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Employee Directory on AppSource

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SharePoint Microsoft 365

Experience your staff directory with a stunning UI and lightning-fast load time.

Bid Management System
Bid Management System

Dashboard View

Employee Directory Dashboard View
Employee Directory Dashboard View

Access your staff information on the go. Employee Directory is incredibly helpful tool for our employees navigating the office, and new hires who need to familiarize themselves with the various departments and individuals.

  •  Real time wayfinding

    Real-time wayfinding

    See who’s in the office on any given day. Find, connect, and check into desks in seconds. Apply intelligent search to find the desk you need.

  • Remote Collaboration

    Remote Collaboration

    Employee Directory updates in real time, see the latest information of your coworkers in a connected workplace. It comes bundled with Birthday Reminder and Organization Chart webparts.

  • Responsive Layout

    Responsive Layout

    Works everywhere your employees are on, it can be accessed from desktop, mobile, and can be customized for touchscreen kiosk.

  • Connect with Office 365

    Connect with Office 365

    Employee Directory connects seamlessly with Microsoft environment—Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and on-demand integrations.

  • Security & Privacy

    Security & Privacy

    Employee Directory add-in adheres to on General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) guidelines and hence you can be assured of Security and privacy.

Employee Directory

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Show unlimited information on profile details.

Simply add fields to your SharePoint user profile list. Add default search on name, location, department and job titles and create custom filters for e.g. you can create filters based on employees’ skills. Add employee picture, personal details, work details, certifications, education birthday, work anniversary and associate manager/subordinates to a contact.

Add Preferred languages.

The SharePoint Employee Directory is available in 7 default languages – English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Swedish, and French. Pick your preferred language from a library of 50.

Sync with Azure Active Directory with SharePoint Online Profile Using SharePoint Azure AD Connect

Keep your Employee Directory up-to-date by synchronizing your Azure Active Directory with SharePoint Online User Profiles using SharePoint Azure AD Connect tool.

Employee Directory

Connect with your user and data source

  • Use your SharePoint user profile to access information.
  • Create custom fields on the cards as you need.
  • Get a choice of display modes – list or card view.
  • Integrated with Skype for business.
  • Connect with your staff by MS Teams, chat or email.
Connect with your user and data source

SPFx Webpart

The Employee Directory is powered by the SharePoint SPFx. Your directory loads in seconds, no matter your employee database size, with the latest SharePoint Framework (SPFx).

  • Reduced page load time
  • Modern, attractive and clean UI
  • Save highly on development and maintenance cost
  • Choose from variety of layouts like single, double or triple column
  • Available on all kind of devices
Download the SPFx Webpart Guide to SPFx Webpart
SPFx Webpart
Organization Chart

Organization Chart

SharePoint add-in helps showcase the company's hierarchy from top to bottom in an appealing flowchart format. This creates a clear visual description of the order and ranks of different people, jobs, and departments. (Comes free with Employee Directory)

  • Easy syncing of employee’s information from SharePoint user profile.
  • Showing profile pictures, name, department, and designation
  • Filtering employees easily based on departments
  • Exporting all data to Excel in one easy click
  • Department Mapping
  • User-based access

(Comes free with Employee Directory)

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Birthday Reminder

Quickly view the present and upcoming birthdays of employees in your company using your SharePoint (Comes free with Employee Directory).

  • See upcoming birthdays of your colleagues
  • Send e-Greetings
  • Search birthdays by month & employee name
  • Choose between the Card and List viewsResponsive design
  • See birthday alerts on screen

(Comes free with Employee Directory)

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Birthday Reminder Birthday Reminder
You get everything! Preferred language. Search. Mobility.

You get everything! Preferred language. Search. Mobility.

Access the Employee Directory using your smartphone. The Beyond Intranet mobile app is available on Android and iOS.

  • An alphabetical index helps you find people by name instantly.
  • Default search available on name, location, department and job title (filters).
  • Create custom filters as per your company needs, for e.g. create skills filter.
  • Works offline as well.
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A hybrid workplace demands the best digital experience.

Give your workforce the ultimate employee experience tool. See Employee Directory in action and request customization by scheduling a free demo

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