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SharePoint Add-In Support Ending in Microsoft 365

SharePoint Add-In Support Ending in Microsoft 365: How Beyond Intranet is Rising to the Challenge

Microsoft recently shook the SharePoint community with a major announcement – the full retirement of the SharePoint add-in model by April 2026. This sunset forces platform providers like Beyond Intranet to evolve several of our solutions built on add-ins to new frameworks. 

While disruptive, we see this shift as an opportunity to deliver even more value to your organization. Let’s explore what’s changing, how it impacts Beyond Intranet products, and our migration plan. 

The SharePoint Add-In Retirement: What You Need to Know 

For those unfamiliar, SharePoint add-ins are applications built to extend SharePoint’s capabilities. Microsoft is retiring add-ins completely across all environments, including: 

  • SharePoint Online 
  • SharePoint Server (on-prem) 
  • Government Cloud tenants 

All add-ins will cease functioning. This impacts two types: 

SharePoint Hosted Add-ins – Webparts and UI hosted directly in SharePoint 

Provider Hosted Add-ins – Externally hosted apps that connect back to SharePoint


No more add-ins can be submitted to the marketplace after March 2024. And all add-ins stop working for good by April 2026. 

Why is Microsoft sunsetting add-ins? They want to transition fully to the more robust and scalable SharePoint Framework (SPFx). Launched in 2018, SPFx represents the future of SharePoint extensibility. 

We agree SPFx unlocks more possibilities for innovation and tighter Microsoft integration. Our team is ready to meet this challenge head on. 


Which Beyond Intranet Products Are Affected? 

Several key Beyond Intranet solutions will require migration from add-ins to SPFx: 

Employee Directory
These products will be unavailable starting April 2026 as add-ins are phased out. But here is the good news. Our migration is already done for Employee Directory. The improved SPFx versions will cause no disruption to your workflow. 

Explore Improved Directory Here!

Knowledge Management
Our popular Knowledge Management solution centralizes information to promote knowledge sharing and reuse across your organization. We are enhancing it with improved search, customization, and mobility features on SPFx. 

Employee Onboarding
Our Employee Onboarding software simplifies new hire transition by streamlining paperwork, task management, and engagement. The updated SPFx version will include extended customization and automation capabilities. 

Bid Management Software
Managing RFQs, tenders, and bids is effortless with our Bid Management Software. The new SPFx edition will enable deeper vendor collaboration and provide advanced analytics. 


Solutions Not Impacted 

The following Beyond Intranet products are already rebuilt on SPFx and will NOT be affected by the add-in retirement: 

  • HR Directory 365 – Empower employees to connect and explore profiles, directories, and org charts. 
  • HR Task Management 365 – Plan, assign, and collaborate on tasks seamlessly in one place. 
  • HR Timesheet 365 – Track time, streamline approvals, analyze productivity, and more. 

Discover Unaffected HR Apps Here!

Your Migration Game Plan 

Although add-ins don’t begin retiring until late 2024, we are proactively rebuilding all solutions on SPFx now to give you an easy, seamless transition. 

Here is the timeline: 

Q4 2023: Rebuilding begins
Q2 2024: New SPFx products released
Q2 2024: Your migration to SPFx versions
Q2 2026: Add-ins sunset fully 

We will keep you informed each step of the way as we approach your migration date. For now, no action is  required on your part. 


Why Migrate to SPFx? 

SPFx provides a modern framework purpose-built for SharePoint extensibility. The retirement of add-ins is disruptive in the short term. But we’re excited about the long-term benefits for our solutions and your experience: 

  • Faster Performance: SPFx leverages latest web standards for speed 
  • Enhanced Reliability: Tight Microsoft integration improves stability 
  • Increased Innovation: Unlocks new capabilities beyond add-ins 
  • Greater Mobility: Responsive design optimized for mobile devices 
  • Streamlined Security: Built-in integration with Microsoft identity 
  • Expanded Support: Ongoing improvements as Microsoft invests in SPFx 
  • Simplified Deployment: Hosted directly in SharePoint for ease of use 

At Beyond Intranet, we’re committed to delivering secure, reliable, high-value solutions that evolve with Microsoft’s technology. We see the add-in retirement as an opportunity to further invest in innovation and your success. 


Have Concerns About Add-ins Retirement? 

We know change can be disruptive, and this shift affects mission-critical systems. If you have any concerns about the SharePoint add-in retirement or questions on our migration plan, please reach out. 

Our team is ready to guide you each step of the way and ensure this is a smooth, painless transition for your organization. We will provide ample notice as we approach migration dates and can assist with any preparation, user communications or training needed. 

While saying goodbye to add-ins, we’re thrilled to deliver the next generation of solutions purpose-built on Microsoft’s strategic SPFx platform. The future is bright! But in the meantime, rely on our expertise and commitment to keep your systems running seamlessly. 

We appreciate your continued trust as your partner on this journey to even greater innovation and value. Your success is what motivates us daily. 


Time to Empower Your Business with Next-Gen Solutions 

Don’t just survive the SharePoint add-in retirement – thrive with newly transformed solutions on SPFx. Talk to our experts about how we can help you navigate this change – and unlock more capabilities than ever before from your SharePoint investment.