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Determine how Knowledge Management can help you reinvent the way you work!

Our Knowledge Management tool provides a central platform to keep your team’s work, organized, accessible, and up to date, making it easier to find the information you need to keep moving forward.

Is your company information scattered all over the organization making it difficult to manage and search for the right information at the right time?
Does your support staff face difficulty in gathering the correct solution for their customer’s problems which have been addressed in past but not documented and saved properly?
Does every new employee who joins your organization find it difficult to get all of the policy documents and procedures in one place, making their first day difficult?
Or when your key employees are out of the office or leave the company, does valuable company knowledge go with them?

You can solve all these problems with one efficient knowledge-based software. Yes, we are talking about the

SharePoint based Knowledge Management solution by Beyond Intranet.

Our Knowledge Management add-in is a customized, digital library that is accessible to your employees, partners, customers or anybody else you’d like to have access permission. Users can search, share, add or access important company information whenever and wherever they want. This SharePoint based content collaboration tool can help teams adopt a modern communication strategy with which they can switch to continuous sorting, sharing and searching of knowledge in high-level security measures. This is important when streamlining your in-house critical education management system, as well as to making your customer support backbone even stronger.

Knowledge shouldn’t be stored solely on hard drives, where it can become outdated or irrelevant. Our Knowledge Management tool provides a central platform to keep your team’s work, organized, accessible, and up to date, making it easier to find the information you need to keep moving forward.

According to a study by Gartner, improving access to contextual knowledge for an employee reduces the support time by 20 to 80 percent, thus increasing the customer satisfaction rate. This also helps organizations reduce the cost of customer support by 25 percent or more when using appropriate Knowledge Management Products.

Beyond Intranet’s SharePoint based Knowledge Management enables an organization to store, create, maintain and share vital company information all within one easily accessible Knowledge portal. This portal is enriched with powerful features like:

1. Organization of data:

Easy organization of your company information into categories and subcategories such as departments, projects, individual tasks or all of them. Assign a category or subcategory administrator to manage knowledge assets, so you can easily control what is being posted and by whom.

2. Document repository:

it’s easy to save documents like text files, images, and spreadsheets. These documents can be attached to questions, answers or both. Versioning of the document is maintained to ensure the latest version is in circulation. Working as a robust document repository, this eliminates duplicate documents and helps employees maintain a single copy of the current document with all versions saved in the backend.

3. User level permissions:

User level permissions are yet another important aspect of BI’s Knowledge Management add-in. the KM administrator can create different groups of users with different role levels. Some can only view the K-assets, while others can ask questions. Category and subcategory administrators can approve and answer questions, allowing them to filter out unwanted questions and maintain company culture.

4. Robust Search Engine:

Another highly demanded feature of this tool is a robust Question and Answer search engine. This allows users to search specific keywords to pull up relevant Knowledge assets within seconds. Users can also search attached documents.

5. Personalization:

Use your company logo, theme and title to brand the KM tool and match it with your company culture.

6. The validity of K-assets:

Set expiry dates for your Knowledge assets, so they are removed when no longer needed. This takes of unnecessary loads from admins managing event based assets.

7. Automatic email notifications:

This is yet another vital feature of Beyond Intranet’s Knowledge Management. Administrators are instantly informed when a new question is posted by any employee or customer by an automated email. Similarly, staff and customers get a notification when a response to their question is sent through the portal. This helps in significantly improving delivery timelines and customer satisfaction.

8. Data Analytics:

Another highly demanded feature is reporting or Data Analytics. No software is complete if it does not show its adoption rate or statistics that managers can use to make informed business decisions. So here’s where our BI Knowledge Management tool plays a crucial role. Statistics not only show the tool’s user adoption rate, but they also provide information on which question is most asked by your customers. It allows you to understand the bottlenecks of your system and improve it.

9. Multilingual:

And Last but not least- its available in multiple languages or your own custom language. For ease of customers- we have provided 5 in-built languages like- English (United States), Dutch (Belgium), German (Germany), French (France) and Spanish (Mexico). Users can change their view of the tool in their custom language in just a few clicks.

Your organization is unique, so your Knowledge Management solution should be too. If there are specific customizations you’d like to see added to the current add-in, we’d love to hear about them! You can send your customization requests to [email protected].

So, Let’s not wait and put our knowledge to work for you! Download the free trial of our Knowledge Management add-in now.

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