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What is ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

What Is ATS? (Applicant Tracking System) The Complete Guide for 2024

Recruiters rely heavily on applicant tracking systems (ATS). And for good reason – they make hiring a lot easier. We are talking about automating things like sorting resumes, scheduling interviews, managing job posts. No wonder 99% of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS. The global market’s projected to hit $3.2 billion by 2026. So yes, applicant tracking systems are kind of blowing up. But with new trends like AI and mobile recruiting coming down the pike, they are about to get even smarter in 2024 and beyond. Buckle up, recruiting world. 


What is ATS? 

An applicant tracking system – or ATS – is like recruiting software on steroids. It’s what makes hiring as easy as online shopping these days. 

The main part is it takes all the tedious crap recruiters have to do and automates it. I’m talking stuff like: 

  • Creating and posting jobs – just one click to multiple sites 
  • Collecting them resumes and job apps as they roll in 
  • Scanning for qualified peeps based on the job requirements 
  • Scheduling interviews as easy as sending a text 
  • Keeping track of where each person is at in the hiring pipeline 

So it’s basically recruiter command central for managing applicants from “hello” to “you’re hired”. 

Now you may be thinking, how is this different from other HR tools like HRMS or CRM? 

Good question. An HRMS handles the wider HR shindig like payroll, benefits, all that jazz. And CRMs are for building relationships with job seekers over the long haul. 

An ATS is like a sharpshooter – its only gig is to hit the bullseye on hiring. It’s the hub that connects the dots on posting jobs, drawing in applicants, picking the cream of the crop, hiring them. Rinse and repeat. 

So, if you want to get your hire on and remove the hassle, strap into the rocket ship that is the ATS. It will blast your recruiting into hyperdrive.


Why Applicant Tracking System Is for You? 

So, we discussed what an ATS is. Now let us talk about why they are pretty much the supercharger for recruiting pros like you. 

Save Time. You know those god-awful tasks like going through 400 resumes? That too for one role or scheduling a gazillion interviews? Say bye-bye to those time consuming with an ATS. It handles the busy work so you can focus on more important stuff. 

Get Organized. ATS is like a filing cabinet supercharged for all your candidate info. Applications, feedback, status – it’s all organized in one place for easy access. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. Collaborating with your hiring crew is a breeze with an ATS. Everyone can share feedback and notes to make the best decisions together. 

Incredible Analytics and Data. The reporting in an ATS gives you the down-low on all your key recruiting metrics. So, you can see what is working (and what is not) to improve your process. 

Treat Job Seekers Right. Applying for jobs is no fun. But ATS helps make it less boring by keeping candidates in the loop and giving them a smooth experience. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder. By killing busywork, centralizing info, and making collaboration easy, an ATS pumps up your recruiting productivity like Popeye on spinach. 

So, if saving time, getting organized, making metrics-driven decisions, and boosting efficiency sound good to you, ATS is your new BFF. This stuff will straight up take your hiring game to the next level. 


Types of Applicant Tracking System and Pricing 

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) come in three main forms: 

Standalone ATS 

These focus solely on core applicant tracking features. Like job posting, resume parsing, and reporting. Standalone ATS platforms include Greenhouse, Workable, and Lever. Pricing is typically $60-$100 per user per month. 

Integrated ATS 

Many HR software suites like BambooHR and Gusto offer ATS modules bundled with their other HR capabilities like payroll and benefits. Pricing varies based on the overall platform used. But it is generally $3,000-$15,000 annually for mid-sized companies. 

Recruitment Management Suites  

Broader recruitment suites like iCIMS and SmartRecruiter incorporate ATS functionality within their wider range of tools. Pricing is customized but comparable to standalone ATS. 

The specifics of cost depend on: 

  • Number of users (more = more $$) 
  • Number of job openings (more posts = higher cost) 
  • Features and capabilities (more stuff = pricier) 
  • Support and training (costs extra) 
  • Company size (big business plans are pricier) 

Other potential costs: 

  • Implementation and setup 
  • Migrate data from old systems 
  • Customize workflows and branding 
  • Upgrades and maintenance 

Lots of options for needs and budgets. But the core applicant tracking is similar across the board. And it pays off with better efficiency, teamwork, and experience. 

So those are the main ATS flavors and how the pricing shakes out. The key is finding one that aligns with your needs without breaking the bank.


Core Capabilities of a Modern ATS 

Today’s applicant tracking systems offer a robust set of features. With it, you can streamline and enhance hiring workflows. Here are some of the core capabilities: 

Job Posting Everywhere. Easily get your gigs on your site, job boards, social – you name it. Wider reach for candidates. 

Following Candidates Down the Funnel. Store everything about applicants in one spot and track them start to finish. Helps teamwork. 

Smart Resume Reading ATS tools scan resumes and use AI to dig deep and rank people. Saves recruiters time. 

Central Candidate Profiles All data on applicants in one place for all to see. Notes, feedback, status tags, etc. 

Collaboration Tools Team members can share thoughts on people. Makes choosing easier. 

Automated Interview Scheduling Coordinate meetings pain-free across calendars. 

Offer Letter Templates Quickly customize and send offers to close deals. 

Reporting and Metrics. Learn what’s working and what’s not from the data. Fix weak points. 

Compliance Features. ATS systems help meet legal and regulatory compliance related to hiring practices. 

Custom Workflows. Workflows can be tailored to the organization’s specific hiring process steps and stakeholders. 

The right ATS makes hiring a breeze through automation and streamlining. Helps the humans focus on the truly human parts of recruiting. 


Choosing an ATS: What to Look For 

An ATS is a big investment, so making the right call is crucial. Here is what to focus on: 

Features. Make a checklist of must-haves to handle your hiring needs now and later. 

Ease of Use. Got to be simple and intuitive for recruiters, hiring managers, etc. Complex platforms don’t get used. 

Implementation. It should be quick and easy to set up without disrupting things too much. 

Training. Vendors need to provide training and support, especially when first rolling out. 

Integrations. See what HR tools you already use and make sure the ATS plays nice with them all. 

Security. How they handle sensitive applicant data safely and comply with regulations matters. 

Scalability. As your recruiting evolves, the ATS should flex with you without headaches or big costs. 

Vendor Rep. Established vendors with happy customers in your industry are less risky. 

Pricing and ROI. Estimate budget accurately, considering ongoing fees. Focus on return on investment. 

Doing your homework on these key points will help you pick the right ATS to meet your company’s needs and avoid regrets down the road. 


What is New Within ATS? 

ATS tools are changing fast to meet recruiter’s needs. Here is what is happening: 

AI and Machine Learning  

ATS platforms are using AI and smarts to automate tedious tasks. These are scanning resumes, scheduling interviews, emailing candidates. This frees recruiters to focus on more important things. AI also helps surface awesome candidates. 

Mobile Optimization 

With people using their phones more, ATS tools are getting mobile-friendly. Such as applying, communicating, and sharing feedback can now happen on mobile. Very flexible. 

Video Interviewing 

ATS platforms are now smoothly integrating video interview features for remote hiring. Recruiters can record, review, rate, and share interviews online. No messy scheduling required. 

CRM Integrations 

Plugging candidate relationship management (CRM) data into the ATS gives recruiters the full picture of a candidate from first contact to hire. ATS+CRM combos are good. 

Predictive Analytics 

ATS platforms leverage data and AI to generate insights predicting hiring outcomes. Recruiters can spot bottlenecks and fix inefficiencies. 

Social Media Integration 

ATS tools connect with major social networks like LinkedIn to source passive candidates. Not just job boards anymore. This expands talent pools. 

The main focus is using AI, mobile, video, and data to make processes smoother, experiences better, and intelligence smarter. As recruiting challenges change, ATS systems will keep pace with the latest tech. The key is picking a modern ATS aligned to future needs. 

Debunking ATS Misconceptions 

ATS Won’t Instantly Attract Candidates 

Some believe an ATS will instantly deliver qualified applicants. But an ATS is just a tool to manage and track candidates efficiently. Building your employer brand and sourcing strategy remains critical to attracting top talent. 

ATS Doesn’t Fully Replace Human Judgement 

While ATS automates administrative tasks, recruiters still make final hiring decisions. No ATS can comprehensively assess soft skills or culture fit. The technology supports and enhances recruiters, it doesn’t replace them. 

ATS Isn’t Only for Big Companies 

Though widespread in large enterprises, ATS solutions exist for SMBs too. Scaled down systems with essential features are cost-effective options for smaller recruiting needs. With the right solution, companies of any size can realize ATS benefits. 

The key is choosing an ATS aligned to your specific requirements and budget. With the variety of options available, there’s likely a solution suitable for any organization looking to modernize and streamline hiring. 


Beyond Intranet’s ATS Delivers What You Need 

Efficient Recruiting Processes. Our ATS simplifies and automates tedious administrative chores. Freeing up your team to focus on more strategic hiring initiatives. Built-in workflows, adjustable to your needs, ensure a seamless and efficient process. 

Enhanced Candidate Experience. From initial application to onboarding, we provide regular communication and a smooth, user-friendly experience. This increases engagement as candidates always comprehend their status. 

Centralized Data and Collaboration. All candidate information, communications, and feedback reside in one location. Recruiters, hiring managers, and other stakeholders can handily track progress and collaborate. 

Powerful Analytics and Reporting. Obtain data-driven insights into your hiring with robust analytics on pipelines, productivity, time-to-fill, and more. Our intuitive dashboards make tracking KPIs straightforward. 

Compliance and Security. Adhering to data privacy regulations, our ATS provides top-notch security protections and audit trails. You can trust we will keep your hiring data safeguarded. 

Mobile Access. Our web and mobile apps allow recruiting on the go. Candidates can also simply apply and communicate via mobile. 

Seamless Integrations. We integrate with leading HR platforms and tools you already utilize, creating a unified ecosystem to enhance recruiting. 

Support You Can Count. Our expert support teams provide guidance during setup and beyond. We’re committed to your success now and in the future. 

We provide an enterprise-level ATS purpose-built for SMBs. Our dedication to efficient, compliant, transparent hiring makes us the right choice. 


To Sum Up 

Modern recruiting demands efficiency. An ATS meets that need. Key takeaway: SMBs require solutions made for them. Realize enterprise-level capabilities. Transform hiring through streamlined processes, polished experiences, and superlative outcomes. If your current ATS lags on security, mobility, integrations, or analytics, reevaluate. Seek a seamless, secure solution fitted to your needs. Beyond Intranet’s purpose-built ATS empowers recruiting. Our dedication sets us apart. See why here and recruit with ease.