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Patient Management System

A Quick Guide To Patient Management System

Have you ever had a chance to know how big hospitals and healthcare organizations work? How do they manage their patient’s data? Information? despite a lot of uncertainties in their field? 

We have seen that in the past few years, the healthcare industry is growing at a rapid speed. By embracing digital transformation and various technologies like SharePoint, it has re-casted the industry. Now, we can witness the Healthcare industry transformation like never before. 

Curious to know how? Let me tell you. 

Understanding the significance of SharePoint in Patient Management System 

Microsoft 365 Suite is gaining appreciation because of its unparalleled centralized interface. It comes with the following useful features: 

  • Workplace collaboration,  
  • Seamless documentation,  
  • Workflow automation, etc.  

It provides an ecosystem where everyone can work in real-time. 

SharePoint provides real-time editing and managing documents to all the stakeholders. You may be thinking whether this solution is only for big hospitals, or it can also help small clinics. I would like to answer all your questions. 

SharePoint has no boundaries. It is available for doctors, hospital managers, clinic owners, or any healthcare professional. Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint Online services can enhance your Patient Management System. 

Hospital Challenges That Need to Be Address Immediately 

Hospital Challenges

Due to the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry, experiencing challenges is common. On analyzing various clients’ case studies, we have listed a few common challenges. These challenges need immediate action: 

  • Incorrect or missing patient charges across many departments 
  • Reviewing, verifying, and updating patient charge data daily
  • Efficient communication of flagged issues and reviewer input. 
  • Workflow Automation like admissions, appointment scheduling, and claims processing. 
  • Regulatory documentation and compliance. 
  • Maintaining the Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management system 
  • Data breaches 
  • HIPAA Compliance and Data Security, etc. 

 Are you also facing similar issues? don’t worry we have got you covered. 

How To Overcome These Challenges? 

 The one-word answer is Patient Management System. Yes, you read that right. We at Beyond Intranet have developed a Review Charge Capture Application. It is capable of addressing all the above-mentioned challenges. 

 It is a perfect mix of SharePoint and Power Automate Platform. This Application helps hospitals in overcoming uncertain challenges by providing seamless automation. It also strengthens Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management.  

 SharePoint Online as a base platform for healthcare organizations provides a unified ecosystem. It manages the patient charges capture process right from data entry to billing. We at Beyond Intranet provide insights into Patient Management System systems. with the help of this interface. 

Challenge1 -Incorrect or Missing Patient Charges  


SharePoint provides a centralized platform. With the help of this anyone from any department can access a patient’s charge data anywhere. There will be no confusion for anybody in dealing with data. It also enhances Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management. 

For example,  

Suppose there is one clinic where two departments work together. let’s say one is billing and another is clinical department. 

The clinical department found that a particular patient’s charge was missing or incorrect. At that point, that department can edit or add the details without mentioning them. It improves billing or patient charge accuracy. 

Challenge 2: Reviewing, Verifying, and Updating Patient Charge Data  


Review Charge Capture Application has the capability to automate workflow. A certain workflow will create a route to the data to the prompt reviewer for review. 

For example: 

Suppose a nurse has listed one patient’s data and shared it with the departments. SharePoint will review the process and update the status. SharePoint’s workflow automation feature can send notifications to relevant parties about the charges. 

Challenge 3: Efficient Communication of Flagged Issues and Reviewer Input  


 The Patient Management System system provides effective collaboration across the organization. Communication between the departments becomes easy and hassle-free. Flagged issues that arise while reviewing the process, SharePoint facilitates real-time documentation. It helps in initiating a discussion to solve the flagged issue. 

For Example 

Suppose any reviewer from any department experiences and discrepancy in patient charges. Then at the moment, they can leave a comment by mentioning a particular Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management department to solve it.  

Challenge 4: Workflow Automation (Admissions, Scheduling, Claims)  


SharePoint Online provides seamless workflow automation. It streamlines the routine healthcare processes through the Review Charge Capture Application. 

For example: 

SharePoint will list the required patient data while admitting the patient. After which it is sent to the relevant department. The department then checks the charges and reviews them. 

SharePoint also helps in appointment scheduling and sends notifications to respective healthcare professionals. SharePoint also helps in claims processing. It can 

  • Automate the routing of claims documents,  
  • Approvals, and  
  • Payment notifications so on  
  • To maintain Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management. 

Challenge 5:Regulatory Documentation and Compliance 


 Hospitals can create folders and upload varied regulatory documents that ensure compliance. This all could be possible because of the hassle-free SharePoint documentation management feature. 

For example- 

Hospitals provide a folder for HIPAA documents. This folder contains policies, guidelines, and compliance reports. Anybody can see it and there will be no need to send them to everyone. 

Challenge 6: HIPAA Compliance and Data Security


SharePoint provides end-to-end security features to ensure HIPPA compliance and other data security. SharePoint provides the feature of restricting access. This can help you control who can edit, review update, and delete the patient’s data. 

For example:  

In the audit trail, only authorized persons can access the records. All the charges get checked in the audit trial. 

Benefits Of Patient Management System Application 

  1. Streamlined Patient Management System review process across all associated hospitals and departments.
  1. Improved accuracy in patient charge data
  1. Efficient identification and flagging of incorrect charges
  1. Enhanced communication and collaboration between reviewers and management
  1. Valuable insights are provided to executive users through dashboards and email notifications.

Features Of Patient Management System Application 

Patient Management System

Why Beyond Intranet? 

Beyond Intranet is a Certified Microsoft Solutions Partner. Our SharePoint enhances the Patient Management System system as stated by our many clients. Reviews and feedback will help you to understand the benefits of SharePoint. 

 The application comes with several features that provide a seamless interface. Our clients have achieved the desired results and overcome their challenges. They found it helpful for their organization and patients as well. 

 Beyond Intranet helps your organization to be in sync with each Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management department. 

We are having: 

  • 50+ M365 experts 
  • Microsoft Solution Partner 
  • Cross Industry domain experience 
  • Cost-effective solutions. 
  • End-to-end customization services 
  • 24*7 Availability  

Final Words  

 The healthcare industry is experiencing an exceptional transformation. The healthcare industry is experiencing an exceptional transformation. SharePoint has proven to be a game-changer in Patient Management System Systems. 

 The Patient Management System system is capable of dealing with the following challenges. 

  • Patient charge capture,  
  • Workflow automation, 
  • Effective documentation,  
  • Communication gap filling,  
  • Maintaining revenue cycle management healthcare, etc.  

This Patient Management application is proving its worth in the healthcare industry. 

 Patient Management Application enhances collaboration and provides insights. It strengthens the healthcare revenue management system and delivers better patient care.