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SharePoint Apps for your business

5 Best SharePoint Apps for your business

Did you know that companies with centralized employee information systems experience 50% higher productivity rates?  

Discover the game-changing potential of Microsoft SharePoint applications. Say goodbye to scattered data and embrace the power of cloud-based solutions. Streamline your HR processes with automated approvals, organized files, and a one-stop HR hub.  

Elevate applicant quality, employee satisfaction, and performance management effortlessly. Seamlessly integrate Power Apps and Flow for information delivery on any device.  

Get ready for the top 5 SharePoint apps that will revolutionize your organization’s efficiency and productivity. Unlock the full potential of Microsoft SharePoint applications today! 

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Software 

Discover the power of SharePoint applications, the ultimate solution for accelerating onboarding and offboarding processes. With this incredible SharePoint app, organizations can ensure a seamless transition for new employees and provide faster access to essential resources. 

Proper procedures guarantee that access to protected systems is based on role, not identity, revolutionizing the way things were done before. No more waiting for days or weeks to access critical systems. Now, employees in every function can reach the systems they need within hours or less. 

SharePoint empowers employees to: 

  • Turbocharge their ability to contribute value to the organization 
  • Escape the “new job limbo” phase and feel at home in their roles sooner 
  • Discover a newfound passion and love for their jobs 

Offboarding: Leaving a Lasting Impression 

It’s never easy when a worker Bid farewell to departing employees with grace and leave an impression that will endure. Offboarding, the final step in an employee’s lifecycle, requires a well-planned program that avoids common mistakes and eases the departure process for both parties involved. 

Explore the significant reasons why SharePoint offboarding is crucial: 

  • Stay connected with employees who are leaving, fostering lasting relationships 
  • Clear terms for leaving increase the likelihood of top talent returning 
  • Learn valuable insights from departing individuals, enriching your company’s growth. 

But since offboarding is the last step in an employee’s lifecycle, a company needs to leave an impression that will last. 

A well-planned offboarding program can help you avoid common mistakes and make the whole process of leaving easier for both you and the person who is leaving.  

Let’s look at some of the most important reasons why SharePoint offboarding is so important. 

  • You can keep in touch with employees who are leaving. 
  • Good employees are more likely to come back if the terms for leaving are clear. 
  • You can learn a lot from people who are leaving your company. 

Employee Directory: Unlocking the Power of Information 

Within SharePoint apps lies a treasure trove known as the SharePoint Employee Directory. This comprehensive database records names, email addresses, contact information, certifications, and job-related details of all employees across the organization. It also allows for the inclusion of personal anecdotes and intriguing facts. Organize, define, and designate these databases for specific tasks, harnessing the true potential of SharePoint. 

Embrace the world of SharePoint applications, including the best SharePoint add-ins, custom apps, Microsoft SharePoint application, 365 apps for business, and SharePoint online apps. Experience the seamless collaboration and streamlined HR processes that SharePoint offers, propelling your organization to new heights. 

Common Uses of a Company Employee Directory  

Let’s explore how an employee directory can revolutionize the way employees connect and collaborate within an organization. 

  1. Streamline Collaboration: A company staff directory provides a clear view of the positional hierarchy, enabling employees to easily identify the right person to collaborate with. It’s a valuable resource that facilitates day-to-day tasks and ensures seamless information sharing among colleagues. 
  2. Locate and Schedule: With an employee directory, finding someone’s location and understanding their schedule becomes a breeze. The directory includes essential details such as employee availability and office location, making it effortless to schedule meetings and coordinate across different time zones. 
  3. Connect Effortlessly: Utilizing the employee directory, employees can swiftly connect with their colleagues without the need for lengthy email exchanges. Whether it’s a quick call or remote collaboration, the directory offers instant access to contact information, fostering efficient communication and enabling remote workers to connect and understand their co-workers better. 


Features of an efficient employee directory are listed below- 

  • Seamless Integration with SharePoint: The integration of SharePoint applications enhances the accessibility and customization of a top-notch company employee directory. With apps for SharePoint, best SharePoint add-ins, and SharePoint custom apps, employees can enjoy a user-friendly and personalized experience tailored to their specific needs.
  • Intuitive Navigation and Engaging Design: A well-crafted employee directory embraces user-friendly navigation and an engaging visual interface. By incorporating Microsoft SharePoint application features, such as 365 apps for business and SharePoint online apps, the directory becomes a visually appealing and easy-to-use tool for employees to navigate effortlessly.
  • Real-Time Updates: The power of SharePoint lies in its ability to provide up-to-date information. With SharePoint applications, the employee directory ensures that changes in job titles, locations, projects, and more are instantly reflected. This automation and real-time updating feature enables employees to access the most current and accurate information.

Organizational Chart  

An invaluable tool for businesses. Among its many features is the Office 365 org chart, which visualizes the internal structure and collaboration within a company. This chart paints a clear picture of job roles, responsibilities, and relationships, accommodating both physical and virtual office setups. It proves particularly useful for employees working remotely or in various locations. 

With Beyond Intranet’s SharePoint org chart, you can effortlessly present your organization’s structure in an easily understandable flowchart format. This user-friendly feature fosters effective communication and encourages meaningful connections among team members. 

Let’s explore the layout and syncing capabilities: 

  • Seamlessly sync employee information from SharePoint user profiles, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. 
  • The self-explanatory flowchart visually depicts the company hierarchy, making it easy to comprehend. 
  • Display employee details in an attractive tile pattern, showcasing their profile pictures, names, departments, and designations. 
  • Enjoy the convenience of exporting org chart data to Excel for further analysis and reporting. 

Now, let’s delve into the configuration and management of hierarchy content: 

  • Effortlessly assign alternate departments or managers to the same employee, adapting to unique organizational needs. 
  • Streamline employee search by filtering based on departments, enhancing efficiency in finding relevant information. 
  • Highlight employees who have no reporting managers, promoting transparency and clarity in the hierarchy. 
  • Exclude specific employees using the Excluded Users Name feature, tailoring the chart to your specific requirements. 
  • Take control of your hierarchy view, effortlessly switching between vertical and horizontal layouts. 
  • Implement user-based access controls for the Configuration section, ensuring secure management of the org chart. 
  • Utilize different tile colors to indicate employees listed in multiple departments, simplifying visual identification. 
  • Exclude any department effortlessly, allowing customization based on your organizational structure. 
  • Leverage the Department Mapping feature to initiate the hierarchy from any department, accommodating diverse starting points. 

Knowledge Management 

A Knowledge Management software portal is a game-changer for employees and HR departments alike. It streamlines communication, enhances collaboration, and ensures information is readily available. 

At its core, a knowledge management site serves as a centralized hub for essential information. From firm policies and guidelines to training materials and job-specific details, everything is meticulously organized. This saves employees valuable time and boosts their productivity by eliminating the need to scour multiple sources for information. 

But it doesn’t stop there. These knowledge management sites foster internal communication and collaboration. They provide employees with a platform to share valuable insights, submit ideas, and contribute to the collective knowledge of the organization. Simultaneously, HR staff can effortlessly communicate significant updates and modifications to the entire firm, enabling better decision-making, problem-solving, and increased productivity. 

Moreover, these knowledge management websites serve as a powerful tool for tracking employee performance. HR teams can leverage training and development modules to monitor individual progress, identify skill gaps, and tailor targeted interventions. As a result, employee retention and overall performance can significantly improve. 

Embracing a knowledge management portal, powered by SharePoint applications and custom apps, is a surefire way to supercharge organizational productivity. It simplifies access to critical information, fosters seamless communication and collaboration, and enables the efficient tracking of employee progress and performance. The impact is clear: increased productivity, enhanced retention rates, and elevated employee satisfaction—all at a remarkably low cost. 

Employee Spotlight 

The Employee Spotlight portal is a powerful tool that benefits both employees and HR personnel. It enhances employee engagement, communication, and recognition, fostering a positive and productive work environment. 

With SharePoint applications and custom apps, the Employee Spotlight website becomes a platform to celebrate and honor employees for their exceptional efforts. Whether it’s exceeding performance targets, taking on additional tasks, or going above and beyond, this recognition boosts morale, increases engagement, and promotes talent retention. 

Furthermore, an employee-dedicated website enhances internal communication and teamwork. It provides employees with a space to share achievements, exchange best practices, and learn from one another. HR teams can also utilize the platform to share important company news and updates, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. 

By leveraging the Employee Spotlight site, powered by Microsoft SharePoint applications, organizations can unlock remarkable benefits. It recognizes and values employee contributions, facilitates effective communication and collaboration, and cultivates a strong sense of community and belonging. This, in turn, enhances engagement, improves retention rates, and increases overall employee satisfaction. The best part is that these outcomes are achieved at an affordable cost. 


In addition to these remarkable benefits, the SharePoint HR site offers a plethora of options to enhance your existing HR procedures. If you’re already part of the Microsoft 365 family, transitioning your HR processes to leverage SharePoint applications is the optimal choice. This holds particularly true when integrating SharePoint with Office 365. 

If you’re eager to explore further possibilities, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Beyond Intranet. Our team is well-equipped to guide you through the array of HR apps designed to automate and streamline your HR processes. 

Discover the power of SharePoint custom apps and the seamless integration of Microsoft SharePoint applications within your HR operations. Unleash the true potential of 365 apps for business and SharePoint online apps to revolutionize your HR practices. Contact us today or delve into the world of SharePoint apps to unlock the next level of HR efficiency.