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The support that makes you smile, a smile that sets things straight.


We know what our customers want. We offer different support models to fulfill the customer needs and better assist with any questions on any product purchased. All products are entitled to basic support program as a part of the product purchase and will get the support on bug fixes.

Basic Support for our SharePoint add-ins:

1. Support for Free add-ins: We provide limited support for our free add-ins through our FAQ section.
    You can always visit our FAQ section to check out our knowledge base and basic troubleshooting steps for our popular add-ins

2. Support for Paid add-ins: For all our paid add-ins, we provide 1 hour of free support for Demo and Configuration.
    We also provide half an hour of extra support within 2 months of Demo and Configuration in case the app is not functioning.

Premium Support:

This is an annual premium support program to help customers with any configurations or questions by the technical experts with a turn-around time of about 8-12 hours (on a business day) to provide efficient assistance or technical advice on any enhancements or customizations needed to suit the product to your business needs. There will be support on phone available, free upgrades for the next versions and free trial invitations for the upcoming products.

Customizations and Enhancements:

We have a team of technical experts that can advise a customer on the customizations and enhancement needs and implement it in a cost effective and efficient way. These can be worked on as a T&M or fixed cost based on the product and complexity of the features.

Please feel free to reach out to our customer specialists at to discuss what are you looking for and what is right for you. They will work out the best options and help you have the best experience with our company's product line.