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Dynamic SharePoint Org Chart Software for Your Organization

Microsoft Approved App Easy to Use Easily Customizable User-Friendly UI

Effortlessly create an org chart in minutes with our Organization Chart Software, using SharePoint User Profiles.

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Visualize your company structure from top to bottom in an attractive flowchart format and give easy access to employee information with SharePoint Org Chart App.

Org Chart
Beyondintranet - Dynamic SharePoint Org Chart

Org Chart - Views

Prev View HR Directory Dashboard - Prev View
Sky View HR Directory Dashboard - Sky View
Circle View HR Directory Dashboard - Circle View
Oval view HR Directory Dashboard - Oval view
Expand/Collapse Reporting Lines HR Directory Dashboard - Expand/Collapse Reporting Lines
View Profile Instantly HR Directory Dashboard - View Profile Instantly

Automatically Create Org Chart with Org Chart Software

Create org charts like never before with Beyond Intranet's Organization Chart Software. Use your existing Azure AD and Microsoft 365 data, streamline your visualization process and bid farewell to manual efforts.

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Navigating Company Hierarchy Made Easy

  • See Organization Structure & Profiles

    See Organization Structure & Profiles

    Visualize your organization's connections and reporting lines, with additional information like profile pictures, names, departments, and designations on the org chart profile card.

  • Employee Directory and Org Chart Fusion

    Employee Directory and Org Chart Fusion

    Effortlessly access a comprehensive employee directory and navigate through your organization's structure with an in-built org chart in
    HR Directory Software.

  • Microsoft Approved Secure Solution

    Microsoft Approved Secure Solution

    Our Org Chart Software is Microsoft approved and built on SharePoint, leveraging its robust security features to keep your data safe and scalable for organizational evolution.

  • Easy to Connect with Other Apps

    Easy to Connect with Other Apps

    Seamlessly integrate SharePoint organization chart with Microsoft Teams as well as Beyond Intranet's HR software solutions, to share, collaborate, and stay up to date on your company hierarchy.

Tailored Org Charts Features for Efficient Management

  • View in Your Way

    View in Your Way

    Customize org chart format, including compact chart, rotate 360 degrees, zoom in/out, and filter employee hierarchy based on employee.

  • Always up to Date

    Always up to Date

    Your org chart is always up to date based on data with SharePoint user profiles and Azure Active Directory.

  • Configure & Manage

    Configure & Manage

    Create org chart flow easily by assigning top person of your organization, exclude unwanted/deactivated employees, set default view type, and configure user-based access for efficient org chart management.

  • Easy to Connect with Other Apps

    Versatile View Options

    Customize and visualize your organizational chart effortlessly with versatile view options, including circle, oval, sky, and prev views.

  • Expand/Collapse & Export

    Expand/Collapse & Export

    Easily display or hide levels of hierarchy and export org charts to SVG and PDF with just one click.

  • Personalization


    Customize the appearance and layout of your org chart app to match your brand identity and specific needs.

Create beautiful org charts with the best Organization Chart Software.

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An organizational chart is a visual representation of a company's structure, showing how different roles and departments are interconnected. Its purpose is to provide a clear overview of the organization's hierarchy and reporting lines, helping employees understand their roles and responsibilities.
Everyone in an organization can benefit from an organizational chart. It helps employees understand their positions, reporting lines, and roles in the larger context of the organization. Managers can use it to delegate tasks and make decisions, while executives can gain insights into the overall structure and identify areas for improvement.
Yes, having an organizational chart is important for several reasons. It helps improve communication, clarifies roles and responsibilities, enhances productivity, and supports decision-making. It also aids in onboarding new employees, identifying skill gaps, and planning for future growth. Overall, an organizational chart is a valuable tool for effective organizational management and operations.

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