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New Employee Onboarding

How to Enhance New Employee Onboarding Experiences?

Getting your new employee up to speed can be a difficult task for even the most established companies. It’s a careful balancing act of teaching your newcomer the ropes, immersing them in the company culture, and getting them familiar with team processes — and doing it all in a reasonable amount of time. So how do you set your new hire up for success from the start? Having in place a proper employee onboarding process can make the transition from new hire to established employee simple and painless.

So, what does an onboarding process include?

Onboarding new employees is a detailed process that typically involves several people, departments, and resources. For every new hire, a multitude of small tasks has to be completed as part of your employee checklist. Some examples include:

  • Provide company policies and forms to be reviewed and signed
  • Collect contact and payroll information
  • Setup company email and accounts
  • Provide introductions to different departments and team members
  • Explain company hierarchy
  • Schedule training with a mentor or peer
  • Review team processes
  • Complete tax forms
  • Schedule computer setup

What are the benefits of using an onboarding process?

The are some fantastic benefits to using an onboarding process, particularly a digitized process. First and foremost, it provides a personalized and simple onboarding experience that eliminates the need for lots of paperwork and manual effort. When an employee has a great onboarding experience, they’re likelier to stay with their company longer. A digitized onboarding process also delivers improved collaboration and time savings. All of these things work together to ensure your new hire gets off on the right foot.

Speedy, Standardized Process

Choosing an automated onboarding process software, like Beyond Intranet’s Employee Onboarding add-in, helps organizations retain their employees by ensuring that each new hire follows the same, correct process. Using this standardized process guarantees that all of the correct information is gathered and that nothing is missed. Having this process completed in a single, easy-to-use interface reduces time spent for HR, Managers, and the new hire.

Effective Task Management

Software such as ours also allows companies to track the progress of tasks, make updates and remarks, and send automatic email notifications to specific types of users. Standard tasks can be organized into categories and task templates, and you can customize tasks for specific employees. Companies can also use the data they’ve collected to determine benchmarks and make improvements to their process over time. You can also schedule overdue task notifications using Azure.

Increased Accountability and Efficient Collaboration

A digitized onboarding process allows you to assign certain tasks to certain individuals, set due dates, monitor task completion, and assign role-based access (such as HR, Manager, and Task Assignees) using a single interface. This leads to increased accountability and collaboration, as HR and managers have to work together and coordinate to ensure tasks get completed by the correct individuals and within designated timeframes.

Reduction in Errors

When you utilize a digitized onboarding software, you’re likely to see a reduction in errors. When a new hire has to fill out forms by hand, HR then has to manually type the information into their HR system. This leaves room for human error and typos when inputting the information. A user-friendly platform like Beyond Intranet’s Employee Onboarding add-in encourages employee engagement using the self-service portal, allowing them to add their information and answers directly into the system.

Comprehensive Document Management and Sharing

Another great feature of onboarding software like Beyond Intranet’s is the ability to easily attach and download important documents and associate them with tasks. This makes tasks like tax form information collection and company contract and handbook signing incredibly easy and eliminates the need for HR to print out dozens of pages, using up resources and time.

Keeping your employees engaged and happy is essential to the success of any business, and there’s no better way to facilitate that than to give your new employees a fantastic onboarding experience. Not only does an onboarding software provide a smooth transition into the company for your new hire, it delivers increased efficiency, time savings, and team collaboration for your HR Department and Managers and minimizes risks.

With its easy-to-use interface and insightful dashboards, Beyond Intranet’s Employee Onboarding and Offboarding add-in can help your company streamline and optimize your onboarding and offboarding process. Reach out to our experts here to learn more, or head over to our Employee Onboarding page to get yours today!

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