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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to poke around these help topics to find just what you're looking for.

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Employee Spotlight FAQ expand

1  Can we use this app for multiple purposes? + -

  • Yes, you can configure the heading to showcase any title. For instance, Birthday, Anniversary, HR Events, Festivals, Product Launches etc.
  • For every template you can have 1 title.

+ - 2  How can I change the predefined templates in app?

  • You can select any of the existing 8 templates from the app parts properties or design a custom template of your own.
  • This feature does not exist in the FREE version of the app.

+ - 3  How can I change the background color of app?

  • After adding the app on a page, edit the app part and enter a value in Property Number 3 in the custom properties section

+ - 4  How can I use a custom template in the app?

  • Open the configuration list from the link in the settings menu.
  • Add a new template using any of the pre-existing ones or from scratch.
  • Make sure to select the template from the app part menu by giving its name in text.

+ - 5  Where is the Configuration section in employee spotlight?

  • On your SharePoint site, go to site contents and locate the app using the app icon.
  • Click on the icon which would take you to the app's landing page.
  • On the landing page click the settings menu and then click configurations icon.

+ - 6  Where do I find the templates list?

  • The configuration list is the templates list.
  • To edit the template, click the pencil icon next to the template item you are looking to edit.

+ - 7  How do I change the background image for Employee Spotlight app part?

  • In the web part menu, enter a valid image url in the property number 4 in the custom properties section

+ - 8  Why would I need the Pro version of this app?

  • The Pro version has 8 pre-defined templates
  • It also has the capability to add/edit/delete templates

+ - 9  Are there any other customization options available other than the ones already present in the configuration?

  • All our apps including the Employee Spotlight are fully customizable. Please send us your requirements at [email protected].

+ - 10  Is there any tutorial for this app?

  • Please check our youtube channel for the tutorial.

+ - 11  How do I go to the native SharePoint lists in the app?

  • On the apps list pages, you can click on the SharePoint icon located at top right corner of the page, to open the native SharePoint list for the custom list.

+ - 12  Do you have a question which is still unanswered?