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SharePoint Custom Development

SharPoint Custom Development

SharePoint, no doubt is one of the most versatile platform by Microsoft which is popular for sharing and hosting information. It includes several components which when used in precise combination can solve most complex challenges. But one of the most common misnomers we run into regarding SharePoint is that it’s usable straight “out-of-the-box.” The fact is that most companies will require at least some customization for SharePoint to function properly and to its full potential.

Since over a decade, Beyond Intranet experts has been delivering all-round SharePoint development services to provide our customers with user-friendly, feature-rich SharePoint applications. We are guided by our customers’ requirements. At the same time, we understand that our solutions are created for employees’ convenience and not for developers’ sake, that’s why we focus on user experience during the entire development cycle.

Our Approach

We adopt 5D approach towards work when we are thinking of Custom Development in SharePoint.

Our Approach

Our capabilities when it comes to Enterprise Custom Development

  • Accurate Planning & requirement
  • Building a Reliable Architecture
  • Unique Branding
  • Usage of Smart Add-ins
  • Easy adoption
  • Seamless Integration
  • Timely Maintenance
  • Bug free Deployment:
  • Accurate Planning & requirement

    Careful planning and gathering all customer requirements in detail is one of the most crucial task which can be a key to a successful custom development of master piece. We ensure proper documentation and verification of the initial discussions with customers which helps us save time and efforts on the actual development process.

  • Building a Reliable Architecture

    We begin our SharePoint development projects with a thorough analysis of the existing software that is in use to offer an efficient architecture. This serves as the foundation of the solution’s vitality.

  • Unique Branding

    All our SharePoint based custom solutions have a great ability to adapt your company branding, logo and color themes. This means you need not carry load of SharePoint’s default design. All you need to do is send us your logo and design ideas and we will wrap up your custom software according to your corporate style.

    This can be dynamically handled also, means you can change your color themes according to the company needs, moods and upcoming events. Branding can appear on personalized master pages and page layouts to add dynamic elements and custom navigation.

  • Usage of ready to use, smart Add-ins

    We feel proud to announce that we owe a complete suite of proprietary SharePoint add-ins and workflows which are unique in themselves. As on date, we owe more than a dozen add-ins which are ready to use and can be used as a quick solution when it comes to enhance user experience and to extend the capabilities of your SharePoint solution.

    Some of the important Add-ins to name here are:
    1. Employee Directory Employee Directory
    2. Employee Onboarding Employee Onboarding
    3. Knowledge Management Add-ins Knowledge Management
    4. News Ticker News Ticker
    5. Employee Hiring Employee Hiring
    6. Employee Spotlight Employee Spotlight
    7. Birthday Reminder Birthday Reminder
    8. Chat Board Chat Board
    9. Task Management Task Management
    10. Metro Tiles Metro Tiles
    11. Timeline Apps Events Timeline
    12. Timeline Apps Beyond Intranet Mobile App
  • Easy adoption

    New application development is only one part of the coin. Its adoption and acceptability is another part which we can never over look. Software products must be supported from a business and technical perspective to ensure adoption and, therefore, safeguard that the business value remains high. We will continue to work with you to support your new product using analytical data to measure overall adoption, and turn new ideas and requirements into a roadmap to grow and evolve your product.

  • Seamless Integration

    Business processes can never survive if they are solitaire. Integration of your SharePoint solution with other enterprise systems is an important to ensuring continuity and suitability of your business processes. We are excellent at integration of SharePoint with such enterprise systems as ERP, CRM, HR system, billing, Exchange Server, accounting system, payment gateways etc. We can not only take up integration within SharePoint active directory but also with third party software as well.

  • Timely Maintenance

    Once our SharePoint product is delivered to our customers, we ensure to provide our complete support if they have any SharePoint maintenance need or query. We also ensure to expand the functionalities of SharePoint development services if required in the future. We make it a point to install the latest SharePoint updates for better performance and also ensures timely backup of SharePoint solutions to our customers.

  • Bug free Deployment

    Our SharePoint experts can help if you are in need of an in-house SharePoint deployment. We provide solutions that enable your systems infrastructure to properly support and manage an enterprise-quality SharePoint environment. We can free up your IT resources to work on other critical projects and handle the deployment from beginning to end - or lead an internal team for you.

If you are willing to know more about our services and expertise, then please contact us or send us your requirements.

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