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SharePoint Learning Management System

Connecting Description: Beyond Intranets SharePoint learning management system (LMS) facilitates

eLearning administration Delivery Assessment

It enables creating, managing, and distributing training content, tracking learners' progress, and evaluating knowledge.

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Beyondintranet - Learning Management System

Overview of SharePoint LMS Capabilities

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storage and delivery Learning content authoring, assembly, storage and delivery
Administration Course enrollment, scheduling and administration
Online Support Support for online, blended, mobile and social learning
Real-time classrooms Real-time classrooms and self-paced modules
Surveys and Tests Assessment via quizzes, surveys and tests
Certification Certification and competency tracking
Industry Regulations Compliance with industry regulations
Analytics - Customizable Reports Analytics through customizable reports
Third-party Systems Integration with third-party systems

It suits mid-size and large businesses using SharePoint for collaboration.

SharePoint Intranet Portfolio.

SharePoint Learning Management System Key Features

Learning Content Management

Learning Content Authoring and Formats
The SharePoint LMS supports creating content in various formats like text, images, video, VR using authoring tools. It allows embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Content Management and Delivery
It provides a central repository for storing, assembling, and searching learning materials using titles, metadata tags. Courses are compiled into catalogs for learners to browse.

Design Studio
Template Hub

Learning Process Features

Course Administration and Enrollment
Administrators can assign courses to individual learners or groups. Learners can also self-enroll. Recommendations are provided based on assessments.

Scheduling and Notifications
Instructors can schedule classes, tests, events and automatically notify learners via email. Configurable reminders help learners stay on track.

Scheduling and Notifications
Customizable dashboards and reports provide insights into learner progress, course effectiveness and help make data-driven L&D decisions.

Supported Delivery Models
The system supports self-paced and real-time online learning, blended, mobile and microlearning models.

Examples of SharePoint LMS Functionality

Onboarding Training

Onboarding Training

The LMS can facilitate new hire onboarding with welcome forms, program assignments, safety courses, handbook readings, knowledge tests etc. Dashboards help track completion status.

Professional Skill Building

Professional Skill Building

For employee skill development, the system enables scheduling multi-module certifications with hands-on classes, content assignments, quizzes and final tests. Managers can track progress and certifications.

Compliance Training

Compliance Training

The learning management system allows creating audit-ready compliance training programs mapped to regulatory guidelines like HIPAA and GDPR. It schedules renewal trainings and maintains centralized records.

SharePoint Intranet Portfolio.
Design Studio

SharePoint LMS Demo

See a live demonstration of a SharePoint learning management system showing features like course catalogs, assessments, dashboards, and reporting.


With over 18 years of expertise in SharePoint and 5 years dedicated to eLearning development, Beyond Intranet is the trusted partner for businesses and educational institutions seeking to create cost-effective SharePoint learning management systems.

Key Integrations

SharePoint LMS integrations with complementary systems enhance capabilities:

LMS - Key Integrations
  • SharePoint LMS + LCMS

    An LCMS enables creating rich learning content and assessments which can be managed for delivery via the SharePoint learning management system

  • SharePoint LMS + CRM

    Sales teams access training directly within their CRM. Customer education is improved through contextual learning.

  • SharePoint LMS + HRMS

    HRMS provides learner profiles for targeted course assignments while the LMS shares completion records.

  • SharePoint LMS + Intranet

    A broader access to learning resources across the organization improves utilization. Integrations enable tracking learning outcomes like sales productivity improvements, support call reductions etc.

SharePoint LMS Customization

With deep SharePoint expertise, Beyond Intranet can customize branded SharePoint LMS solutions:

Tailored learning item templatesion

Tailored learning item


Personalized learner


Automated workflows for


Custom analytics


Unique designs and

Our solutions balance out-of-the-box capabilities with specific functional enhancements.

SharePoint LMS Use Cases

Onboarding Training

The SharePoint LMS can organize new hire onboarding with:

  • Digital welcome packs with introductory info
  • Automated enrolment in orientation courses, safety modules
  • Tailored onboarding paths based on roles
  • Knowledge tests and onboarding surveys
  • Access to handbooks, workplace policies in a central repository

Relevant Integrations: HRMS, Email, Intranet

Onboarding Training
Compliance Training

Compliance Training

The system helps administer audit-ready compliance learning programs:

  • Automated scheduling based on renewal timelines
  • Notifications and multi-modal reminders improve tracking
  • Assessments, surveys and e-sign acknowledgements
  • Central repository for proofs of training completion

Relevant Integrations: HRMS, QMS

Professional Skill Building

The SharePoint LMS enables continuing education with:

  • Personalized learning paths based on competency gaps
  • Certification courses comprising online and offline training
  • Knowledge tests and skill demonstrations for credentialing
  • Virtual forums promoting mentorship programs
Professional Skill Building
SharePoint Intranet Portfolio.

Industry-Specific LMS Solutions

Healthcare LMS

Healthcare LMS

Key Trainee Groups: Physicians, nurses, technicians, administrators

Training Scope:

  • Patient safety and care policies
  • New hardware, software, methods
  • Compliance - HIPAA, OSHA
  • Soft skills like bedside manner
  • Simulations, VR use cases

Manufacturing LMS

Key Trainee Groups: Factory workers, engineers, sales teams

Training Scope:

  • Equipment usage, safety protocols
  • Quality assurance processes
  • New technologies, IoT integrations
  • Compliance - CGMP, EPA
  • Certification programs

Relevant Integrations: MES, PLM, ERP, CRM, VR

Manufacturing LMS
Retail LMS

Retail LMS

Key Trainee Groups: Store staff, cashiers, sales teams

Training Scope:

  • Product consultants program
  • Customer service standards
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Inventory and supply chain
  • New software rollouts

Relevant Integrations: POS, CRM, Marketing

Key Financial Benefits

Organizations can yield substantial bottom-line returns by investing in a SharePoint learning management system platform:

Up to 50%

Faster onboarding timelines

Up to 40%

Increased learner engagement

Up to 30%

faster rollout of new SOPs

Up to 20%

improved compliance audit results

Up to 10%

reduced customer churn

The system delivers hard ROI through enhanced productivity, sales, and risk mitigation across employee, channel partner and customer audiences.

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