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SharePoint Document Management System

Secured SharePoint system to organize, store, share and search all your important documents.

SharePoint Document Management System

Create a central repository for all your company documents or media files. Automate the uploading and approval process to save precious time.

Organize the storage of your important documents in categories, add metadata for easy search.

Roles and Features

  • Can upload new documents or media
  • Can browse all approved documents or media
  • Can edit, reupload own document/ media if rejected
  • Can download allowed document/ media

The Process

Upload documents

1 Upload documents

  • Users with valid permissions can request to upload any document or media files.
  • Email notification is sent to approver when the document is uploaded.
Approve or reject documents

2 Approve or reject documents

  • Approver reviews the document and can edit keywords.
  • Can approve, reject, restrict/approve or delete the document based on the content.
Email notification

3 Email notification

  • Email notification is sent to uploader with the status of the document, whether approved or rejected.
  • If rejected, the uploader can edit the document and re-submit.
Document search

4 Document search

  • Documents can be searched with the associated metadata as well as on phrases within the documents.
  • Users can browse approved documents and download them as well.
  • Users can only view the document which is “restricted and approved” but cannot download.
  • Documents are organized within categories that can be searched using filters.
Archiving documents

5 Archiving documents

  • Admin can also archive documents if they are not in frequent use.
  • There is a separate archive library for each department site, in which documents can be moved.
Activity logs

6 Activity logs

  • Admin can also filter the activity date-wise for each user and documents.

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