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Frequently Asked Questions

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1  How do I change the default feeds in the RSS Viewer ? + -

  • You can change the default feeds already present in the RSS Viewer by editing the URLS in the custom properties section in the app part properties

+ - 2  RSS Viewer does not work on my site after adding it. What do I do now ?

  • Please check the number of feeds and number of headers present. They should be equal
  • Please check the feeds and headers are in the correct comma separated value format
  • Please check and query the individual urls in the browser. They all should return valid html data

+ - 3  I want to edit the default feeds in the RSS Viewer. However I do not see the custom properties section on the app part properties ?

  • Enable the custom scripting features in the SharePoint admin panel. For instructions visit this MSDN link.

+ - 4  How do I change the theme and color scheme of the RSS Viewer ?

  • RSS Viewer is pre-equipped with 24 eye-pleasing jQuery themes. Use the custom properties section to select a theme as per your requirements.
  • If you need a theme specially designed for your site, please contact us at [email protected]

+ - 5  Are there any other customization options available other than the ones already present in the configuration ?

  • All our apps including the RSS Viewer are fully customizable. Please send us your requirements at [email protected]

+ - 6  I am having trouble adding over n RSS feeds on the one install, is that the limit?

  • There is limit of characters to set RSS feeds in custom property but, You can increase the RSS feeds by using Shortened urls. Suppose you want to use "" feed as RSS feed in add-in then shortened the url through Google Shorten Url and now new url will be "" for the above RSS URL.

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