Started with your Site". Obvious really!! The road map looks like they have some cool stuff coming down the line! Thanks Beyond Intranet Team.

Lucas B. Krause
German SharePoint Admin
Customer Review

Brilliant App to have on our Home page

Brilliantly done ! Awesome support to back it up.

Howard Gomes
Customer Review

Excellent app, brilliant support It works perfectly with just a few clicks. Updating the tile images, tile size and other

Excellent app, brilliant support It works perfectly with just a few clicks. Updating the tile images, tile size and other features are easy. I love collection of Icons which is easy to implement on tile.

Julie J. Nixon
Customer Review

Great plugin and support

Commendable app experience and support is highly knowledgable. Thanks team for the app.

Jane Flime
Customer Review

Easy to use app

Great plugin to have it. Easy to operate and manage. REally loved this app. Thanks team for the app.

Barbara S. Book
Customer Review

Fantastic App

Nice looking app to have on our SharePoint site. I really love the variety of Tiles available. Nice support too.

Henrik Jensen
Customer Review

Great looking app with the default sets

The provides 3 beautiful sets of tiles predefined. The app works flawlessly. Really impressive. I love the ordering feature that has been made available in the Pro version.

Louis Harris
Customer Review

Great experience with the ordering feature

We had used the free version till now and always wanted to change the order of the tiles. With this feature the drag and drop to order the tiles has been an effortless task. Thanks beyondkey

Jeremy Bray
Customer Review

Happy to see refreshing support!

A plugin to straightaway start our Intranet with. Happy to purchase it and use it straight away!

Mellisa Kibs
Customer Review

Easy to go itsy bitsy plugin!

Is simple and works! Not many features but, works great out of the box. Well-documented instructions, good compatibility with our Existing data ! Well try it out for free ! Buy if you like :-) Happy to start our intranet !

Jake Robs
Customer Review

Does exactly what it promises

As advertised. Great product and amazing support

Jacqueline R. Mueller
Customer Review


I discovered this app having reviewed a couple of other similar apps on the SharePoint store. This one was by far the easiest to grasp and integrate into our site. We simply did not have a lot of time nor resource to spend on working things out. Having said that, I was particularly pleased with the speedy responses to my queries *AND* the willingness to incorporate additional features. All-in-all I have no hesitation in recommending this app and the vendor

Sylvanus Currie
Business Services Analyst
Customer Review


Hi, Very Very good application. And thanks to the support - I had a problem and the team solved my problem in a very short time. I really appreciate (Thanks to Mr M.S.) Thanks all.

Customer Review

Excellent Customer Support

I needed additional customization through the RSS Viewer and the support team guided me through every step of the process. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Cameron Dunn
Customer Review

They know their Customers

I appreciate the support I got from Beyond Key. Keep doing what you are doing for us. The way I am customer oriented joining your team will be a dream come true. You are a good partner that Microsoft have. The app is great. I couldn't get a yellow theme. I would make it complete. Thanks guys!

Kelebogile Serunya
Customer Review

Ability to TAB in multiple Feeds

The feature I enjoy most is the ability to have multi feeds as tabs. It saves on precious workspace. Effective RSS APP with effective support from BeyondKey. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Johann Rabe
Customer Review

Best RSS viewer out there

I have tried many RSS apps for SharePoint, this one great options for configurations that will blend into your site nicely. I had a question about that app, Beyond Key support was on the phone with me the next day providing a solution!!! Support like that is unheard of now a days!!!

Matt Williams
Customer Review

Best customer support

Forget about the product.... Beyond Key has the best customer support in the business. Even with this being a free app they gladly remoted in to view the issue I was having making customization, and even contacted Microsoft support on my behalf to get the issue resolved. Seriously great support!

Travis Sylvester
Director of Operations
Customer Review


I couldn't install the app on my on-premise SharePoint 2013, and after the customer support of Beyond Key everything worked fine. The app is very good They were responsive and very eficiente. I recommend Beyond Key! One suggestion - choose language (in my case Portuguese).

Maria José Teixeira
Customer Review

Excellent Customer Support

Our company needed the ability to view RSS feeds from internal sources rather than external. Since this app was written for external feeds the Beyond Key programmer recoded the app to meet our needs. Their customer support is excellent and their responsiveness and understanding of what we wanted was top notch. We highly recommend Beyond Key!

Christine Mazur
IT Support
Customer Review

Awesome product even better support

I installed an older version of this app and ran into some problems with it. This led me to try every other RSS feed app in the store before coming back to it because despite the drawbacks it was still the best for multiple feeds. I decided to email support to see if they have options to add functionality such as scrolling and having the feeds show a preview by default. They immediately emailed me back with an updated version of the app that worked perfectly for me. Awesome product, easy to set up, and it just works, thanks Beyond Key! Eric

Eric Johnson
Customer Review

Neatly done. Love this plugin

After the free one came up with ads, our company had to look out for another version. Gladly this was already available. I really love this version. Nice robust application! Supports 10+ feeds at a time. Our home page has 10 feeds on our home. All of them work really well! Works out of the box straight away. Thanks team for the wonderful plugin.

Nancy Parkar
Customer Review

Great News plugin.

The best part of the add-in is that we've tried this and it just works. As advertised, ZERO effort setup, We really love the New York Times and Sydney Morning Herald news. Our SharePoint intranet was red theme based, we initially did not like the colors, but the support team helped us changed the color theme which was already available in the Pro version of the add-in. Thanks for the excellent support.

Jeremy Bulls
Customer Review

Refreshing Experience.

Looks simple yet so powerful. We are using this as half of our home page section. Works with 5 different feed sources. Is a supercool add-in! Thanks team!

Philip James
Customer Review

AD FREE NEWS ! Finally

After the free version was introduced with ADS, our company decided to remove it from our home page. On searching for alternatives, we found this as a perfect replacement for the free one! Thanks Team for this.

Rwabyoma Herman
Customer Review

Thankfully no ads !

After the introduction of the ads in the free version, our company decided to move to the pro version. This version is as promised! Truly PRO!

Ana Vostrok
Customer Review

Nice little Utility.

Easiest way to integrate Live news from round the globe into our Home page. Both the Web parts are really Good!

Jonnah B
Customer Review

Great RSS feed App

Great RSS feed App, have had really good assistance from their support people too as I am a novice to setting these up, overall I am very happy with the App and its functionality.

Steve Edwards
Marketing manager
Customer Review

A great extension of the free version

We weren't happy with the way the free version looked. It was still a couple of years behind considering the new UI's that are coming up. This app has met all our expectations.

Ayden Baird
Customer Review

Wow !

Wow ! A refreshing change to the free one. I am so impressed by the quality enhancements that have come on this version. Worth every cent !

Stefan Holmes
Senior SharePoint Administrator
Customer Review

Great Features!

Definitely better than the free version. Has all the features that were in the Free version + the extra charm that was lacking. I am planning to migrate soon!

Robert V. Mills
SharePoint Developer and Architect
Customer Review

Great App!

Really happy to be able to download this for free, and looks really good. This app really helps you to organize your task. The support team was very helpful and efficient in helping me to set up. Definitely would recommend this app.