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Efficient Way To Create And Send Invitation For Bid

Every day, general contractors send out individual project bid requests, which can take time and energy. General contractors can use...
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Efficient Way To Create And Send Invitation For Bid

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Invitation For Bid

Efficient Way To Create And Send Invitation For Bid

Every day, general contractors send out individual project bid requests, which can take time and energy. General contractors can use an invitation-to-bid system to send out their bidding opportunities and get genuine, high-quality bids from suppliers or subcontractors. 

An invitation to bid is a request from a client to a vendor to provide specific goods or services that meet the needs of the product. An invitation to bid aims to give all potential bidders the same information about the project’s scope, length, necessary warranties, service standards, and minimum requirements. Now that we know this, the bidding process is fair and competitive.

In this post, we’ll talk about why it’s essential to use the invitation for bid software if you want to send invitations to bids that are appropriate and will get more bids.


How Invitation To Bid Software Can Help?

Bid management takes a lot of time. As a general contractor, you may spend hours on each project prequalifying subcontractors, making an invitation for bid, and sending project information to each invited bidder. 

Many general contractors use the invitation to bid software to streamline their projects, organize their teams, save time during the work day, and, most importantly, get an edge over their competitors when sending out invitations.

How to make a Invitation for Bid

Request For Bid

The steps in the invitation to bid process let contractors make a proposal that enables them to build something for a customer willing to pay. Here are some parts of the bidding process:


In the first step of the process, the owner asks for bids from interested contractors after giving them access to the project’s specs, documents, and drawings.


For the building project, all interested contractors must give their sealed bids to the client and then wait for them to be looked over. Contractors should only respond to specific bid requests and ensure that their offer meets the client’s needs.


The goal of a bidder or contractor is to convince the project owner that they are the best choice for the job. After getting a bid, the owner looks at each and chooses the best candidate based on the project’s needs.


In some building projects, the general contractor can ask possible subcontractors for bids to make the most money. The general contractor will send the subcontractor a construction submittal. If the general contractor wins the bid, they can bring in a subcontractor.

How to send out a strong invitation for bids

Fill in the accurate project details

Even though it may seem obvious, it’s important to double-check the details of your project before sending out invitations to bid. With the correct project information, you can:

  • Find subcontractors in the right trades.
  • Talk to specific subcontractors in the work area.
  • Choose the most qualified and cost-effective bid.

Maintain your edge

Let’s face it: there is a lot of competition in the construction business. Choosing the right subcontractors is very important for a project’s overall productivity and quality of service. 

By setting yourself apart from your competitors, you can raise the demand for better bids and prices. Using professional bid software you can change your invitation to bids to match your brand, business, and website. Make a strong impression on your bidders by setting yourself apart from the competition.

Prequalify Bidders

General contractors need to be picky about the subcontractors they choose to work with so that the work they do meets their company’s standards. To find these subcontractors, it is essential to use a prequalification process. Prequalification helps you find the best subcontractors and lowers risks that could hurt your business and any contracts you have coming up.

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Winning An Invitation To Bid Strategy

Contractors may be very aggressive when they send bids to owners. To improve their chances of winning a bid, a contractor should: Know about the Bill Appeal.

All contractors will understand the call to an invitation for bid if they look over the specifications that the owner put on the construction plan. To make sure their cost estimates are correct, contractors should read the bid documents and look for any drawings.

A contractor can ask questions if they want to know more. They can now understand what the client wants because of this.


After getting an invitation to bid, a contractor should look at the size and needs of the project. If contractors lack experience or resources, they should choose a different bid.

To win a bid, you have to ensure it meets all of the requirements for the construction project without sacrificing quality.


Do a thorough estimate to break down your costs and get the most out of your profits. A contractor would rather lose a bid than have to pay out money. Plan your bid, so you don’t underbid.

Write down in your bid if you plan to use subcontractors or not. By using subcontractors to lower your average costs, you can increase your chances of winning the bid.

Tips for Better Responses to Bids

1. Use forms for bids

By standardizing the bid forms, you can include your project details in your bid. Bid forms not only help you find and compare the best bid for your project, but they also give you legal protection.

2. Use parts of the jobs you’re given

After sending out thousands of invitations to bid, it is easy to find the best one. On the other hand, easy communication about the bid’s status gives you a chance to make a good impression on more subcontractors and gives you an edge over other bidders in the future.


You can run a project if you are asked to bid. Use your bid proposal as your resume to show off your skills and make an excellent first impression on the client. Because your industry is so competitive, you should know how to put in a bid.

You’ll likely win more bids if you make a good first impression on the client. 

If you use the right strategies, your bid invitation as well as for the ones applying will be successful, and you’ll be known as a bid creator who can make invitation to bids seamless in the market. This is a good time to use the Beyond Intranet Bid Management Software.

A SharePoint-based pre-bid and post-bid contract lifecycle application that helps prepare bids,  Invitation to bid, get proposals, proposal evaluation, and decide who gets the bid. Please see how our software works like magic to make the process easy.