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Microsoft Fabric Consulting Services

Get 15% more business insights. The easy way with Microsoft Fabric.

  • Increase cross-selling revenue by identifying new opportunities through customer data analysis
  • Grow sales by uncovering trends influencing customer behavior based on sales data analysis
  • Reduce production costs by pinpointing improvement areas through production data analysis

Microsoft Fabric is here to enhance your insights through custom data solutions.

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Microsoft Fabric Consulting Services

Integrate Microsoft technologies like Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI into a single unified analytics platform delivered as SaaS model and start the data modernization journey of your organization with AI-powered analytics.

Microsoft Technologies
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What is Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is a groundbreaking all-in-one solution for enterprises that covers everything from data movement to data
science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence services.

Microsoft Technologies
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Why Microsoft Fabric?

Data should drive growth, not headaches. But piecing together systems wastes time. Microsoft Fabric integrates everything seamlessly. It simplifies data management and analysis. The benefit? Faster, deeper insights from a unified solution. So, you can focus on strategy, not struggles.

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Why Microsoft Fabric?

Components of Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric makes getting valuable insights from your data easy. It brings all your data together for quick analysis. See Microsoft Fabric’s superior experiences in the following categories following categories.

  • Data Engineering-
    Build a mighty lakehouse to consolidate all your data into a single source of truth.
  • Data Factory –
    Effortlessly prepare any data for modeling – no coding needed.
  • Data Science –
    Operationalize predictive models to see risks and opportunities others miss.
  • Data Warehouse –
    Perform lightning-fast queries across endless datasets to uncover hidden trends.
  • Real-Time Analytics –
    Harness streaming data to monitor performance live.
  • Power BI –
    Create stunning visuals and dashboards that showcase your analytics genius.
Components of Microsoft Fabric

Features of Microsoft Fabric

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting
Unified Interface for Business Professionals & BI practitioners
Ability to Monitor & Manage Data in one Single Platform
Language Modeling for a Wide Range of Sensitivity Labels

Talk to Beyond Intranet. Feel the pride that comes with unified data and simplified analytics through Microsoft Fabric.

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The Beyond Intranet Advantage

By partnering with us, you can:

Accelerate Implementation

Accelerate Implementation

Our Microsoft fabric consultants expedite your transition to scalable architecture.

Mitigate  Risk

Mitigate Risk

We identify hurdles early and ensure smooth Microsoft Fabric adoption.

Get a Custom Strategy

Get a Custom Strategy

We tailor Microsoft Fabric implementation to your unique needs.

Transfer  Knowledge

Transfer Knowledge

Our workshops make Microsoft Fabric more accessible for your teams.

Get Full Lifecycle  Support

Get Full Lifecycle Support

We assist from discovery through post-implementation.

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Microsoft Fabric provides a unified data platform that brings all your disparate sources together for deeper insights. By consolidating data with Microsoft Fabric, you can spot trends, predict outcomes, and drive growth through data-informed decisions. Our Microsoft Fabric consultants can help configure it specifically to your needs.
The first step to adopting Microsoft Fabric is to contact Beyond Intranet. As a Microsoft partner, we provide exclusive access to Microsoft Fabric and have the experts to guide implementation. Our Microsoft Fabric Consulting Services include workshops to transfer knowledge across your teams for smooth adoption. We tailor your Microsoft Fabric solution and provide full lifecycle support from assessment through deployment and beyond.

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