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Interactive Office Floor Plan Solution

Interactive Office Floor Plan Solution with Employee Desk Locator

Most employees feel lost and frustrated in unclear office layouts. Interactive floor plans create a seamless navigation experience. So yes, an Interactive office floorplan does fix this, fast. 

With one click, see your entire office map. Locate coworkers in seconds. Remove layout headaches, and boost efficiency.

Our client, a leading financial firm from the USA, encountered the same maze-like office struggle. Employees wasted time searching for each other. Collaboration suffered. 

They pioneered a custom interactive map module. Workers found desks instantly. Communication improved. Productivity increased. Overall employee experience improved. 

Read their inspiring floor plan success story. Then reinvent your workplace. See their office navigation transformation and enriched employee satisfaction. 

Discover the power of interactive floor plans firsthand when you scroll next. 


Missing office floor plans  

Our client is a trusted financial services firm in St. Louis. They offer top-notch planning and investment help for families. 

But they faced a big problem. Their office was a puzzle. Like cookie-cutter cubicles. Ever felt lost, unable to find a coworker? Well, our client’s employees did. Daily. 

Without maps, their huge office was a black hole. Workers wasted time exploring blindly. Colleagues missed each other while roaming around. 

Communication stalled. Collaboration plummeted. No more quick chats by the coffee pot. Just a sea of desks and frustration. 

Our client craved a better solution. They needed the office floor plan with interactive maps. 

A solution where with one click, you could find anyone instantly. No more hide and seek.

But they didn’t know where to start with interactive maps. Floor plan tools seemed complex and costly. There had to be a better way… 


A glimpse of hope- interactive floor plan 

Luckily, our client found Beyond Intranet. Well, not found exactly. Because we were already teamed up. They were leveraging the HR Directory 365 software to supercharge their HR activities.  

What is our HR Directory 365? It manages employee profiles, contact info, and more. It’s a one-stop shop for people’s data. See more information here. They are a game changer. 

Back to our client now. So, when our client discussed that they required something extra, we offered what they were seeking. A floor maps! 

So, we customized a floor plan module just for them. This intuitive add-on is integrated right into HR Directory 365.

Now our client can view an interactive map of their entire office floor plan layout. With one click, they could see the whole floorplan. They could instantly locate any employee’s desk by clicking their profile in the HR directory. 

Our interactive maps made it easy to: 

  • Locate Coworkers Seats Instantly – No more wandering around or playing “Where’s John.” Just click their profile to see who sits where. 
  • Streamline Communication – Connect face-to-face in seconds using the floorplan—no delays in finding people. 
  • Boost Collaboration – Meet, chat, and brainstorm better with quick desk identification. 
  • Enhance Workflows – Effortlessly route tasks and projects based on seating locations. 
  • Display Real-Time Data – Integrate employee check-ins, office capacity, and parking info. 

Our custom office floorplan module was like a GPS for their office. Interactive maps brought their workspace to life digitally. And it improved work for the whole company. 

The best part? Our module integrated seamlessly into their existing HR Directory 365. No new systems to learn. It is just an intuitive map to help employees work better together. Let us see how we did it.

Implementing the office floor plan 

Bringing our client’s interactive office floor plan to life took careful preparation. 

First, we gathered requirements. The client shared their goals, needs, and office specifics. How many floors? What teams sit where? This info was key. 

Next, our team reviewed the client’s existing HR Directory setup. We planned the ideal way to integrate the new module seamlessly. No disrupting their system – only enhancing it. 

The client provided 11 detailed office floorplan maps of their office layout. We digitized these to create accurate interactive versions. Now their virtual maps reflected the real office. 

With requirements set, our software developers got to work. They built a robust, reliable module aligned with our client’s workflows. Following best practices ensured smooth execution. 

We integrated the finished floor plan module into the client’s SharePoint Employee Directory. It synced nicely with their employee profiles and org charts. 

Throughout the process, we collaborated closely with the client. Their feedback guided our work. And we provided regular updates and demos. 

Together, we brought the perfect custom solution to life. One that solved their needs and improved their work. 

Our proven implementation process made launching the interactive office maps easy. Our client gained an invaluable tool without hassles or headaches. 

Now our HR Directory 365 offers a complete package – employee records, org charts, and office floor plans 

Their improved directory enabled better communication and collaboration. 


Results from the office floorplan 

The client’s new interactive office floor plan was remarkable. Their improved HR Directory delivered better communication and collaboration across the board. 

Now employees can easily locate coworkers on the intuitive map. No more wandering around aimlessly like lost sheep! Finding teammates was as simple as a click. 

This instant desk identification fueled productive in-person meetings. Workers met up quickly to review projects and proposals. No time wasted hunting people down. 

With the floor plan module, the client began supercharging each day. Standups happened rapidly with the team gathered in seconds. The day flowed smoothly from there. 

The interactive maps broke down office silos too. Seeing seating arrangements sparked connections between distant groups. The floorplan untied the tangled org chart. 

Soon, quick office walkabouts replaced pings and calls. Employees swung by colleagues’ desks to hash out ideas. No more disruption from constant digital chatter. 

Overall efficiency and productivity climbed dramatically for our client. The interactive floorplans saved wasted time and fueled collaboration. 

Thanks to their customized HR Directory, the client could finally work as one unified team. Their office floor plan layout went from maze to map. It was a total transformation. 


Key Takeaways

Our client, the financial giant, discovered immense value in our interactive office floor plan module 

Now their employees can collaborate better than ever before. Their office maze turned into an intuitive map. The company works more intelligently and faster together. 

Any firm with complex office floor plans can reap similar benefits. Unclear floor plans hamper work – interactive maps remove the barriers. 


Beyond Intranet is Your Extended Team

Transform your office navigation and workflows today. An interactive office floorplan integrates seamlessly into your HR system.  

Empower your workforce with our custom digital maps. Boost productivity, communication, and collaboration firm-wide. 

Experience the office revolution firsthand. Contact our team at Beyond Intranet to discuss implementing a tailored interactive floor plan module for your needs.  

Locate employees instantly and work better together. The power of clarity awaits. 

Interactive office floor plans empower teams with clarity. Workers connect and collaborate easily. Productivity skyrockets. Communication flows freely. 


Wrapping Up

Our client unlocked multiple benefits with a custom HR Directory 365 app. Their interactive maps brought their office to life digitally. Employees work smarter together. 

As for you, my dear reader, don’t let your office layout limit your workforce. Transform your workspace with intuitive floor plans today.

Experience the difference firsthand. Contact Beyond Intranet to implement interactive maps in your HR system. Pinpoint seating locations instantly. And watch your organization thrive. 

The future of work is here. Interactive floor plans to boost productivity, communication, and collaboration. Your successful employee experience story awaits.