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Case Study
Case Study - Employee Directory Software

US-based computer manufacturer leverages Modern Intranet portal to improve team collaboration

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Industry: Software

Client Business description

Our client - Quantinuum is the world’s largest integrated quantum computing company. They are a united venture including two major giants- Cambridge Quantum’s advanced software development with Honeywell Quantum Solutions’ high-fidelity hardware to accelerate quantum computing. The company’s mission is to scale up quantum computing and develop applications to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.


Quantinuum has a huge internal hierarchy of employees with multiple departments within the organization. The big challenge that Quantinuum HR and the management team were facing was how to improvise internal collaboration and develop a robust information management system. They wanted to create a common repository or portal where employees could collaborate centrally as well as create a separate workspace for every department as well. It became important for the client to have an intranet portal where collaboration and sharing of information across departments became easier.

Quantinuum wanted a fully dynamic intranet portal that not only supported easy editing of the content but also had possibilities to add more department-wise sites without much dependency on the technical developers. The goal was to create an internet portal as well as a separate workspace for every department that employees used for posting relevant content, document, and links which helped them improve their day-to-day productivity. They also wanted an easy way to automate the process of meeting room booking remotely as well.

Modern Intranet - Requirement
  • The company lacked a common internal portal where crucial information and news of the organization could be shared.
  • They manually managed the conference room booking process which consumed a lot of the operation team’s time and efforts.
  • Information was scattered across various sources and channels and it was getting difficult for the HR and admin team to manage a single source of information.
  • There were several departments on which they required separate landing pages and within access of team members was required based on the user access permissions.


Beyond Intranet team of M365 enthusiasts developed a well-planned and modern-looking intranet portal for the client. The internal portal was created using mostly the Custom web parts and not the Out of the box features of SharePoint. Our Office 365 experts held some meetings with their technical and management team members to understand what structure of intranet would work for their organization.

We built an aesthetic-looking intranet with an organized and structured layout which made the content searching and display easy.

Attorney Allocation System

The Intranet portal had a home page that consists of a hub or Global Navigation and Local or site navigation

Attorney Allocation System

The content of the entire intranet portal was managed from SharePoint site tables. This made it easier for the Intranet admin to make changes in the content and images from the front end without the need for a technical person.

Attorney Allocation System

There were 8 to 9 department-wise sub-sites also which were developed. The structure of all the department landing pages was kept the same- They chose a 5-block layout structure. However, widgets or components were according to the department's requirements.

Attorney Allocation System

Before creating the department site, the M365 consulting team understood the hierarchy of team members within the organization. We Restructured the complete portal by building multiple sub-sites to the single SharePoint site to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and governance.

Attorney Allocation System

Developed a plan for an intranet home page where everyone could visit and get organization-wide info.

Attorney Allocation System

Created separate department sites accessible only to people in the department.

Attorney Allocation System

Built document sets for each document, so metadata associated with each document improves internal searches.

Attorney Allocation System

Finalized the web parts and widgets useful to employees.

Technology Used

SharePoint SPFx

SharePoint SPFx



Power Apps

Power Automate

Valiues Delivered

  • The client got a centralized hub for all important information and document sharing.
  • Improved collaboration amongst cross-functional teams.
  • Improved information sharing and help in the circulation of a single source of truth across the organization.
  • Improved and made information searchable easily.
  • The room booking app helped them to eliminate multiple requests coming in and also reduced the manual workload of resources.

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