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Non-Profit Intranet

Leverage modern intranet solutionto stay in
touch with staff and donors.

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Non-Profit Intranet
Non-Profit Intranet

How can non-profit organizations utilize modern intranet solutions?

For non-profit organizations to raise funds and gain support, they need to communicate with multiple stakeholders. Optimize your staff and volunteers time with an intranet solution that brings everyone together to reach your goals. SharePoint helps your organization collaborate with your stakeholders to achieve your goals.

Non-Profit Intranet Templates

Our Non-Profit Templates

1 Non-Profit Intranet Templates

Utilize our SharePoint intranet solutions to keep staff and stakeholders informed. Teams and individuals can be targeted with specific content catered to their roles, ensuring that only relevant information is delivered.

2 Non-Profit Intranet Templates

WProviding staff, volunteers, and stakeholders with updates and newsletters using the News Blog. Features such as collaboration tools, chats, notifications, and alerts make it easy to coordinate and communicate

3 Non-Profit Intranet Templates

Streamline intranet processes to reduce overhead and improve efficiency. Enhancing knowledge sharing will enable you to enhance your non-profit's ability to make a positive impact.

Non-Profit Template-1

Full screen
  • Intranet full screen
    nonprofits Sharepoint Intranet Portal
  • Features

  • Hub navigation
    nonprofits Sharepoint Intranet Portal
  • Banner
    nonprofits Sharepoint Intranet Portal
  • Birthday Reminder
    nonprofits Sharepoint Intranet Portal
  • Anniversary Reminder
    nonprofits Sharepoint Intranet Portal
  • Events
    nonprofits Sharepoint Intranet Portal
  • Weekly Newsletter
    nonprofits Sharepoint Intranet Portal
  • Calendar
    nonprofits Sharepoint Intranet Portal
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Benefits of Intranet in Non-profit Industry

Increase staff and volunteer engagement:

The intranet integrates your frontline volunteers, support staff, and office-based workers. A quality SharePoint Employee Directory allows everyone in the organization to easily search for colleagues by name, location, skills, department, and availability.

Manage charity projects from a central location

Modern intranet solutions help you manage and track your charity projects effectively because you can set up collaborative projects, schedule events, and assign tasks. There is a central repository for project details where team members can update tasks, edit files, and participate in discussions.

Access, organize, and share information easily:

A modern intranet solution makes document management and file-sharing simple and secure. You can easily update files and use version control to track each file. Preview documents before downloading and update them at any time. You can share the documents with the right stakeholders to keep them informed.

Improve processes using e-forms

The use of digital, automated forms that are equipped with built-in notifications, workflows that can be adjusted, and alerting capabilities can reduce a company's paper usage and time. Your intranet solution can streamline common processes and increase productivity.

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