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5 reasons why SharePoint Intranet can help your remote teams work better

SharePoint is one of the most successful enterprise-level collaboration platforms in the world. Over the past two decades, Microsoft has seen SharePoint grow to more than 100 million users around the world. When properly utilized, SharePoint Intranet provides organizations with a secure, customizable, and easily managed platform for their remote and in-office teams.

Crafting an effective intranet is one of SharePoint’s greatest benefits. Every sector or industry relies on communication to achieve success.

That is why A Microsoft 365 SharePoint intranet has the tools your employees need during this crisis to boost their productivity. Below we share how to get the most out of your Microsoft 365 license when you use a SharePoint-based intranet to improve productivity and communication among your remote team.

5 reasons SharePoint intranet benefits help remote teams.

1. Clear communication- Share news instantly and stay informed

Your corporate intranet can become a virtual hub where your team meets to communicate effectively.

SharePoint has a lot of features and the required flexibility to customize which helps to mold this as per your business needs. You can choose among various plug-in and play add-ins, workflows and other widgets for your corporate intranet page which can help your remote teams quickly search, store or secure key company data. The portal helps companies disseminate information across your organization. This helps you organize information, people and projects.

You can also use SharePoint Add-ins like the Employee Directory as a central directory for your organization. People can easily search for other employees’ information and share their contact details, skill sets, and current project lists. The add-in can easily be embedded on your corporate intranet to help people stay connected.

Other add-ins like the News Ticker and RSS Viewer share the latest news and snippets related to  your company or industry. This helps your remote teams stay informed about changes you might  want to implement in the future.

2. A great collaboration tool

While working on projects with your remote team, everyone needs to work together as a group. SharePoint helps collaborators change documents simultaneously without interferences. Co-authoring is a great way to get real-time feedback on your work and ideas.

Also, SharePoint lists can act as a project management tool to help remote teams collaborate more effectively. Remote team members can review the list of outstanding tasks, check deadlines, dependencies, etc. and communicate accordingly with concerned team members.

To help you even further with your collaboration efforts, we developed advanced collaboration add-ins like the SharePoint Knowledge Management add-in. It is a digital repository that stores all your key company information. You can use the Knowledge Management add-in to share:

a. Policies and procedure
b. FAQs
c. Best practices
d. Document templates
e. Project requirement data, etc.

Additionally, employees can ask questions in real time. Employees who are authorized to answer get email notifications about a new question on the platform. Depending on the privacy of the question, the answer can be privately emailed as well as publicly published as per choice. This add-in can also be easily embedded on your corporate intranet as a widget.

SharePoint Intranet Examples

3. Central document repository

SharePoint is  awesome when it comes to the storing crucial documents. They have an advanced search feature to ensure uses can find the data they uploaded.

With SharePoint, you can share documents and files with your remote team at any given time from wherever you are on any device you choose to use.

These documents can be in formats like Word, Excel, PDF, image, or videos. You can also set user permissions for accessing, downloading or editing these documents thus also setting up a secured system for storage of the crucial company files.

4. Encourage ideas

Your remote team members may not be close physically,  but it is important to never underestimate their ability to work together  when it comes to innovative ideas.

Your intranet is a central  platform where team members can post their innovative ideas, chats, pictures and more. By sharing this information, they can build their relationship, and improve employee engagement.

5. Intranet in your pocket

As companies adopt a mobile work environment it’s increasingly important for employees to have access to business content, anywhere they work, no matter the time of day or device.

With SharePoint Mobile and SharePoint Online, you can use your device to access company data from anywhere in the world. This means you can open, review, and edit documents with colleagues even when you’re not in the office. Note: To keep this digital environment secure, it is only accessible with a specific log-in URL and the right credentials.

Final Thoughts!

Remote working has become the new normal for many organizations. Because it is still new for many companies, they are learning how to master this new organizational setup.

A robust and intuitive SharePoint intranet can help your team ease into this type of work scenario. Let’s start building a connected workplace for our remote teams and boost their productivity and collaboration with the best-in-class Intranet. Check out our SharePoint Intranet Examples here or contact us today. We are here to answer any questions you have on how to set up your intranet.