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Seamless Office 365 Migration Services

Migrating your business to Office 365 is an important step. But it can also be a major source of complexity if not handled correctly.

With Beyond Intranet as your partner, you can have total confidence that your Office 365 migration will be seamless, secure, and stress-free.

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Office 365 Migration Services

A Plan That's Tailored to You

No two businesses are exactly alike. Which is why we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach to Office 365 migration services. Our migration managers will take the time to thoroughly understand your organization's specific needs before crafting a customized plan to transition you to the cloud.

A Plan That's Tailored to You

We'll assess your IT environment, business goals, security concerns, and budget. Then we'll design a migration roadmap optimized for your company.

Our plan addresses:

  • Number of email accounts to migrate
  • Data mapping requirements
  • Network configuration changes
  • Multi-factor authentication setup
  • Employee training schedule
  • Technical support during & after migration
  • Any integrations with other software
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Migrations Made Simple - Guaranteed

  • No Tech Jargon - We avoid technical babble and use plain language to explain everything.
  • Step-by-Step Process - We provide a migration checklist that breaks down tasks into clear, simple steps.
  • Total Transparency - We won't surprise you with any hidden fees or changes in scope.
  • White Glove Support - Our migration managers are available 24/7 to answer any questions.
  • Seamless Switchover - We work nights and weekends to minimize downtime during cutovers.
  • Risk-Free Trial - We offer a risk-free 2 week trial period to ensure you're satisfied.
Migrations Made Simple - Guaranteed

Complexity is our enemy. Simplicity is our ally. Trust that we'll make your migration easy.

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Migrate With Total Confidence

You work hard to run your business every day. The last thing you need is to lose sleep over your Office 365 migration. Leave the worry and stress to us. When you choose Beyond Intranet, we take full accountability for delivering a successful transition.

Migrate With Total Confidence

Our migration managers operate as an extension of your team. Consider them your CTO, project manager, and IT consultant all rolled into one.

They will own the process from start to finish, including:

  • Planning and design
  • Configuring your tenant
  • Migrating email and data
  • Integrating with other software
  • Providing employee training
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Go-live support and stabilization
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Industry-Leading Experience

Our migration managers average 10+ years each working with Microsoft cloud solutions.

We've migrated companies across numerous industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Non-Profits
Industry-Leading Experience

Trust a true Office 365 migration services provider to ensure your migration goes off without a hitch. We have the proven process and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

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Seamless Email Migration

Switching email platforms is one of the most crucial parts of any Office 365 migration. It can also be the most problematic if your provider approaches it haphazardly.

Seamless Email Migration

We take meticulous care in migrating your users, contacts, calendars, and archived emails to Exchange Online. Our migration managers will:

  • Audit your existing email platform and data stores
  • Design a custom migration strategy optimized for your needs
  • Configure your new Exchange environment pre-migration
  • Utilize top migration tools to automate transfers
  • Perform multiple test migrations to validate results
  • Migrate users in structured batches to minimize downtime
  • Offer 24/7 support during your email switchover
  • Monitor stability post-migration and optimize as needed
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ZERO Unplanned Downtime

Downtime is a dirty word when it comes to Office 365 migrations. Work stoppages, even brief ones, can severely impact productivity and revenue. We recognize that downtime is unacceptable and take every measure to avoid it.

By following industry best practices for cloud migrations, we deliver ZERO unplanned downtime for our clients during business hours. All major cutovers are scheduled for off-peak hours and weekends to minimize disruption. For smaller tasks, we utilize zero-downtime migration techniques.

Keep business running as usual throughout your Office 365 migration. With our Office 365 migration services track record of zero unplanned downtime, you can migrate with total confidence.

ZERO Unplanned Downtime
Speed + Agility

Speed + Agility

  • We provide your new O365 environment in advance to parallel track tasks.
  • We utilize automated migration tools for major data transfers
  • We optimize NDAs and work during off-hours to minimize user disruptions.
  • We leverage re-usable templates and playbooks tailored to your needs.

Don't settle for a sluggish, drawn-out migration. Our blend of speed and diligence will get your business to the cloud quickly and securely.

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Stay Under Budget

Office 365 migration services can sometimes come with unexpected costs that blow budgets. We won't let that happen to your business. Our Office 365 migration services has fixed-fee projects that consider all potential variables upfront.

Here's how we deliver migrations on-time and under budget:

  • Detailed scoping and planning to forecast labor hours accurately
  • Lump-sum pricing with all Migration services and tools included
  • Stringent change control processes to avoid scope creep
  • Regular progress reports to proactively address issues
  • Leveraging automation and pre-built templates to reduce manual labor
  • No surprise charges - you'll pay only the fixed price agreed upon
Stay Under Budget

With our structured approach, we keep costs in check while still providing premium services. Have confidence that your migration will align with budgets.

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Robust Security

Security is always a top concern when migrating business systems to the cloud. You can rely on Beyond Intranet's defense-in-depth strategies to protect your Office 365 environment.

Robust Security

Our certified cybersecurity experts will:

  • Perform comprehensive security assessments pre-migration
  • Implement critical O365 security controls like Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Secure your network perimeter with next-gen firewalls
  • Monitor new O365 roles and permissions closely
  • Train employees on safe cloud usage and phishing prevention
  • Offer add-on security services like dark web monitoring, end-user training, and more

We adhere to strict protocols like zero standing privileges to ensure your data stays protected. Our layered security approach safeguards your business throughout the migration and beyond.

Learn About Our Security Services
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Your Cloud. Your Way.

Office 365 is highly customizable to meet your company's unique needs. Our Office 365 migration services will tailor your new environment to match your workflows and preferences as closely as possible.

  • Map your file shares and folders to SharePoint Online
  • Replicate permissions from on-prem groups to O365
  • Customize apps like Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive for your users
  • Integrate O365 with your other core business systems
  • Make branding tweaks so the interface feels familiar
  • Deliver training focused on how your team will use O365
Your Cloud. Your Way

The beauty of the cloud is that it's flexible. We will take advantage of that flexibility fully to help ensure a seamless transition for your business.

Learn About Our Customization See How We Configure Office 365

White Glove Onboarding

Once your new Office 365 environment is ready, we will roll it out to your organization with white glove service. Our Office 365 migration service managers will:

Robust Security
  • Assign your employees O365 licenses and credentials
  • Provide new device setup assistance as needed
  • Offer personalized training and quick start guides for users
  • Monitor usage closely during the adoption phase
  • Be available 24/7 to address questions and issues
  • Help users customize O365 to match workflows

Your migration doesn't end once the technology is in place. We'll support your employees every step of the way until Office 365 feels like home.

Learn About Adoption Services See Our Onboarding Process
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Beyond Intranet, for 16+ years is successfully transitioning companies like yours to Office 365. Let us make yours the next Office 365 success story.

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