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Best HR Software for Small Business

Best HR Software for Small Business and Startup Titans Paving Way for Growth

Did you know that companies with effective HR management are 22% more profitable? Here’s your chance to join them!

Imagine an ‘unfair advantage’ that catapults your HR functions into the stratosphere. That’s Beyond Intranet’s HR apps for you! 

Hailed as the ‘best HR software for small business, these apps are a game-changer. They streamline tasks, bring teams together, and wave a magic wand at your HR headaches. And for the startups? 

They’re the ‘best HR systems for medium-sized businesses‘, fostering growth and productivity. 

Stay tuned. You’re about to discover how you can revolutionize your HR functions. Let’s go!


Unleash HR Directory 365 

HR Directory Classic View

Welcome aboard! Living in a digital workspace? Then, HR Directory 365 is your virtual compass. It’s more than an SharePoint Employee Directory. It’s the ultimate HR directory solution.

The Ultimate Employee Directory 

Imagine an HR system that’s your secret weapon. It’s simple, efficient, and user-friendly. HR Directory 365 is that system. It unifies employee information like a pro. And the best part? It’s available on the M365 ecosystem!

Connect, Collaborate, Conquer 

Let’s paint a picture. You’re a fast-growing startup. Your team is expanding. You need to connect. You need to collaborate. Enter HR Directory 365. It syncs seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. It’s the best HR software for startups. It’s your ticket to a connected workplace.

A Step Ahead with Advanced Search 

HRD Advance Search - Dept & Designation

Time is gold. Especially in a startup. HR Directory 365 knows that. It offers advanced search options. Smart filters. Quick results. Find employee info in a snap. It’s all at your fingertips.

Customizable to the Core 

One size doesn’t fit all. HR Directory 365 gets it. You can customize. Add company logo. Change the app title. Create a brand identity. It’s flexible. It’s adaptable. It’s the best HR management software for small businesses.

A Safety Vault for Employee Data 

Data is precious. HR Directory 365 protects it. It’s designed with GDPR guidelines. It ensures maximum data privacy and security. Rest easy. Your data’s safe with us.

Stay Updated, Always 

New hires? Check. Team updates? Check. HR Directory 365 keeps you in the loop. It offers real-time updates. Stay informed. Stay connected.

Add a Spark with vCard QR Code 

Welcome to the future! Forget manual entry. Just scan the QR code. Voila! You’ve got the employee info. Simple, right? That’s HR Directory 365 for you.

Celebrate with Work Anniversary & New Joinee Updates 

Who doesn’t like celebrations? With HR Directory 365, you never miss one. Stay updated with team anniversaries. Welcome new joinees. Celebrate together, grow together.

Dive Deep with User Analytics 

Want to know your team better? HR Directory 365 has got you covered. Analyze data by department, location, or job title. Get insights. Make informed decisions.

Redirect with User Property Link 

Now, this is cool! Add a link to the employee card. It redirects to detailed user info. It’s a smart way to know your team better. The HR software for small businesses you need in 2023.


On-Demand Features: Customized Just for You


Navigate with the Virtual Floor Map 

Ever wished for a GPS inside your office? Track team desk locations? HR Directory 365 heard you! Discover team members’ seating locations. And make desk bookings with ease. All with the interactive floor map. Enhance collaboration. Boost productivity.

Integrate with Outlook Public Folder 

Want to integrate Outlook contacts? Done! HR Directory 365 does it effortlessly. View Outlook public folder contacts. All within your HR Directory.

Sync with SharePoint Azure AD Connect 

Wish to synchronize Azure AD user data? HR Directory 365 makes it easy. Get the best HR software for startups. And get a whole lot more. 

But, there’s more to HR than data and collaboration, right? What about those pivotal moments of hello and goodbye? Up next, we’ll dive into the seamless world of Employee Onboarding & Offboarding. Intrigued? Stay tuned. 


Employee Onboarding & Offboarding 

Onboarding Tool SS

Your HR Challenges, Our Solution 

Hey startups, we see you. And medium businesses, you too. Onboarding, offboarding. It’s a constant juggle. But, what if it wasn’t?

Beyond Intranet: Your HR Hero 

Enter Beyond Intranet’s Employee Onboarding software. The best HR software for small businesses and startups. Why? Let’s dive in.

Onboarding Bliss & Graceful Goodbyes 

The first days are stressful. Not with us. We make onboarding simple. Intuitive. No stress, just success. Offboarding? We’ve got you. Smooth exits, no misses. With us, transitions are seamless.

Productivity? Skyrocketed 

Onboarding Graph Dashboard

Efficient onboarding and offboarding? That’s productivity. That’s growth. That’s your bottom line soaring.

People First with The Power of Automation 

We’re not just about tasks. We’re about teams, culture, an

d values. We connect new hires. We build bridges. Forget manual checks. Welcome automatic triggers. One phase leads to the next. Easy.

Power Up with Updates & be Remote Work Ready 

We’re always evolving. Our latest update? Automated user creation in Azure AD. More automation, less hassle. Remote work is the future. We’re ready. Are you? With us, remote onboarding is a breeze.

Reward System? Check 

We make HR fun. Reward points for timely completion. A big thank you, in a small way.

Dashboards that Deliver 

Our new dashboards? They’re game-changers. Workforce data, trends, benchmarks. All in one place. This makes it super necessary and without a doubt the best HR system for medium-sized businesses and startups. 

So, let’s bid farewell to onboarding and offboarding woes. Now, you’re ready to conquer the next challenge – HR Task Management. Get set to transform, optimize, and streamline your HR tasks with HR Task Management 365. Stay tuned!


The Magic of HR Task Management 365 

HRTM Dashboard Grid View

Imagine a world where HR isn’t a headache. No messy spreadsheets. No endless email threads. That’s the world HR Task Management 365 creates. It’s the best HR management software for small businesses dreaming big.

Project Management, Simplified 

Got projects? We manage them. Create, add, change. Each project has a unique entity, with a title, number, and even a file attachment. Deadlines looming? We track them. Project owners? Assigned. It’s project management, only simplified.

Task Management, Made Easy 

To-do lists piling up? We tame them. Tasks are named, described, and scheduled. Hours estimated. Priorities set. Owners assigned. It’s the best HR system for medium-sized businesses aiming high. Task management made easy.

Role-Based Access: Your Team, Your Control 

Access is based on roles. Super admins. Project owners. Task assignees. You decide who sees what. It’s control your way.

Customizable Email Notifications: Keep Everyone in the Loop 

Tasks changing? Projects updating? Everyone’s in the loop. Customizable email notifications keep your team updated. No confusion. Just clarity.

Brand Customization: Your System, Your Brand 

Your system can look like you. Custom title. Brand logo. Theme. It’s HR software that feels like home.

HR Task Management 365: Prioritize Tasks, Manage Time 

HRTM Task List View

Prioritize tasks. Manage time. Boost productivity. HR Task Management 365 is your partner in this journey.

Benefits of HRTM 365: More Than Just an HR Software 

Plug, play, manage. It’s that simple. With HRTM 365, say hello to efficiency. One solution. Multiple tasks. Plan, track, and achieve. With HRTM 365, it’s all in your hands. 

Deadlines are not scary anymore. With our online project management, they’re just another date on the calendar. 

Security assured. Compliance ensured. HRTM 365 provides peace of mind. Control over projects, and tasks. Plan. Assign. Track. HRTM 365 empowers you. Modern interface. Easy to use. HRTM 365 is your friendly task manager. 

HR Task Management 365. It’s not just about managing. It’s about achieving. It’s about empowering. It’s about understanding. It’s about communicating. It’s the best HR software for startups. It’s the best HR software for small businesses. Because your HR deserves the best. 

But hold tight, our journey’s not over. Next, we dive into Knowledge Management. Unleash the power of collective wisdom. Make waves in your success story. Onwards!

Knowledge Management 

You’re a busy business. You’ve got data. Loads of it. It’s tucked away in HR. You need it. It’s like gold. But where’s the map? That’s where Knowledge Management comes in. 

It’s a feature in the best HR software for startups and medium-sized businesses.  It’s your map. Your HR powerhouse. 

Let’s chat about SharePoint Knowledge Management. It’s a tool by Beyond Intranet. It’s a game-changer. It’s about sharing knowledge. Allowing you to ask, answer, and learn. 

It’s simple. You create K-Assets. That’s your Questions and Answers database. You sort them into categories. Subcategories too. Makes it easy. Easy to find what you need. 

Got a question? Ask it. SharePoint captures it. The KM Admin? They answer it. You get an email. So does the KM Admin. Knowledge shared. Easy. 

All this sharing? It helps. It boosts productivity. Your teams have the answers. They’re self-reliant. They’re efficient. You’re not just saving time. You’re saving money. 

And decisions? They’re smarter. They’re informed. You’ve got the data. You’ve got the insight. You’re driving growth. Your business growth. It’s a standout feature in the best HR software for small businesses. 

Now, let’s add some spice. The SPFx webpart. It’s fast. It’s modern. It’s cost-efficient. You’re saving even more money. It works on all devices. It’s got variety. Your user experience? Top notch. 

You want customization? You’ve got it. Change the title. Pick the page size. Choose your theme. Even add custom CSS. Make it yours. 

And don’t forget the analytics. See usage patterns. Know which pages are popular. Find out what people search for. Understand your users. It’s all there. 

So, there you have it. SharePoint Knowledge Management – Your knowledge map. One of the best HR software for startups with standout features. Same for mid-size businesses too. It’s not just about managing knowledge. It’s about sharing it. Fostering a knowledge culture. Boosting productivity. Making informed decisions. 

Next up, let’s explore the Organizational Chart. Your company’s blueprint. Stay tuned. It’s going to be good.


Organizational Chart

Org Chart Compact View

A Touch of Order in the Startup Chaos 

Startups. They’re exciting. They’re fast. They’re chaotic. But chaos? That’s a problem. You need structure. You need an SharePoint Org Chart.

Your Company’s DNA Unveiled 

Enter the SharePoint Organizational Chart. Another software to assist startups. And a gem in the best HR systems for medium-sized businesses. It’s more than a chart. It’s your company’s DNA.

Sync, Build, Visualize 

Let’s break it down. You’ve got data. Employee data. It’s in SharePoint. Now you sync. Automatically. Minutes, not hours. You’ve got a chart.

Clarity in Hierarchy 

Your company? It’s a hierarchy. Top to bottom. But can you see it? Now you can. A flowchart. It’s self-explanatory. It’s clear. It’s your company on a page.

Information At A Glance 

Your employees? They’re tiles. Attractive ones. With profile pictures. Names. Departments. Designations. It’s all there. Information at a glance. 

Want to filter? You can. By department. By role. By name. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s efficient. 

Need the data elsewhere? Export it. To Excel. One-click. That’s all.

Control at Your Fingertips 

But you want more. You want control. SharePoint gives it. Assign alternate departments. Managers too. Create clickable links. Filter out departments. Show employees without managers. Exclude users. It’s all in your hands.

Customize Your View 

And the view? That’s up to you. Vertical. Horizontal. Your choice. And access? User-based. It’s secure. 

Got an employee in multiple departments? Colour them differently. Stand out. Be visible. Exclude any department. Map your hierarchy. Start from any department.


Try It Out 

And there’s more. A trial version. Test it out. Seven days. No cost. No risk. Just opportunity. 

So, there you have it. The SharePoint Organizational Chart – Your structure is visualized. Your chaos is organized. Your communication is boosted. 

It’s a standout as one of the best HR software for startups and mid-size businesses.  It’s not just about managing. It’s about understanding. About communicating. 

Next up, let’s dive into the Employee Directory. It’s your company’s phonebook. Stay tuned. It’s going to be big. 

Wrapping Up 

Energize your organizational dynamics with Beyond Intranet’s HR apps. These applications are not mere tools; they are transformative catalysts, designed to streamline your HR processes, bolster productivity, and invigorate employee engagement. From onboarding to task management, every HR task is simplified and enhanced. Join the league of over 1,000 enterprises in 40+ countries who trust Beyond Intranet. Discover Beyond Intranet’s HR apps – the future of HR is a click away.