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Real Estate Intranet

Empower your employees with modern intranet solutions
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Real Estate Sharepoint Intranet
Real Estate Intranet

How can real estate intranets make remote working easier?

A SharePoint intranet serves as a hub for your real estate team’s files, images, and data. There is a wide variety of templates, brochures, and forms available for team members can quickly access from any location for purchase contracts, disclosures, and closing documents

Real Estate Sharepoint Intranet

Our Real Estate Templates

1 Real Estate Sharepoint Intranet

Manages communication and data by providing control and access to named users.

2 Real Estate Sharepoint Intranet

The users can effectively access all aspects of marketing and transaction management, as well as the MLS, increasing their productivity and adoption.

3 Real Estate Sharepoint Intranet

Provide employees with the latest news and information that is relevant to them. In addition, users can make comments on newly added news.

Real Estate Template-1

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    Real Estate Intranet
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    Real Estate Intranet
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    Real Estate Intranet
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    Real Estate Intranet
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    Real Estate Intranet
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    Real Estate Intranet
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    Real Estate Intranet
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    Real Estate Intranet
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    Real Estate Intranet
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Benefits of Intranet in Real Estate Industry

Improved collaboration & communication

Modern intranet solutions help real estate teams collaborate and connected. Using an intranet increases collaboration and transparency and establishes a sense of place if agents can read or comment on posts. Besides team posts about office activities and team events, there are sections for industry news and partner updates.

Enhanced management of listings

A real estate agent can, with a few clicks, send the listing information for a property on the market or pre-market to their client in any market and track how it is viewed. As a result, your team will have no problem marketing your properties before they reach the MLS.

Optimized information search increases employee efficiency

Modern intranet solutions enable you to quickly look up agents within your brokerage office or other branches. The intranet enables you to get information that helps in building your employee relationship more quickly.

Secure document access

The intranet allows agents to access all shared corporate documents, including branded materials, templates, operation manuals, personnel forms, and marketing materials. Admins can limit what users can view, as well as what documents they can edit.

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