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Digital Media Intranet

Transform your digital workspace into one platform that combines multiple tools.

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Real Estate Sharepoint Intranet
Real Estate Intranet

Solutions for modern intranets in digital media

Technology transforms every aspect of productivity, allowing employees to work remotely. The right tools provide dedicated digital channels and forums to keep the conversation going about new projects and initiatives. With the Digital Media intranet, you can power employee experiences with resources, content, helping companies foster a more productive and engaged workforce.

Real Estate Sharepoint Intranet

Our Digital Media Templates

1 Real Estate Sharepoint Intranet

The intranet solution offers a secure area for managing policies and operational documents. You can limit access rights with built-in permissions.

2 Real Estate Sharepoint Intranet

Centralizing vital data on your intranet keeps your employees, digital partners, and investors informed.

3 Real Estate Sharepoint Intranet

Using intranet solutions, you can improve communication and collaboration between departments and within the community.

Digital Media Template-1

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  • Intranet full screen
    Digital Media Template
  • Features

  • Hub navigation
    Digital Media Template
  • Custom navigation
    Digital Media Template
  • Interactive banner
    Digital Media Template
  • Club documents
    Digital Media Template
  • Quick links
    Digital Media Template
  • Events
    Digital Media Template
  • Shared calendar
    Digital Media Template
  • Interactive slider
    Digital Media Template
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Benefits of Intranet in Digital Media Industry

Collaborating remotely

With remote working arrangements, employees can communicate through chat, message boards, and video to ensure continued collaboration and efficiency.

Enhance employee engagement and performance

Employee productivity is enhanced by having access to all this information. The intranet facilitates communication, sharing, and community building, and is the foundation of solid collaboration capabilities between remote teams.

Planning and managing projects

You can keep your projects on track by establishing a central location for all documents for all employees across the globe to access. The project managers can see if anyone is overwhelmed or under-worked.

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