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best procurement management

Cut Costs And Boost Productivity With Procurement Management

When you have a small team, choosing the tools you want to use daily is as straightforward as knowing what you want and then buying it.

But when companies begin to grow, this process may no longer work. Companies need more complicated tools and want to take on as little risk as possible when they work with a potential partner.

This is why companies have teams that work on the procurement management system.

What is procurement management?

In a business world that is getting more and more complicated and where businesses need to be flexible, quick to change, and efficient, it is vital to streamline internal business processes. Old, complex workflow patterns and manual processes can waste time and money in many businesses. This is something that every company wants to avoid.

There are many different ways to improve business efficiency throughout the organization. As a business process, it should be looked at all the time to find inefficiencies to improve it and find places where it doesn’t work well.

When assessing the efficiency of a business’s processes, a project manager might examine its procurement management systems strategy. This is because procurement management is one of the most critical factors in how profitable a business is.

So how important is procurement management?

The main areas of work that procurement management system controls are:

  • When you want to buy something, you should consider how much it will cost and if you really need it. Not all services and goods need to be purchased from outside sources.
  • You need to list possible suppliers who will give your organization the best deal. Use a selection criterion to pick the best provider.
  • The next thing to do is to ask for bids. Lastly, you have to decide which supplier you want to go with by considering cost and other factors.
  • After considering your options and choosing the best one, you need to talk about the contract. Include all the details about the financing, how the money will be paid, etc., so there won’t be any confusion later.

The most important thing is to keep good relationships with suppliers. This includes sticking to the agreements that both sides have made. This will help your business, and your suppliers stay in business. These steps will make it easy and quick for you to get goods.

Supply chain management is linked to procurement management. The idea of supply chain management was used as a strategic weapon to deal with the unknowns in project management. 

Effective purchasing strategies and well-run supply chains let organizations focus on making and delivering products and services that exceed what customers expect. The benefits of procurement and supply chain services are:

  • Lower operating costs.
  • More ability to buy things.
  • Better service quality.
  • Simpler processes.
  • Better management of suppliers.

To make the procurement process run smoothly, we should keep an eye on the suppliers and keep track of them to ensure everything is on track and the goods or services are delivered on time as agreed upon in the contract. 

It’s important to keep in touch with suppliers and inform them of any problems. The finest way to do this is to use the agreed-upon communication method in the contract. The organization should be willing to change for the process to work well. 

For better results, an organization should have a team of highly skilled and trained people who are experts in different areas since some of them will deal directly with suppliers. Each team will have the knowledge and skills it needs to deal with the buying tasks it needs to do.

Benefit of procurement management

A procurement management system can help you increase productivity, eliminate tedious tasks, and make fewer mistakes.

Mitigate Procurement Risk:

Outdated Procurement Management costs can be controlled, and risk is reduced with the help of Procurement Managers. Here, Beyond Intranet helps cut down on risk, processing time, and costs.

Productivity goes up:

With procurement management, you can put all of the Purchasing tasks on a single platform that is more open and flexible.

Cost control:

Procurement management keeps in check with costing. With procurement management, you can keep costs in check by negotiating prices and keeping an eye on other expenses related to buying. This ensures that no matter the project, the company stays within its budget.

Improved Integration:

The procurement management function makes it easier for departments to work together for a smoother experience, increasing the organization’s value.

More certainty and better quality:

Planning and negotiating detailed contracts are easier with procurement management. This makes it more likely that the services and products bought are of good quality and helps build trust among stakeholders with procurement management.

Is there a process for procurement management?

When a business wants to be more efficient, the procurement strategy and supply chain management process is usually at the top of the list. 

The main reason is that procurement can take a lot of time because it is often done by process. Since procurement professionals sometimes need to operate with additional departments in a business, like the accounts and HR teams, any inefficiencies in the procurement process can cause delays and extra work for many people and teams.

Another important reason businesses examine their procurement process is that they could pay more for the goods and services they use than they need to. These small extra costs add up over time.

Getting the best deal from a supplier requires a much more hands-on approach when negotiating key procurement contracts with potential suppliers. 

But not all procurement tasks need this much attention. Instead, they can be done more efficiently and straightforwardly. This is where using specialized companies, software, cloud-based tools, and automation come in to help the purchasing department and other stakeholders buy goods quickly and easily.

Why is eProcurement important

Almost a third of procurement teams are still doing things the way they were done in the past.

So, procurement processes tend to be simple and not very flexible. There’s no room to find strategic ways to save procurement, change how things are bought, or work with better suppliers.

Companies are missing out on a huge chance to save time, cut costs, and get ahead of the competition.

This chance lies in digitizing procurement processes.

Research shows businesses could save up to $86 billion annually by implementing an eProcurement function.

Digitizing your procurement processes will help you make daily decisions and give you a clear picture of the whole supply chain.

It will stop you from spending more than you need to, save you a lot of time and money, and give you access to data that can help you make strategic decisions.

So how do you digitize your procurement processes?

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

With Beyond Intranet, you can digitize your purchasing processes.

We have checklists with superpowers. We are a high-powered, cutting-edge business that lets you make templates and run your own checklists. You can mark off tasks as you work them, set deadlines, ask for approval, assign tasks, and track the gain of each team member.

Here are the functions you can digitize to save time and increase ROI.

Microsoft Teams

Sounds good, right? Why wait? Here is where you can contact us. I’ll make sure that you get accurate eprocurement that delivers the best business solutions.


Hope this blog post on procurement management system was helpful.

Before we finish, let’s leave you with something to think about:

In procurement, less than 10% of companies use key technologies. This is a huge chance for you to beat your competitors, save money, and make more money by making your procurement processes digital.

You can get started early and start winning big. Ready? Get Procurement Management Software.