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Ultimate OCR for Business

Smart document processing, data extraction, and approval with M365 and AI


Automate data extraction and meta tags from any kind of form, invoices, purchase orders, or documents in minutes and feed them into the system in a structured manner.

Replace manual data entry tasks and save precious time for your staff. Also, reduce human errors all in one go.

What is Ultimate OCR for Business

Ultimate OCR for Business is an intelligent Document processing solution that is built to help in process automation for Modern-day Businesses. Ultimate OCR brings in exclusive capabilities of selective M365 services, OCR technologies viz Azure form recognizer API, and AI power into a single, enterprise-scale platform to handle every type of document, from simple forms to complex free-form documents, and read the required data instantly. This data is then parsed and fed into a structured Database system (like SharePoint list/ library) from where it can be sent out to relevant authorities for the further approval process in an email.



Error free data extraction in minutes

With help of complex Power Automate algorithms, the solutions automatically fetch PDF files, Word docs, and scanned images from various sources for you.

Reduces processing time for documents

As parsing of the required meta tags is done in minutes, the solution can read multiple documents at any moment thus reducing your processing time.

Reduces manual tasks and human errors

You get rid of having a dedicated person sit and manually extract required data from your documents. This saves time as well as the accuracy of your data is improved to 90% and above.

Multi-user solution

Multiple uses can use the common platform to upload various documents and extract required data. The solution can parallelly read them all and process request from various users at the same time.

Cost-effective solution

The solution once installed, can help you read and extract data from multiple documents and types thus making it cost-effective. You also save costs incurred on multiple human resources you utilize for reading all documents.

Technology Used

  • OCR

    Form Recognizer
    (Rest API V2.0)

  • OCR

    Azure Blob

  • OCR


  • OCR


  • OCR


The Process


1 Upload/ Import document

Upload documents by scanning them into the program that can automatically import material from an email account (as an attachment) and cloud storage like Outlook, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive.


2 Document storage

The document is uploaded to the SharePoint document library or any other cloud storage.


3 Data Extraction

The document type is identified, and Form Recognizer returns the meta tags after parsing the document. The system can be custom trained to extract the data you need.


4 Save Metadata

The parsed data is saved in a document library and send for the approval process.


5 Approval

With defined user permissions, parsed data is shared with the respective approvers. Approval email is sent to the associated email ID in Outlook & Teams from where approval or rejection can be done.


Client Success Story

US based client fast-tracks invoice processing and approvals using an OCR-based AI Solution

Beyond Intranet developed an AI & M365 powered solution which could help the USA based Agro- chemical manufacturing company to automate their invoice processing and drive faster and error-free approvals. The custom Microsoft 365 AI solution using Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR) had various combination of technologies to facilitate the seamless user experience to the company as well as helped them reduce manual efforts.

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