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Best Construction Management Apps

Best Construction Management Apps

Handling a construction company is a tough job. It is all about handling everything from the broad aspects to minute detailing without wasting time. Whether it is a small business or a multinational empire, digital transformation is everything. That’s why, in order to ensure that the projects are streamlined and delivered on time, many companies are relying on construction apps. These applications or software help with everything. Right from project management, schedules, communication, hiring, workflow automation, and responsibility delegation, a trusted platform can simplify every task.

Here we will explore the four construction project management apps that can save time, effort, and overhead costs.

Construction Management Software & Apps for Small Businesses

Discover the top construction project management apps to streamline your projects, improve efficiency, and boost productivity.


Bid Management System

Bid Management software helps construction companies streamline their RFQ management processes. It allows for the efficient creation, tracking, and management of RFQ/Bids in a digital format. The construction project management software for small businesses provides a right from pre-bid to on-bid contract.

Features and Benefits

  • Automated Bidding Process:  Streamline your procurement activities to save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. Ensure efficient vendor communication and optimal cost savings, all at the click of a button
  • Multi-level approval: It is difficult to manage incoming proposals manually and this software provides a solution. The app helps get timely hierarchical approval.
  • Seamless collaboration: Now you can collaborate with all the vendors simultaneously through a quick chat option.
  • Vendor Engagement & Management: The construction management software for small businesses enables you to connect and manage multiple vendors simultaneously. There is a designated vendor portal for hassle-free communication.

How does it help your company?

  • Enhances Efficiency: Streamlines the bidding process, reducing manual work and errors.
  • Collaboration: Facilitates collaboration between teams and subcontractors. This leads to improved bid quality.
  • Data-driven Decisions: Provides data for analyzing bid performance. It allows for better decision-making.
  • Compliance: The software ensures that your every RFQ complies with the rules and regulations. This protects you legally and ensures that your project isn’t hampered.
  • Audit Management: It makes sure that your procurement process is accountable and auditable. This means that there would not be any mismanagement of figures and final results.

Bid Management is an efficient construction project management software for small businesses.

Its user-friendly design makes the software usable by everyone.

Provides convenient bid management solutions.

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Employee Task Management

HR Task Management is a modern construction project management software for small businesses. It improves productivity and accountability across the organizational hierarchy. The software lets you create, customize, and increase the projects while managing them separately. It helps you assign the roles and responsibilities of employees and set the deadlines for ongoing projects.

Features and Benefits

  • Create To-do Lists: The app lets you set up to-do lists for every project and monitor its status. You can alter the status of every project individually instead of manually keeping a check.
  • Multiple Views: Multiple employees can keep a check on the projects and interact on the board. This also helps improve communication among the members using the app.
  • Time Management: This software streamlines the workflow and saves time. It helps keep the focus on achieving the project within the deadline. 
  • Role-based Access: The users get software access according to their roles. This includes project owners, super admins, and task assignees.

How does it help your company?

  • Document Management: SharePoint allows construction companies to store, organize, and share project-related documents, such as blueprints, permits, contracts, and safety manuals.
  • Task and Project Tracking: SharePoint can be used to create task and project tracking systems. Construction teams can use SharePoint to list and assign tasks, track their progress, and monitor project milestones.
  • Collaboration and Communication: SharePoint provides tools for team collaboration and communication. It allows project members to collaborate on documents in real-time and hold discussions.
  • Workflow Automation: Construction projects often involve complex workflows, with various approvals and processes. SharePoint can automate these workflows, making them more efficient and reducing manual tasks.
  • Reporting and Analytics: SharePoint provides the capability to create custom reports and dashboards.

Employee Task Management Software is a top construction app that saves time and boosts communication.

Its modern interface enables smooth operation by every employee.

Employees get maximum control over the tasks and projects.

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Employee Directory

Find workmate contact information, collaborate, and delegate duties securely with the SharePoint Directory Software. This construction management software keeps a tab of every employee in the company for hassle-free interaction. Saving time and boosting productivity, the software makes teamwork a breeze.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick Interactions: Communicating with your colleagues is easier with the web-based app. Its filters, search options, and simplified dashboard help find anyone in the company within seconds.
  • Remote Teamwork: Now remote work is simple. You can get the latest updates, alerts, and basic information about any employee.
  • Org Chart: The software has an integrated org chart that enables you to create the hierarchy in a presentable way. This chart helps filter employees according to the departments. 
  • Quick Response: The response time of this app never disappoints. Every page load takes seconds and the users experience fresh and clean UI.

How does it help your company?

  • Improved Communication: Facilitates quick and efficient communication among team members.
  • Access to Expertise: Helps in identifying and connecting with subject matter experts within the organization.
  • Project Staffing: Enables better staffing decisions by identifying employees with the right skills for specific projects.
  • Search and Navigation: Easily search for employees, view contact information, and access their profiles.

Employee Directory syncs with MS Teams and Outlook for smooth access.

This software is compatible with every device for remote operations.

The employee information is always safe.

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Employee Onboarding

Make onboarding a smooth and convenient process with the employee onboarding software. This dependable construction management software helps manage and automate various HR-related tasks. From recruitment to offboarding and employee management. Everything is handled flawlessly.

Features and Benefits

  • SmoothOnboarding: The automated process simplifies the onboarding process for HRs. Right from collection of forms to document management, and engaging with the new hires, everything becomes smooth. Increased Productivity: Saves time by streamlining paperwork, explaining job insights, and boosting productivity.
  • Streamlined Process: Every employee-related process can be simplified and managed. This includes the hiring process and performance monitoring.
  • Smooth Off-Boarding Process: The off-boarding formalities are effectively managed. This helps employees in getting a smooth and supportive exit from the company.

How does it help your company?

  • Efficient HR Operations: Streamlines HR tasks, reducing administrative workload.
  • Compliance Management: Helps construction companies adhere to labour laws and avoid legal issues.
  • Employee Engagement: Enhances employee engagement by providing a structured HR management system.
  • Interconnectivity: Provides a smooth internal network throughout the company, starting from workers to top-tier employees.
  • Task Automation: Automate repetitive HR tasks, such as onboarding and leave requests.

Employee Onboarding Management is the best construction project management app for hiring purposes.

It benefits every level from the management to new hires.

The add-on security and privacy level add to the advantages.

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Choose the Best Construction Project Management App

Beyond Intranet has brought some of the top construction apps built on Microsoft SharePoint for contractors and subcontractors. The right use of these applications can streamline workflow, enable better management, boost communication, and increase.