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Transporation and Logistics Intranet

Utilize a single platform to organize transportation planning, shipment tracking, and increase efficiencies.

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Modern Intranet Solutions
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Modern Intranet Solutions For Transporation and Logistics

The transport and logistics industry is subject to significant changes with: digital transformation, market entrants, shifting customer expectations, and new business models. Employees can use the intranet to improve business performance by helping companies manage employees, vehicles, and orders more effectively.

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Our Transporation and Logistics Templates

1 Transporation and Logistics Templates

Utilize our intranet solutions to reduce fleet maintenance and operations costs.

2 Transporation and Logistics Templates

With the intranet news feed and company calendar, employees are kept up to date on the latest news and events.

3 Transporation and Logistics Templates

Using Form-Based Authentication, built-in a way to validate and store user credentials to lower the license cost per user.

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  • Features

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  • News Section Image Tools (Quick link in tile view)
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  • Leadership
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  • News Section Image News
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  • Events
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  • Blogs
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  • Training videos (MS Stream integration)
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  • Forms
    transportation-and-logistics Sharepoint Intranet Portal
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Benefits of Intranet in Transporation and Logistics Industry

Remote collaboration

Remote employees need more than news and updates to connect. The intranet promotes new internal jobs and updates staff rosters. Assigning employees, the ability to edit rosters, switch shifts, and update by themself empowers employees and free up administrators from tedious duties. Employees use the intranet to check into headquarters, report their deliverables for the day, and send information and requests.

Integrated business processes

The intranet eliminates your paper or email-based procedures and systems. For example, employees can submit near-miss incidents that occur on the road using embedded Google Sheets on SharePoint. Maintenance requests for vehicles, timesheets, and expense claims can be processed on the intranet to streamline and automate streamlines and automates business processes.

Managing the supply chain

Managing the supply chain ensures efficient and rapid delivery of goods. The intranet supply chain solutions help manage orders, shipments, and distribution, streamlining logistics activities, and provide fleet management.

Logistics optimization

Use the intranet to automate shipment processes, eliminate errors, and make delivery operations more efficient and secure. The solution provides forwarding agents and managers with an array of tools for messaging, quoting, billing, and invoicing.

Distribution and storage of goods

Employees can track inbound and outbound shipments, optimize warehouses, and document & analyze inventory management performance. The intranet integrates with warehouse management, enterprise resource planning, and other business systems.

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