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SharePoint Add-in Retirement and Beyond Intranet's Migration Plan to SPFx

Microsoft recently announced that SharePoint add-ins will be fully retired across all environments by April 2026. This change impacts several key products from Beyond Intranet currently built on the add-in framework.

SharePoint Add-in Retirement

While this shift requires migration efforts, we see it as an opportunity to improve your experience with our solutions. We are rebuilding affected products using Microsoft’s latest SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to deliver enhanced functionality.

HR onboarding software

Which Products Are Affected?

The following Beyond Intranet products will require migration from add-ins to SPFx:

Beyondintranet - Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Our popular Knowledge Management solution centralizes information to promote knowledge sharing and reuse across your organization. We are enhancing it with improved search, customization, and mobility features on SPFx.

Knowledge Management in Action
Beyondintranet - Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Our Employee Onboarding software simplifies new hire transition by streamlining paperwork, task management, and engagement. The updated SPFx version will include extended customization and automation capabilities.

Revolutionize Onboarding
Beyondintranet - Employee Directory

Employee Directory

These products will be unavailable starting April 2026 as add-ins are phased out. Good news is- we have already migrated for our Employee Directory Software. But the improved SPFx versions will be released well in advance with no disruption to your workflow.

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Bid Management Software

Bid Management Software

Managing RFQs, tenders, and bids is effortless with our Bid Management Software. The new SPFx edititon will enable deeper vendor collaboration and provide advanced analytics.

Optimize Your Bids Now

Unaffected Solutions

The following Beyond Intranet products are already rebuilt on SPFx and will NOT be impacted:

Beyondintranet - HR Directory 365

HR Directory 365

Empower employees to connect and explore profiles, directories, and org charts.

Beyondintranet - HR Task Management 365

HR Task Management 365

Plan, assign, and collaborate on tasks seamlessly in one place.

Beyondintranet - HR Timesheet 365

HR Timesheet 365

Track time, streamline approvals, analyze productivity, and more.

Your Migration Plan

While add-ins don't begin retiring until late 2024, we are rebuilding our solutions on
SPFx now to provide an easy transition. Here is the timeline:

Q4 2023

Rebuilding begins

Q2 2024

New SPFx products released

Q2 2024

Your migration to SPFx versions

Q2 2026

Add-ins retired fully

We will provide frequent updates as we approach your migration date.
In the meantime, no action is required on your part.

We're here to help