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Oil and Gas Intranet

An integrated digital hub that integrates oil and gas firms

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oil and Gas Templates

Digital solutions for the oil and gas industry: What benefits can they bring to your workplace?

In the oil and gas industry, the extraction and refining of natural resources often take place in remote locations. Keeping employees connected to the right information, 24/7, even when geographic locations is a crucial element for enhancing employee engagement. SharePoint is an easy to access, efficient, and flexible intranet solution, which allows for smooth operations and seamless information transfers.

oil and Gas Templates

Our Oil and Gas Templates


Utilize a centralized database to eliminate offline information scattered across multiple locations.

2 oil and Gas Templates

Employees can manage their activities through the intranet without interfering with those of other departments.

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Improved information management processes, boosted internal communication, and higher adoption of the corporate culture.

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Benefits of Intranet in Oil and Gas Industry

Maximize productivity by engaging employees

The intranet boosts engagement, productivity, and employee development by establishing an online community. SharePoint enables your staff to feel heard, complete tasks faster, and be a central part of your organization. Employees can send and receive messages through the intranet, such as announcements, updates, changes to plans, and references.

Managing corporate documents

Documents imported into the system structure the document management process. It's a simple and easy-to-use system that groups and organizes documents by content type. Workflows are introduced to make document processing more efficient. Document sharing is centralized, and password protected.

Integrated employee directory and payroll management

With the employee directory integrated into the same interface, it is easy to contact anyone instantly no matter their location. Organizations can aggregate employee profiles, store payroll information, and access employee information, enabling better management of employee compensation.

Managing projects

The intranet offers a centralized project management platform with dedicated workspaces for each project team and department. SharePoint also organizes the entire project in one place, where information can be instantly shared among teams and tasks can be scheduled. By viewing all project details seamlessly, project managers can keep track of everything in one place.

Utilizing role-based security for access control

In the oil and gas exploration process, an enormous amount of critical data is exchanged. Role-based access control means managers can access and edit documents, while team members can only view them. Access rights vary by role, designation, position, or team.

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