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Employee Directory - A Digital Solution

Employee directory – A digital solution to store and access employee information

Employees: The backbone of an enterprise

Employees form the foundation of a strong and long-lasting company. Effective communication, collaboration, commitment, and personal connectivity of co-workers are vital to ensure smooth operations of the company. Employees are considered invaluable assets for any organization. They are the nurturers of the company, giving their heart and soul to developing the company. 

Storing your employees’ information and retrieving them when required is vital to accomplish seamless connectivity with them. This calls for a structured database that records, updates, and retains their details in one space. This is where companies prefer to have a top-notch company employee directory that stores information related to their employees. 

What exactly is an employee directory? 

A sharepoint employee directory is a source that records the names, email addresses, contact information, certifications, and job-related information of all the employees across the organization. It may also include personal details and curious facts about the employees. These databases can be organized, defined, and designated for specific tasks.

Employers use the information stored in the directory to find information related to their employees. The employers carefully study the data stored in the manual to examine the background and interests of the employees. It is a solid internal communication tool that employers can harness to increase the efficiency and productivity of their employees. 

An employee directory performs various functions to ensure smooth operations and seamless company management. It allows co-workers to collaborate and build strong communication across divisions. As the information related to location and time zone is accessible to all, employees can schedule meetings and collaborate on projects as per their comfort. It allows newly hired employees to learn about their co-workers and learn from their experiences and achievements.

Need for an HR directory

Companies with thousands of employees, hundreds of branches, and remote teams find it very difficult to store basic details about their employees in one place. Often, employees are unaware of their co-workers’ interests, work experience, and other information. Recruits are unaware of their seniors and take a lot of time to build relationships with them. Contacting a co-worker working in some other branch seems to be a tedious task when you are unaware of their basic details. Thus, this decreases the productivity and efficiency of employees. When employees are unaware of the interests of their co-workers, collaborating with them seems to be a daunting task. Employees are unable to foster professional relationships and are not able to socialize with their team. This creates a barrier among them, which is not a good signal for the company.

An HR directory allows employees to socialize with each other, unanimously work on campaigns, and increase profits. An employee directory contains all the details of the employees in one single place so that employees can connect quickly. That’s How a company staff directory reduces administrative issues and internal conflicts and promotes building a solid network. 

What does an employee directory include?

Employee directories include personal information like anniversaries, custom headings, birthdays, projects handled before, associate subordinates to a contract, and nicknames. It allows employees to browse the company’s history and obtain information that helps them relate to the individuals they work with. Thus, Beyond Key allows companies to create custom filters and integrate with Skype and MS Teams as per their business objectives. Beyond Key also provides the ability to configure by linking the Azure AD fields to the target online user profiles. It also allows companies to create a timeline for synchronizing Azure AD data.

Some employee directories contain information regarding the skills and abilities of the employees. This vital information allows employees to find the right person for the specific task. The employee directory includes vital information about the employees, like their vacation schedules, working hours, personal information, job titles, and other contractual data. It also stores the PTO history, time off balance, and further work details of the employees.

These structured records are pretty helpful for the HR department of companies. The HR department manages employee allowances and segregates individuals based on what teams and offices they work in. No doubt that an employee directory is a comprehensive tool that enables employees to understand the organizational chart and access information freely at the click of a button. 

Technology vs manual methods of preparing HR directory

Companies often prefer technology instead of manual methods to manage an employee directory. Manual spreadsheets are hardly flexible enough to handle a vast employee database. Using automated tools to compute employee data reduces the risk of human error and requires minimal effort to update data when needed. Employees can update their contact information as they change job titles or positions. 

Using employee directory software to manage data reduces time spent on paperwork and encourages companies to focus on their targets. Technology has enabled company administrations to prepare highly structured cloud-based systems in the digital workspace. These days, companies have improved resource usage through a user-friendly directory that keeps constant track of employee lists. 

Employees’ directory is becoming an asset for the company, allowing them to transform into the digital world without much effort. 

Understanding the employee database

The employee database allows companies to store the entire history of employee records, organize the workforce, and stay updated with employment issues. It enables businesses to scale up and grow different departments integral to the system. 

An employee directory ensures that departments like marketing, sales, human development, and creative teams get coordinated and aligned. For companies with offices located across multiple locations, including abroad, the entire information of the offices is available in one secure place. It allows them to invest time in upgrading themselves instead of fixing administrative discrepancies. 

A company employee directory consists of distinct fields and a search box that allows employees to view the results. Search results are displayed in a separate area of the employee directory. It also contains a filter and sort option that can consider consequences per requirement. 

 Who can access the company staff directory?

Employers and other staff members can access the company employee directory. Beyond key allows employees to access the employee directory using smartphones. This feature is available offline as well. Beyond Key offers a visually appealing dashboard that allows employees to find information about other employees from different departments and working at various branches. This real-time feature allows employees to retrieve vital information and connect with the concerned people within seconds. Therefore, this process saves time and checks into desk space in real-time. The self-service system allows employees to focus on details from the directory that are important to them. Beyond Key enables employees to search for complete information on profile details while using their desired language. The SharePoint directory is available in 7 default languages-English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, and Swedish. One can pick the desired language from a library of 50 options. 

Common uses 

Common uses of a company employee directory are listed below-

A company employee directory helps the employees have a clear view of the positional hierarchy. An employee directory becomes very handy in day-to-day tasks, allowing employees to obtain information with whom to collaborate. Employees will be able to find out which department someone works in or who to talk to in the office if they need to.

  1. A company employee directory allows employees to find where someone is located and understand their schedule- The employee directory contains a column containing the location and availability of every employee. Thus, this information is quite valuable for scheduling meetings quickly between the employees and determining the best time to call them if they are in another time zone.
  2. An employee directory allows employees to connect quickly- Using the directory’s information, employees can click on calls that are integrated with Teams and Outlook. Many remote workers make use of the company employee directory to understand their co-workers.

Features of An Employee Directory

Features of an efficient employee directory are listed below-

  1. A good company employee directory is easy to access, can be highly customized per user’s needs, and responds quickly to all possible queries.
  2. An employee directory can be helpful when it is easy to navigate and visually appealing. Simple designs, easy search, and clear organizational charts allow employees to use the employee directory frequently. 
  3. An updated directory contains the latest information and documents every change in job title, location, projects, etc. Automation and user-friendly operations are needed to keep the employee directory updated.

Importance and Benefits

A company staff directory includes information that is clear and uncluttered. An employee directory can be considered an employee experience tool, allowing companies to build a solid market presence. The data is reliable and makes the employees approachable. Managing employee details does not seem intimidating or overwhelming when using employee directories. Beyond Key also ensures that the information stored is secure by adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) guidelines. Beyond Key ensures that the clients are assured of privacy and security.

The most common benefits of the employee directory are listed below-

1. Improve organizational productivity– An employee directory allows companies to curb inefficient processes and recurring tasks. As an employee directory consists of a skills section, employers can train and develop their team to foster the skills that will prepare them to succeed. 

2. Simplify employee onboarding, screening, and registration process- Technology has always enabled companies to track employee records and update employee database management. It is a more convenient method that reduces the challenges of managing large data volumes. 

Beyond Key allows recently recruited employees to access information from the employee directory to get acquainted with their co-workers. Beyond Key creates custom fields on the cards as required. Beyond Key offers two display modes—list and card view to connect the user with the data source. 

3.  A company employee directory improves workplace communication and employee satisfaction–  An employee directory allows employees to connect on a more personal level, thus making them happier. It lets them know their co-workers personally, including their pronouns, education, languages, social media handles, and interests. Beyond Key allows employees to connect via MS Teams, chat or email.

4. Employee directories allow employees to find expertise and develop their skills– Employees share knowledge and develop skills in a collaborative space that will enable them to review various departments’ inventory and design capabilities. 

Every member feels that they are an integral part of the operations, thus benefiting the company with the increased contribution of the employees. 

5. An employee directory allows remote departments to feel connected– An employee directory will enable workers to build a strong company culture despite being in different physical locations. Beyond Key allows employees to view the latest updates about their co-employees. It also allows employees to celebrate birthdays and other special days of their co-workers. 

6. Frictionless and rapid communication calls for collaboration over competition– The employee database fosters better communication by leveraging the power of human connection and collaboration.

7. A company employee directory allows companies to improvise their operations– A staff directory will enable companies to simplify routine tasks and complex projects through efficient communication and networking. It helps the employees work better together. Beyond key lets employees make changes to touch-screen kiosks that can be used from a desktop or a mobile device.

8. Motivated and enthusiastic employees make a significant difference to the company– Companies achieve new targets, understand the consumer market, and develop creative strategies when the employees understand each other well. Thus, the employees focus more on the company’s objectives than internal conflicts. 

Additionally, employees can socialize, strike up conversations, and create a friendly environment that allows employees to be friends at work. This social aspect created by Beyond Key enables them to be creative and use their creativity to develop innovative solutions. 

9. Profits increase exponentially under the circumstances mentioned earlier– Companies can generate more revenue and create strong brand loyalty when employees are strongly connected. Beyond Key’s benefits are made even better by the fact that a company staff directory can be linked to other Microsoft platforms like Outlook and Teams.


A company employee directory is an excellent way to build a culture of well-being. It also supports recognizing the team’s capabilities and offering them various incentives and perks for their interests. A staff directory allows companies to develop professionally and create opportunities and a healthy working environment that the employees appreciate. 

A company employee directory allows organizations to celebrate wins and improve the performance of employees. It enables employees to discover their potential and take action to improve their performance. 

It also allows for increased engagement, the exchange of ideas, and better understanding amongst the teammates. Employee directories will enable employees to value their work, respect co-workers, and embrace flexibility to be more productive. It allows the employees to remain energetic throughout, brainstorm creative plans, and foster a sense of trust among the team. An employee directory is a powerful tool that companies can leverage to reach unprecedented heights. It won’t be incorrect to call an employee directory a virtual map or a digital representation of the company, the locations, the employees, and the relationships between them. 

Beyond Key is a good name for the service provider of employee directories. Beyond Key’s employee, directory is the top-rated staff directory on MS AppSource. Undoubtedly, go for Beyond Key to obtain efficient, customizable, and visually appealing employee directories.