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Contract Management

A powerful, easy-to-use, secure and customizable SharePoint solution.

Contract Management

Easily maintain all your contracts with third-party vendors and manage approvals.

A smarter way to manage your contracts which accelerates your deals and eliminates risks.

Roles and Features

  • Add Clients
  • Create Contracts
  • View the list of all newly created contracts
  • Submit/Assign contract to Project Team
  • Reviews the contract (submitted by the Project Team)
  • Approve/Reject the contract (submitted by the Project Team)
  • Submit/Assign contract to Senior Management Team
  • Create Contract documents
  • Send Contract Documents to the client for Digital Signature
  • Receive Digitally Signed contract documents
  • Mark the contracts as finalized.

The Process

Adding Clients

1 Adding Clients

  • The Legal Team adds new clients by entering their basic information in the system.
  • Later contracts will be created for these clients.
Creating Contracts

2 Creating Contracts

  • Next the Legal Team creates new Contracts for the clients, and sends the contracts to the Project Team for detailed information collection and recording.
Adding Information to Contracts

3 Adding Information to Contracts

  • Project Team then collects all the necessary information and adds it to the contract.
  • Then Project Team submits the contracts (with all the information captured) back to the Legal Team for verification and approval.
Contract Approval (by Legal Team)

4 Contract Approval (by Legal Team)

  • Legal Team verifies the information and forwards the Contract to the Senior Management for next Level of approval.
Contract Approval (by Senior Management)

5 Contract Approval (by Senior Management)

  • Senior Management reviews the Contract and if found satisfactory, it sends the contract to the Legal Team for their Internal Approval.
  • In this step the Senior Management Team cannot edit anything in the Contract, and they can only Approve or Reject the Contract with ability to enter their remarks.
Internal Approval (by Legal Team)

6 Internal Approval (by Legal Team)

  • On this step the Legal Team creates the actual contract documents and attaches them with the contract.
Sending Contract for Client Signature

7 Sending Contract for Client Signature

  • Then these contract documents are shared through email with the Clients for taking their digital Signatures on them.
  • DocuSign (Electronic Signature software) is used for signing the contract documents by the client.
Receiving Signed Contract

8 Receiving Signed Contract

  • The Legal Team receives the signed contract documents from the clients.
Adding to Finalized Contracts

9 Adding to Finalized Contracts

  • On receiving the signed contracts from clients, these contract are marked as finalized and moved to Finalized contract SharePoint List by the Legal Team.